The Beginning: Simulating the Apocalypse - C.37


Chapter 37: The Vision of the Ancient Overlord, Stars Tremble

The master of R’lyeh, the immortal ancient Overlord, possessed power and strength far beyond Jiang Yi’s imagination.

When its gaze fell upon Blue Star, the entire planet was inundated with a majestic and frenzied will, twisting and altering the minds and appearances of all flora and fauna.

Just a momentary glance.

There were no longer any normal creatures on Blue Star, only roaring abominations and highly contaminated individuals everywhere. The stronger the individual was in life, the more powerful they became tainted by the power of the Evil God.

Even the void, which should have been empty, bloomed with eerie eyes one after another.

Hanging in the sky, observing and overlooking all the contamination on the surface.

The Evil God didn’t pay too much attention to the scene it had created. Its gaze only lingered for a moment before returning to the endless chaos, continuing its endless drift.

This insignificant and weak planet was not worth its personal descent.

“Such unimaginable power,” Jiang Yi couldn’t help but sigh as he watched the gradually dissipating will of the Evil God in the sky.

At this moment, the system’s narration resumed.

【Due to the success of the sacrificial ritual, Blue Star was fortunate to receive the personal gaze of an ancient overlord. As soon as the entire planet came into contact with its gaze, it was twisted and transformed by the high-dimensional power of the Evil God, becoming a corrupt paradise.】

【Although the Evil God itself didn’t have much interest in Blue Star and due to the fact that Blue Star had once been under its gaze, many fanatical followers of the Evil God tore open spatial channels and descended onto Blue Star to feel its aura more closely.】

【The descendants of the Evil God descended upon Blue Star, making the corrupted and rotten Blue Star their residence. They guarded this ordinary planet that had been personally observed by their father god.】

【Thus, Blue Star completely became a gathering place for evil creatures, and all creations of human civilization turned into eternal past.】

【Human civilization on Blue Star, extinct.】

With the system’s voice, the environment around Jiang Yi began to change rapidly.

His figure appeared in the vast universe, looking down from space at the corrupted Blue Star. He found that not only the life on Blue Star was corrupted, but even Blue Star itself was twisted and corrupted, giving birth to inexplicable wills.

It had become a kind of alternative evil creature with a planetary shell.

“It’s worthy of being called an Evil God. It can easily accomplish such things,” Jiang Yi muttered to himself, observing more changes on the corrupted Blue Star.

Before long, one spatial rift after another was torn open, and countless powerful demons emerged from within.

Compared to the terrestrial creatures that had just been corrupted and twisted, they appeared even more powerful, and the aura of the Evil God they carried became even stronger.

Thousand-eyed crows, demonized dragons, faceless giants, star-devouring tentacles…

These powerful contaminated individuals following the footsteps of the Evil God appeared so quiet when they descended, as if they were afraid of accidentally destroying this fragile planet beneath their feet.

They tainted the highest god they held in their minds.

At the same time, Jiang Yi also saw the true face of that descendant of the Evil God.

It was a huge tentacled monster that covered the sun and moon, and if it wished, its body could even expand to every corner of the solar system.

In fact, it did exactly that.

【As the host marvels at the strength of various evil creatures, a hundred years have passed. During these hundred years, the corrupted Blue Star has hardly changed much. Every day, many demons die due to fighting, but on the next day, new demons are born from the void, and so on in an endless cycle.】

【Such calmness continued for a long time. Until one day, a spacecraft from another star and a devouring behemoth accidentally intruded into the vicinity of the solar system.】

【As soon as they appeared, they were struck by a huge tentacle that was thousands of light-years long, turning into a brilliant fireworks display in the deep space of the universe.】

The system’s voice abruptly stopped.

Jiang Yi looked at the space spacecraft that had been completely corrupted and tainted, and couldn’t help but show an expression of speechlessness. In the end, he could only shake his head sympathetically.

Running into the descendant of the Evil God head-on, with luck like that, it’s hard not to die.

Perhaps only a truly pure-blooded devouring behemoth, ruling over a galaxy in the river, could compete with this descendant of the Evil God.

While Jiang Yi was pondering, everything in the simulation world suddenly stopped.

Whether it was time, space, or the immensely powerful descendant of the Evil God, everything was inexplicably frozen in place.

【This simulation ends here, would you like to save it?】

“Save it,” Jiang Yi glanced at the completely contaminated and corrupted Blue Star, and continued, “This simulation will be named ‘Invasion of the Evil God: Vision of the Ancient Overlord.'”

【Save successful, naming successful.】

【This simulation ends here. Waiting for the host’s next use.】

As the system’s voice fell, the entire frozen simulation world began to collapse, as swiftly as the melting snow in spring.

When the world before Jiang Yi’s eyes returned to normal, he had already returned to the real world.

It seemed that the countless twisted monsters he had seen before were nothing more than a realistic dream.

【The simulation rewards for this simulation begin to be distributed, as follows: 1 drop of blood from the Ancient Overlord, contamination immunity physique, complete collection of demon records, and several bodies of highly contaminated demons.】

【Received simulation points: 150,000】

【All rewards are stored in the system by default, and the host can withdraw them at any time.】

“This simulation’s rewards are quite good, especially the contamination immunity physique. Once fused, I won’t have to worry about the harmful effects of the Evil God’s power on myself in the future.”

Jiang Yi nodded slightly, unable to hide the smile on his face.

As for the other rewards, they each had their own uses. Although some might not be needed at the moment, it didn’t diminish their precious value.

“But how should I use the blood of the Ancient Overlord…”

Jiang Yi stroked his chin, falling into contemplation.

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