Super Card System - C.449: So much information

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C.449: So much information

Ians idea was actually quite similar to the thoughts of the Cyborg, Franky. They both wanted to create a weapon that could stop the ancient weapons from falling into the wrong hands and wreaking havoc on the world.

Ian, being a time transmigrator, was well aware that the ancient weapons were like nuclear bombs if only one country had them, it would be ruling the world with fear. Only when many countries possessed them that war could truly be avoided.

Now, the whole world is looking for the Poneglyph. It wasnt just Ian who was looking, but also the Four Emperors like Kaido and Big Mom Even the Marines and the World Government were hunting them. Although Robin was the only one who could currently read the ancient text, it was not impossible for others to learn.

In Ians impression, understanding the contents of the Poneglyph does not necessarily require understanding ancient writing. People like Pirate King Roger, who has the ability to hear the voice of all things, can also uncover its contents!

It was hard to say if Rogers ability was a one-of-a-kind gift. If someone else with that power were to appear, they could easily be found and used to decipher the Poneglyph by those with ill intentions.

So Ian explained to Robin, We shouldnt fear the ancient weapons just because of their potential danger. That kind of fear is similar to the World Governments excuse for prohibiting the study of history, because they fear people will reproduce ancient weapons

Robin couldnt help but resonate with Ians analogy, recalling the destruction of Ohara by the World Government under the guise of preventing the resurgence of the ancient weapons.

Under such a strict and cruel suppression, she, as a survivor of Ohara, managed to escape. Who can guarantee that, just as Ian said, there wouldnt be others who genuinely aimed to reproduce the ancient weapons and endanger the world?

At this thought, Robin took a deep breath and straightened her body. She faced Ian, her beautiful black eyes were fixed on him, and asked, IanI wont call you captain, Ill call you by your name. If I tell you the truth about the Poneglyphs, can you guarantee me that if you ever get hold of the ancient weapons, you will use them to protect the world?

I swear! Ian nodded earnestly in response. Although you know Ive never had any grand ambitions. I just want to live well in this world. If the world is destroyed, how will I have a good life!?

Okay, I believe you! Robin closed her eyes slightly, then opened them again. I will follow you and witness you fulfilling your promise. But if you deceive me, I will do everything in my power to drag you down to hell with me!

There is nothing to worry about Im sure, that day will never come! Ian smiled slightly and reached out to adjust her cowboy hat.

Perhaps it was this gesture that eased the serious atmosphere between the two of them. Robin relaxed a little and began to speak slowly.

The rubbing inscription you brought from the Sky Island does indeed describe an ancient weapon but not Pluton, it was Uranus, the Sky King. However, the text only describes the ancient weapon and doesnt indicate its location or whereabouts.

Ooohhh? Ian raised his eyebrows. What was written exactly?

It is a description of a massive war! Robin looked up at the sky and recalled the content she deciphered from the rubbing inscription. But the text does not mention who the opposing sides were, only that the sun was blocked by Uranus wings, and the earth, covered in shadows, was trembling and sinking. Pluton was damaged, and Poseidon was dead. No one could fight against the steel body of the Heavenly King, Uranus. We could no longer wait for its next landing. The end of the world has come, and we will eventually perish, but our willpower will never disappear. In the future, there will be people who will carry our hopes and pass on our will to the world again

Damn! Ian was startled by Robins description of the ancient text and then quickly apologized for interrupting. Sorry, but this is tons of information!

Whatwhat does it mean? Robin asked, puzzled.

Ian pulled her over to the round table on the deck and said after thinking carefully about his words, If Im guessing correctly, there must be more content on that Poneglyph, right?

Yes! Robin nodded. There are also some lines that look like poetic verses, describing the power of the heavenly king, Uranus. The content I mentioned earlier was just a summary.

Ian licked his lips thoughtfully, From the description, it seems that this is the end of a great war! It even mentions the names of all three ancient weapons. It appears that Pluton and Poseidon were on the same side, and their common enemy was the side that held Uranus. But its clear that they couldnt defeat the heavenly king Uranus.

And according to the description, the heavenly king Uranus has wings, indicating that it should be able to fly. Is it some kind of creature? Ian rubbed his chin. But what does it mean by no one can oppose the steel body of the heavenly king? Does it mean that its skin is impenetrable?

But if its called an ancient weapon, it means that it can be controlled, right? Robin asked, puzzled. If its a creature, how can it be controlled?

Ian nodded in agreement, tapping his fingers on the table. Or could it be a true embodiment of steel? A weapon made of steel that can fly?

Robin couldnt come up with an answer. The information they had was indeed substantial, but it still didnt give them a clear idea of what Uranus, the ancient weapon, was.

But wait, Ian murmured to himself, Uranus seems to be able to land, doesnt it? It cant fly indefinitely? That would make sense. If the Pluton is Uranus counterpart, how would the Pluton attack it if Uranus stayed in the air all the time?

Although the information was still not enough to figure out exactly what Uranus was, Ian suddenly thought of something related to the Will of D mentioned in the Poneglyph.

Based on everything Ian had learned about this world, the scholars of Ohara had discovered the existence of a great kingdom during the blank century. However, there was no record of this kingdom to be found today. Ian suspected that the historical text he had found might be describing the war that had destroyed this great kingdom.

Ian guessed that the enemies who had destroyed this kingdom were likely the Celestial Dragons and the World Government alliance, who would have possessed Uranus if the explanation was correct.

As soon as Ian thought about it, he understood that the Celestial Dragons national treasure should be the Heavenly King Uranus!

The identity chip that Ian got from MaryJoa was either a key to enter the hiding place of Uranus, or a key item to activate or control it. Thats why the Celestial Dragons were so desperate to get the key back from Ian, even if it cost them 10 billion belly.

Ian had mostly guessed this before, but now, through Robins interpretation of this Poneglyph content, he estimated that his guess had a 70-80% chance of being correct

However, what Uranus was and where this ancient weapon was hidden remained unknown.

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