The Hero Took Everything from Me, So I Partied with the Hero's Mother! - C.336


Since fighting against Arks, I feel like I have come to know the feeling of regret.

Thinking that I was "strong" was just arrogance.



"What is necessary to activate magic?"

"For magic, you just need to think..."

"No, that's wrong! It's about magic power, spells, and imagination."

Um, is that so?

"But, teacher... I, well, I can activate it just by thinking like this."

I tried producing a small flame on my finger.

"Chantless, huh... As expected of someone from the Pope's bloodline! It means that those who have a strong innate image of magic can skip the incantation and the process. However, it doesn't compare to a proper spell or image."

"Is that so..."

Is that really the case?

"Yes, Mr. Serena, it might be good for you to try imagining it thoroughly and reciting the incantation once."


*Ding-dong, ding-dong*

"Okay, that's all for today's class. Now, everyone..."

Chanting and imagery, huh...

I wonder if I can do that too?

Maybe I should give it a try?

* * *

What kind of imagery and chanting should I use...

I borrowed a book called "Magic Encyclopedia for Beginners Even Goblins Can Understand" from the library just in case.

Come to think of it, I've never really studied anything like this before.

If this can even slightly increase the power of magic, it would be great.

Fire seems dangerous, and earth doesn't seem right either.

So, I guess wind or water would be good.

Maybe I should try water...

"Um, water, slice through my enemies like a water cutter!"

Huh...what happened?

I feel like the blade made of water has become quite large.

I tried throwing the created blade towards the sky.

Wow...this is amazing.

I feel like it has almost twice the usual power.

But, if it's about spells and imagination... What would happen if I solidify the image even more... and chant an original spell?

Water... Water... Imagine a mighty water dragon... a mighty water dragon.

Yes, imagine a big, big dragon like the one that turned Grandpa Bauer into a water dragon.

And then, transform that water dragon into a blade.

"Blade of the water dragon! Slice through the enemy standing before me! Hydra Blade!"

Amazing... This is amazing!

Because right in front of me, a water dragon clad in a blade made of water had been created.

I released it straight into the sky.

It soared high into the sky with powerful water that can't be compared to a water cutter.

After a while, I felt a momentary flicker of light.

When I looked up at the sky... No way...

The sun was shaking a little.

'Still, basics, huh? They're really important. I had so much to learn, really, so much.'

I tried using magic after chanting a spell.

As a child of the goddess, this world is incredibly kind to me.

'Hehe... finally we were able to talk'

'Hmm? Even though I'm a demigod... I didn't notice until now.'

'Because you're insensitive.'

I didn't realize that there were so many friends nearby.

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