The Beginning: Simulating the Apocalypse - C.38


Chapter 38: Devouring Behemoth, Capable of Swallowing Sun, Moon, and Stars

A drop of the ancient god’s blood might not be considered particularly precious to Itself. But for all beings who haven’t reached that level, even inorganic matter was filled with irresistible temptation.

Jiang Yi had no doubt that if this drop of blood were extracted and dripped onto the land of the real world’s Blue Star, it would undoubtedly create a second corrupted Blue Star with its own will.

“System, do you have any good suggestions?” Jiang Yi directly asked the simulation system in his mind, after pondering for a moment.

【Regarding the current situation of the host, the system suggests the following methods of use:】

【1. In the Evolutionary Frenzy timeline of the simulation world, use the blood of the ancient god to significantly alter the plot and obtain simulation points.】

【2. Host ingests the blood of the ancient god, potentially becoming a progeny of the ancient god, but with a high probability of will distortion and losing oneself.】

【3. Combine the blood of the ancient god with other usable items, such as the heart of the Five-Clawed Jiao Dragon, corpses of highly contaminated creatures, etc., and feed them to the Devouring Behemoth egg, enhancing the potential of the Devouring Behemoth after hatching.】

The system presented all the suggestions in its usual cold and mechanical tone.

Furrowing his brows, Jiang Yi sat on the large bed in the new room, contemplating the pros and cons of each suggestion.

“A progeny of the ancient god?” Jiang Yi shook his head. He would never consider this suggestion. As the master of simulations, there were plenty of ways to gradually increase his strength without resorting to methods with such significant side effects.

As for the first suggestion, it wasn’t necessarily bad, but the payoff wasn’t proportional to the effort required. It wasn’t worth using precious ancient god’s blood just to exchange for simulation points.

“Which means, only the third method is left,” Jiang Yi mused, squinting his eyes. “System, what kind of changes would occur if the Devouring Behemoth ingested the blood of the ancient god? Would it lose itself and undergo mutation?”

【Regarding the Devouring Behemoth, it is an extremely unique existence in the universe. Not only do they possess extremely powerful genes, but they can also devour the genes of other species to enhance their own potential.】

【Since the birth of the universe, Devouring Behemoths have battled many high-ranking races and even devoured true deities. Their ferocious genes allow them to ignore the contamination of ancient gods and even assimilate the genes of ancient gods into their own.】

【However, the Devouring Behemoth egg in the host’s possession has a bloodline concentration that is too low. If it were to rashly consume the blood of the ancient god, it is highly likely to be counter-attacked by the contaminated power, and it would degrade into a completely new powerful corrupted entity.】

Upon hearing this, Jiang Yi finally understood the system’s intention.

It was indeed possible for the Devouring Behemoth to consume the blood of the ancient god, and it could even acquire some of the ancient god’s abilities and perfectly control them. However, the prerequisite was that the Devouring Behemoth must have a high bloodline concentration or be a pure-blood Devouring Behemoth. If the bloodline concentration was too low, it would instead be corroded by the power of the ancient god’s blood and become a chaotic and distorted entity.

“Looks like I need to simulate the Evolutionary Frenzy series thoroughly,” Jiang Yi narrowed his eyes, murmuring to himself. “Accumulate simulation rewards through repeated simulations as much as possible, obtain as many Devouring Behemoth eggs as possible, and continuously purify the bloodline concentration of the eggs.

“If the probability of obtaining Devouring Behemoth eggs through simulation is low, I can also exchange them with simulation points.

“However, in that case, I would consume too many simulation points. Each Devouring Behemoth egg would require an exchange price of ten thousand simulation points, plus another five thousand simulation points required for fusion. That totals to fifteen thousand simulation points.”

Lost in thought, Jiang Yi envisioned a feasible plan in his mind.

Obviously, if he wanted to elevate the Devouring Behemoth egg to a level where it could consume the blood of the ancient god, it would undoubtedly require a large number of simulation points, possibly even exhausting his reserves.

If he did so, the plan to expand the scope of simulation would have to be postponed significantly.

So, should he choose to expand the scope of simulation further, pushing the limits of his simulations.

Or, should he choose to hatch an exceptionally powerful Devouring Behemoth with terrifying potential, as his number one henchman and pet?

In the end, Jiang Yi chose the latter option: to cultivate his own Devouring Behemoth first.


Pushing open the doors of the balcony, Jiang Yi rose into the air.

Bathed in golden sunlight, his body basked in the warmth of the gentle breeze.

As Jiang Yi stood in the sky, observing the slow changes in the real world from a high vantage point, his profound eyes seemed to reflect countless possibilities of the world.

“Just in time, the evolutionary virus has completely spread across the real world. If I’m not mistaken, significant turmoil may occur in the coming days.

“In that case, I’ll focus on the real world for the next few days. Once I ensure that the human governments in the real world have the capability to control the chaos, I’ll continue with the new simulations.”

While speaking, Jiang Yi determined his course of action for the next few days.

He would oversee the real world, preventing any major upheavals, while continuously repeating the initial files of the Evolutionary Frenzy simulation, aiming to obtain as many Devouring Behemoth eggs as possible.

When the Blue Star in the real world stabilized, Jiang Yi would then begin the hatching process of the Devouring Behemoth.

Meanwhile, across the world, a raging and intense “storm” swept through the entire planet.

The effects of the evolutionary virus were extremely powerful. Even though Jiang Yi released a diluted version, it still caused considerable turmoil worldwide.

Over the skies of the Angel Country, a giant eagle soared, its piercing screech shattering gold and stone.

On Mount Laoshan in Summer Country, a three-legged green ox appeared, carrying bursts of purple energy as it came from the east.

In the Warrioress Rainforest, a tide of snakes surged, with countless venomous snakes surrounding a python over 20 meters long, forcefully driving away all the indigenous people and tourists, declaring itself king.

Even the ordinary pets kept by ordinary people underwent various mutations.

Ordinary people who hadn’t received any news found their world suddenly becoming strange and unfamiliar.

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