The Hero Took Everything from Me, So I Partied with the Hero's Mother! - C.337


'Who are you guys?'

'We're water spirits!'

'Yeah, spirits, spirits.'

A spirit?

Come to think of it, I feel like I asked Mommy Ishtas about spirits before.

'You're a spirit.'

'Yes! Serena-sama.'

'You're one of the gods of this world, right? And yet I didn't notice until now?'

When I was told, I focused and saw not only the water spirit, but also spirits of various colors.

'I'm sorry... I didn't notice that there were so many spirits around me until now.'

'It's okay, even gods are still children.'

'Yes, yes.'

'But you know... because you're a god, if there's something troubling, you have to ask us spirits for help.'



'Yes, ask... gods can use miraculous powers, but by borrowing the power of spirits and various powers of this world, they can use even more amazing powers.'


'Why don't you try it with us next time?'

The red spirit.

'The red spirit... the fire spirit?'

'Yeah, what do you think?'

'Sure, I'll give it a try.'

I focused on the image... thought of an original spell... and imagined borrowing the power of the fire spirit...

Fire... fire... I imagined a mighty fire dragon... a mighty fire dragon.

Yes, like turning Grandpa Bauer into a fire dragon, a huge, huge dragon.

And then, turning that imagined fire dragon into a huge flame.

"Blade of the fire dragon! Burn down all the enemies in front of me! Salamandra Fire!"

A giant dragon made of flames appeared in front of me.

Amazing, the magic from earlier was amazing, but... this is even more amazing.

Just like before, I aimed it towards the sky and released it.

The mighty flame dragon flew up as if to race through the sky.

As if to burn up the sky, the giant flame dragon soared high into the sky.

This... it's probably visible from anywhere, right?

Maybe... did I do something bad?

* * *

Mel's POV

A tremendous amount of energy was released, and Serena-kun was nearby.

That's why... I called him to the headmaster's office... using telepathy... my stomach hurts again... it's throbbing.

"Serena-kun... hey, are you planning to destroy this world along with the stars?"

"Hey, Mel, I need to study magic spells from the basics again..."

"You know, Serena-kun, when you were able to battle with Arks, you were already stronger than the Demon Lord Luciferd... if Serena-kun goes all out with a spell, it'll be a big problem..."

"Mel-sama, it's not a big deal, right? Since he's a real god, if we put it differently, this world belongs to Serena-sama's mother, Goddess Ishtas-sama, so who can complain?"

"Edgar, don't be soft, you are originally..."

"Serena-sama is a god! No one should stop him."

This fanatic... even though I made him my watchdog, he lacks taste.

"I'm sorry... but I'm really frustrated! I don't want to lose to Arks again..."

Now, what did he say?

"I don't want to lose to Arks again."

Could it be, he's going to fight Arks again...

"Um, Serena-kun, are you going to fight Arks again?"

Even Ceres couldn't beat Arks.

He's formidable opponents.

It's going to be tough again.

"Yeah, not again? I'll keep fighting him as many times as it takes, even if it's dozens or hundreds of times... as long as I don't die."

"As expected, it's Serena-sama, I'm sure you'll win next time."

"Edgar, should you stay silent?"

"Mel-sama, Pope-sama and all the church members want to see Serena-sama's victory!"

"Mel, I'm disappointed that I lost! So from now on, I'll do my best... so please let me learn a lot."

I wonder if Serena-kun... might be stronger than Ceres if I'm not careful?

Just by learning the basics a little bit... it turned out like this...

I wonder if it's really okay to "teach" him...

"I understand."

If something happens... Ishtas-sama will take care of it, right?

Yeah... I don't know anymore.

* * *

"Yes, 1234...2234"

Today is physical education class.

It's something that's not really necessary for me, as a child of a dragon and a god.

But, I realized there are blind spots in various things, just like with the magic the other day.

I'm sure I can continue to learn from here, right?

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