Mythical Era: I Evolved Into A Stellar-Level Beast - C.10 - Gene Fusion


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The next day, Jack Clark had just entered the classroom and sat down when Justin Welan in front of him came over.

"Jack, did you know? Jane Aiken, who is ranked first, completed her Foundation Establishment yesterday afternoon and has already gone to Building C today to take up True Martial arts."

"That was fast." Jack was a little surprised.

Establishing a foundation in just two days, even if they're from a wealthy family with abundant resources, requires immense talent. This can be observed from their class leader Crystal Leinster.

Justin Welan nodded somewhat enviously: "Not just her, I heard that the top ten in this list will all be completing their Foundation Establishment in the next few days."

"Including our class leader. It is said that she has visualized up to the tenth petal, her Qi Blood circulation is eight times in half an hour, and she is expected to establish her foundation day after tomorrow at the latest." 𝐟𝗿𝗲𝗲𝐰𝗲𝐛𝗻𝗼𝐯𝗲𝗹.𝗰𝗼𝗺

Jack then curiously asked, "What about you, Mr. Willard? What is your cultivation progress?"

"Me? I am doing quite alright."

Justin Welan gave a laugh and then complained, "Jack, can you stop calling me Mr. Willard? I am such a good-looking guy, you could call me Justin."

Jack nodded, "No problem, Mr. Willard."

"Justin, it's Justin!"

"I got it, Mr. Willard."

"...Jack, I'm going to stop talking to you for three hours!" Seeing his obstinance, Justin Welan angrily turned around and started chatting with the little beauty at the front desk.

At this, Jack could only smile.

He merely seems mature and is not aged, so why should he make a fuss about being called Mr. Willard. Is he going to take a knife and slash himself?

Probably because some people have already completed their Foundation Establishment, Jack noticed that everyone was very focused and serious in today's Cultivation class.

However, it was a pity that talent did indeed exist.

Some people had been practicing for three days but were still making no progress, some were progressing well, and others were making astonishing progress.

For example, our Martial Art Committee Member Matt Watkins.

Jack didn't know the progress of his visualization, but Matt Watkins was able to transport Qi Blood seven times in half an hour, and it seemed that he did it with ease, without using his full strength.

We don't even need to mention Class Leader Crystal Leinster. She managed to transport Qi Blood eight times in less than half an hour, then found a place to sit cross-legged and continued meditating.

Their spirit power was incredibly abundant, which was very different from Jack, who needed to recover for half a day after every meditation session.

Obviously, they must have also used some kind of resources that could replenish or activate their spirit power.

After a thoughtful moment, Jack managed to transport Qi Blood twice today and didn't continue his cultivation. This took him 20 minutes each time, with proficiency improving by +2, and his physique attribute increasing by +0.1.

The progress in cultivation was average, but the improvement was steady.

As the school bell rang, Jack, who hadn't sweated much but felt a bit tired, packed his things and prepared to leave.

"Jack, wait a sec.", Justin Welan came jogging over.

"What's up?"

Justin came panting, hehehe, "It's only four o'clock now, what's the rush to go back? Why don't you join the Flower Tea Club with me?"

Jack looked at him strangely, "You still have time to join a club? Our class leader is about to establish her foundation."

Although Jack had never asked about Justin's family background, he felt that Justin's family was probably quite well-off, at least not lacking money. Justin also has good talent, isn't this the time to work hard to establish his foundation early?

Justin didn't seem to care, "No rush, no rush, my brother said, the path to cultivation lies in finding the right balance and not being too obsessed with short-term gains." freew(e)bnovel.(c)om

"It's normal for the class leader to establish her foundation a few days earlier because she has better talent. There's no point in comparing with her, and..." When he got to this point, Justin suddenly stopped talking.

He even looked back, as if he was afraid that Crystal Leinster would suddenly appear again, which made Jack want to laugh a little.

In the face of Jack's strange gaze, Justin changed the subject, "Jack, don't you think cultivation is too dull? It's more pleasant to look at beauties, it helps to relax your spirit."

"Let me tell you, after my observation over the past few days, the beauties in the Flower Tea Club are ranked number one in martial high school, there are many high-quality beauties in it."

"Not to mention the senior sisters from sophomore and senior years, there are also many juniors who are beautiful young girls like us."

"Just imagine, on a hot summer day, sitting with a group of youthful beauties drinking tea, chatting... doesn't it feel very comfortable and cool?"

Justin seemed to have already imagined himself surrounded by a group of beauties. His face was intoxicated, so he didn't see the increasingly strange look in Jack's eyes.

"So, Jack, what do you think?"


Jack coughed lightly, "Your suggestion is good but I have to return early to attend to something, you should go by yourself."

"Oh, by the way, look back."

Upon saying this, Jack patted Justin Welan's shoulder and gave a nod to the girl standing behind him with her arms crossed, then turned around and left.

Behind me!

Justin was shocked and quickly turned around, just to see Crystal Leinster glance at him flatly, drop the word "Disgusting", and just walk past him.

Justin was a bit stunned. He didn't say anything bad about Crystal Leinster this time. How come he became disgusting?


The next morning, Glenn Clark, standing upstairs, shouted, "Bro, I'm going out to play with my friends and won't be home for lunch."

A voice came from upstairs, "Go ahead."

Today is Saturday, there's no need to go to school, but Doris Raven has to work overtime and isn't at home.

In the room, the Six-legged Salamander, which was already twenty-eight centimeters long, was lying on the desk.

The Salamander had a wide and flat head. Its tender white body looked quite delicate. It had a tail like a small tadpole, and overall it was rather adorable.

Its Avatar Evolution value had accrued to 9 points, and its body size was approaching the species limit.

The Salamander was seen eating fish meat piece by piece. The fine teeth in its mouth were chewing, making a chewing sound.

While eating and digesting, with the Salamander's stomach as the center, a faint flow of heat spread throughout its body, beginning a new round of growth.

With the visible disappearance of the fish meat on the desk while it was eating, two plates of food, which were more than twice the volume of the Salamander itself, were gone within half an hour. After two rounds of growth during this time, the Salamander had grown to a length of thirty centimeters.

At this time, a line of text appeared in front of Jack.

"Your Salamander Avatar has gained one Evolution point through a large amount of food."

"Your Avatar has reached the growth limit of the species, and it can no longer grow by continuing to eat. The current accumulation of Evolution points has reached 10 points, which meets the Evolution requirements."

"Would you like to start Evolution?"

"Remark, the potential of this Avatar is quite low; after evolution, it won't significantly enhance the host's combat power. You can choose to absorb a gene from another species to improve its potential during the evolution."

Seeing that last line of remark, Jack sat up abruptly, his face even showing a touch of joy: "Absorb other species' genes to enhance potential!"

Jack had always been worried about the problem of the Salamander Avatar being too weak.

Although it can break through the species limit by evolving, but what's the point even if it grows to one meter or ten meters long? It's still flesh and blood, can it withstand a bullet?

Forget about combat power, those weak limbs would probably find it hard to run quickly with the weight of that huge body then.

But now...