Mythical Era: I Evolved Into A Stellar-Level Beast - C.9 - : Resources


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After Justin Welan finished speaking, Jack Clark curiously asked: "How much does the cheapest resource for replenishing Qi Blood cost per serving?"

"The cheapest one?"

Justin Welan thought for a moment: "At present, there are seven types of resources suitable for our Foundation Establishment, and the cheapest is the Deer Velvet produced by Protection Group Company. A single serving only costs ten thousand."

"Taking one chunk can sustain the consumption of Qi Blood transportation for five consecutive revolutions. It's quite cost-effective."

No thanks!

When he heard that even the cheapest Qi Blood resource costs ten thousand yuan per piece, Jack Clark knew it wasn't something he could afford.

Only his mother Doris Raven had a steady income in his family.

As a basic-level management in the Metal Company, Doris Raven's monthly salary was about seven thousand yuan. After deducting insurance and family expenses, there was only a little left.

And that's with the two brothers having free education and only needing to pay for their food.

Ten thousand yuan may not be much for someone from a wealthy family like Crystal Leinster, but it's a lot of money for Jack Clark's family.

Not to mention that a serving of Deer Velvet could only sustain five Qi Blood transports. It was simply a money burner.

"Mr. Willard, thanks for the reminder. I've got something to do, so I'll be going first." Jack Clark patted Justin Welan on the shoulder and left with his shoulder bag.

Am I that old?

Watching Jack Clark's retreating figure, Justin Welan felt disheveled in the wind. He didn't know how he suddenly became an old man when he was clearly still a pretty youth in the flower of his youth.

As Jack Clark passed by the school playground, he pondered on what Justin Welan had said earlier.

Apparently, Justin Welan must have noticed him forcibly transporting Qi Blood in the afternoon and that he looked significantly weaker after his cultivation, so he deliberately waited outside for him.

Although they had only been together for a few days, the two got along well and had some understanding of each other's situation.

For example, Justin Welan knew that Jack seemed to be unclear about many cultivation common sense, so he specially came over to remind him not to damage his body by cultivating too eagerly.

He also told Jack that if he really wanted to speed up his cultivation progress, he could buy some resources to supplement his Qi Blood.

Unfortunately, Jack Clark lacked the money.

And even without the resources, he was confident that he could establish his foundation within a month with his current cultivation progress.

However, he remembered Justin Welan's kindness and treated him like a true friend. His address to Justin changed from "classmate" to "Old Willard".

Well, it couldn't be helped; the lad just looked so mature.

After five o'clock, Jack Clark returned home with two shopping bags and first prepared a large plate of fish meat.

In the fish tank, the Six-legged Salamander- which had already grown to 22 centimeters in length- raised its head, looked at the piece of fish meat that fell from the 'sky', and bit into it.

The taste buds of the salamander were different from humans. Through Jack's consciousness, he could feel the delicate, tender taste of the fish as it entered the salamander/avatar's mouth. Delicious... 𝒇𝓻𝙚𝙚𝙬𝙚𝒃𝙣𝒐𝓿𝙚𝓵.𝒄𝒐𝒎

Well, it was the salamander/avatar's taste buds that found it delicious. A normal person eating cold, raw frozen fish would only taste its fishiness and coldness. (f)reewe(b)novel

After finishing the large plate of fish meat, the salamander/avatar swelled to 24 centimeters long, with its head now the size of an egg, more than twice its size a few days ago.

It's grown faster. Jack looked at the accumulated 7 evolution points and nodded in satisfaction.

"Bro, I'm back!"

It was a little past six o'clock when Glenn Clark, drenched in sweat, burst into the house with his backpack. It seemed that he'd been playing around with his friends on the way home.

"You're back."

Jack Clark, who was cooking in the kitchen, didn't even turn his head: "Go wash your hands and help set the bowls and chopsticks."


Glenn Clark tossed his backpack on the sofa and went to wash his hands before coming to the kitchen to help.

With a bowl and chopsticks in hand, Glenn Clark approached Jack Clark curiously: "Brother, you've been cultivating for two days. How does it feel? Have you become very powerful?"

Jack Clark glanced at him and said irritably: "Do you think I'm cultivating some divine art that could make me fly in the sky and escape the earth in just two days?"

Glenn Clark chuckled, "Hehe, isn't True Martial really powerful?"

Jack Clark didn't need to pretend at all, and he naturally integrated into this family, perhaps because of the memories he absorbed. The only thing that felt strange to him was suddenly having a mother.

After all, he was already in his twenties before his reincarnation.

By 6:30, when the dinner was ready, Doris Raven also came back from work. She asked Jack about his study progress and whether he was adapting well to the school at the dinner table.

At 7 pm, Jack Clark, who had finished taking a bath, sat on the bed ready to cultivate.

At that moment, there was a knock on the door, followed by Doris Raven's voice: "Jack, are you asleep yet?"

"Not yet."

Doris Raven then pushed the door open and entered with a bank card in hand.

Jack Clark looked at her in confusion: "Mom, is there something you need?"

Gazing at her son who was seated cross-legged ready for cultivation, Doris Raven gently said: "Sister Vernon told me at work today that it's necessary to replenish Qi Blood after starting to cultivate True Martial Arts in high school."

"A few years ago, when her son was in Senior One, she bought him a Qi Blood resource called Sword Tiger Paste."

"She said it worked well, but it was a bit expensive. In the end, her son didn't have much cultivation talent, so he chose to study in the cultural class instead."

Doris Raven then handed the card to Jack Clark: "I'm not familiar with these things either, and I can't help you with your cultivation."

"But some of your classmates must be using these resources. You can ask them which one is better."

"There's over 90,000 yuan in this card, and the password is your birthday. If you feel like you need it, just go and buy it."

Jack Clark looked at the offered bank card, and fell silent for a moment. This amount of money should be all the savings that Doris Raven had accumulated over the years.

"Mom, I don't need it."

Jack Clark shook his head slightly and pushed the card back: "A classmate told me about the Qi Blood resources today too, but I don't need them."

"You don't?" Doris Raven was puzzled.

Jack Clark nodded: "There are only two situations where one needs Qi Blood resources. One is when they lack talent and need the resources to make up for their foundations."

"The other is when they have great talent, and the replenishing of Qi Blood is to speed up the cultivation process to establish the foundation ahead of others, striving to always be a step ahead."

"My situation is that I have some cultivation talent but not a genius, so I can just follow the normal cultivation procedure without the need to compete with others."

"Jack, are you sure you don't need Qi Blood resources?"

"Don't worry about the money. If you think it's not enough, I can borrow some from Sister Vernon." Doris Raven was hesitant, as she knew her son's physique had always been poor.

Jack was slightly moved and yet helpless: "Mom, I really don't need it."

In the end, after Jack's persuasion, Doris Raven reluctantly believed that he indeed didn't need to replenish his Qi Blood and left with a trace of doubt.

Jack didn't lie to her; he really didn't need it.

Even if he used all 90,000 yuan, it would only accelerate his Foundation Establishment by half a month. After all, once the Body Casting Skill was completed, he would still need to meditate on the Lotus Stand.

Moreover, cultivating True Martial Arts was only the beginning after building the foundation.

As a result, it wasn't worth it to 'spend the family fortune' to rush for this little time.