Super Card System - C.450: overlooking an important detail

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C.450: overlooking an important detail

Ian and Robin talked for a long time after the ship controlled by the crew had set sail with Doroni at the helm. After the conversation ended, a long-lost smile appeared on Robins face.

For the first time, she discussed Poneglyphs affair with another person for such a long time. Before this, all the ancient texts she had studied had been hidden away in her heart, unable to be shared with anyone.

People always need to confide in someone, and Robin was no exception. She needs someone to listen to her. Through this conversation, Robin discovered that Ians understanding of Poneglyph was even greater than she had imagined. Only when she was chatting with Ian could she speak freely about many taboo topics without worrying about causing fear or greed in the other person.

So they talked about many things related to ancient texts, including the interesting stories about Robins study of ancient language when she was a child. Ian listened to her with a smile on his face.

After the conversation ended, Robin felt an unprecedented sense of satisfaction. She couldnt help but lazily clasped her hands together, leaned back, and stretched out, revealing her proud curves in front of Ian.

This caught Ians attention, and he couldnt help but be drawn to her.

Robin chuckled and put one hand on the table, propping up her chin, and asked Ian, Do you like what you see?

At this moment, Robin was quite charming, and the sea breeze blowing on the tips of her black hair made her long hair flutter, her mature and charming aura radiated in all directions

Ian really felt that it was right to bring Robin onto the ship. Leaving aside everything else, being able to admire such a beautiful woman every day was really enjoyable. So he nodded and said straightforwardly, Uhm! Of course!

Hearing Ians words, Robins eyes narrowed into a smile. She wasnt annoyed by his response, but she felt that Ian was a person who could truly be trusted.

At this moment, Robin finally felt that it was quite comfortable on Ians ship

Just then, Matthew arrived carrying two glasses of drinks and placed them in front of Ian and Robin, saying, This is the ice tea that I just made

Without waiting for him to finish his sentence, Ian quickly picked up the glass and took a sip. He then gave Matthew a thumbs up and said, Mmm, it tastes good, Matthew!

Robin smiled and added, Thank you!

Hearing the praise, Matthew felt satisfied and turned to head back to the cabin. Doroni was still steering, so he had to bring him a cup as well.

As Matthew left, Reiju followed behind and sat down at the round table with Ian and Robin. She handed Ian a thick stack of paper.

Whats this? Ian asked, holding the file.

Its what I promised to give you, this is the data of the Raid Suit! Reiju replied. I just finished organizing it, and its enough to help you make a deal with the Marines and the World Government!

Oh? Ians interest was piqued. Is this the armor that you and your siblings wear?

Yes, Reiju confirmed. Germas technology takes a different approach from the Marines. Since they have a large number of soldiers, they usually focus on developing overall military equipment. However, we ,the Germa 66, focus more on elite combat power, so they have done more research on personal equipment. Thats why the Marines have always wanted to get their hands on the Germas technology. Maybe they see it as a supplement to their own strength.

Ian nodded to show he understood and asked, Can this armor be equipped on my pirate crew?

Maybe, Reiju replied. I heard that the scientist, Varua, in your pirate group was once my fathers colleague. If he can decipher this data, replicating this suit should not be a problem as long as there are corresponding raw materials. But I have to warn you that the raw materials are not easy to obtain.

Thats fine, Ian said, he was satisfied. Before handing it over to the Marines, I will make a copy of this data. As for the raw materials, well find as much as we can when the time comes.

Although most members of the Hunting Dragon Pirates were ordinary people with few elite combatants, Reijus data came at the right time. It was time for the Hunting Dragon Pirates to grow stronger.

After putting away the data, Ian asked Reiju, What are your plans now? Youve seen Sanji, and the thing we agreed on before has been completed. Do you want to go home?

Go home? Reijus gaze was somewhat lost. Although I grew up in the Vinsmoke Family, to be honest, I dont like the cold relationship between my father and brothers So now I dont know whether I should go back or not.

Well then, stay with me for now! Ian said. Of course, if you are willing to join my crew, I would be more than happy to have you.

Hehehe! Reiju laughed when she heard this, and leaned close to Ians ear, suddenly blowing a breath at his ear and saying, Are the young Shichibukai captain in love with me because I helped you detoxify, and thats why you want me to stay?

Is this teasing? Ian didnt expect this gorgeous lady to be so bold, and her breath blowing in his ear made him feel ticklish, and hot steam came out of his nose

This made even Robin, who was beside them, unable to hold back her laughter

The two mature ladies giggled together, relishing in the thrill of teasing a Shichibukai. It was a daring move, and it felt exhilarating.

Alright! After laughing for a while, Reiju spoke up, I have nowhere else to go now, so Ill stay in your pirate group for the time being.

After speaking, she stood up and reached out to Robin, Robin, lets go sunbathe!

Robin nodded and got up with a smile, following her back to the cabin to change

Damn it! Reiju definitely did it on purpose! As soon as Ian heard what the two of them were going to do next, Ian couldnt help but cover his face. The two of them were sunbathing, but as a hot-blooded person, Ian would never be able to handle it for long.

Alright, he might as well go down to the sea and swim tens of kilometers to cool off his temper

Over the next few days, Ians ship sailed along the designated route indicated by the pointer, heading in the direction it pointed.

Although Ian could fly, it was impossible to take so many people with him for such a long distance. Therefore, they could only proceed step by step toward the Marine headquarters.

About three days later, when they arrived in a certain sea area, they suddenly realized that something was off.

Because their Log Pose, after sailing for days, pointed not in the direction of the sea, but in the direction of the sky!

Whatwhats going on? Doroni shook the Log Pose on his wrist in astonishment, thinking that the pointer had malfunctioned.

And when Ian heard Doronis puzzlement about the direction of the pointer, his heart skipped a beat.

However, before he could speak, the sky suddenly became dark. Looking up, he could see a circle of black clouds swirling toward them, ominously surging in from behind.

Oh, this cant be good, Ian muttered, saying while his face contorting with worry, How how could this be so coincidental!?

Whats wrong? Did something happen? Robin and Reiju became nervous when they saw Ians expression, and couldnt help but ask.

Theres no time to explain! Ian exhaled and quickly said, Doroni, set sail!!! Reiju, fly up to the sky and see if you can find the Straw Hat Pirates ship on the sea around us!

You mean Sanji and the others? Reijus eyes lit up and she immediately used her jet boots to fly up into the sky.

Moments later, she came out shouting, I found them! Their ship is in the northwest direction!

Doroni! Maximum speed, hurry, and approach the Straw Hat Pirates ship! Ian yelled.

Yes, captain! Doroni answered, and then suddenly began to turn the steering wheel.

Whats going on? Reiju landed on the deck and asked Ian, Why are you suddenly so panicked?

Unfortunately, if Im not mistaken, if we stay here any longer, were likely to be finished! Ian said with a grim face.

When Ian saw the log pointer pointing to the sky and the sky darkening rapidly, he knew that his ship had probably arrived in the waters around the Jaya Island, and unfortunately, at the time when Luffy and his crew had planned to ride the updraft to the Skypiea!

Damn it, how could he forget this! From Alabasta, their ship is now on the same course as the Straw Hat Pirates! The dark clouds in the sky are cumulonimbus clouds, and above the cumulonimbus clouds is a sky island!

If the updraft erupts, a huge vortex will appear in this area, one that can even devour giant sea monsters!

If Ians ship continues to stay there, the only outcome waiting for them is to be crushed and swallowed by the sea!

And the only safe place is where the Straw Hat Pirates are Damn it, why does it feel like theyve been forced to follow Zoro and the others

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