The Hero Took Everything from Me, So I Partied with the Hero's Mother! - C.339


"Serena-kun... Huff~"



I don't know what I should even be paying attention to anymore.

First of all, Serena-kun isn't even human...

It's like living with a dragon in the form of a lizard, really.

"Serena-sama, I heard you disappeared after jumping, where did you go?"

"Edgar... I jumped all the way to the moon. Isn't it amazing?"

"The moon... the moon!? Truly amazing, Serena-sama."

"Edgar, why don't you stop talking it to people?"

"Mel-sama, Serena-sama is the son of a god..."

Up until now, I would have backed down here... but, Edgar, that's over now.

I have an ace up my sleeve

"Um... See, I've been asked to do a lot of things by that god, Ishtas-sama! Edgar, are you going to ignore the goddess's will?"

"Oh... Ishtas-sama?"

"Yes, Ishtas-sama..."


"I'm sorry, Serena-sama, even if it's for Serena-sama's sake... I'm sorry."

So, Edgar won't intervene.

"Hey, Serena-kun, what do you want to do?"

"I never want to lose again."

The opponent is that Arks, right?

"The opponent is that Arks, right?"


Well, there aren't many techniques for fighting against gods.

Now, what should I do?

Alright... Let's just push forward.

"Hey, Serena-kun, if you want to get stronger, you have to fight against stronger opponents."

"Mel, but... I tried training with Zect-oniichan and others, but it didn't work out."

"You know... If you want to battle against a lot of opponents, Skull King might be a good choice, right? Even the Demon Lord Luciferd is quite powerful..."

"Mel... Maybe, but I feel like I'm stronger..."

Yeah, maybe Serena-kun is stronger than those two.

So, if that's the case...

"Well then, you should fight against the Dragon Lords."

"Dragon Lords?"

"Yeah, you know, those people under Bauer-sama, with combat abilities equal to Ceres?"

"Oh yeah, I remember."

"If you want to get stronger, fighting against the Dragon Lords is a good idea."

"But most Dragon Lords travel around freely, so it's hard to meet them."

"Yeah... But, Serena-kun, there's one Dragon Lord you can easily meet, right?"

Yeah... I guess I have to take responsibility.


"Your father, Ceres!"


"That's right! Your father, 'Hero Ceres,' who defeated Mammon and even fought against Arks. Fighting against Ceres will definitely make you stronger."


No good, huh...

"Yeah, you're right. I totally forgot about Dad."

"That's right! And after beating Ceres, there's still Bauer-sama... It's a long road ahead."

"Yeah, you're right... I'll give it my best shot!"

"Good luck."


Since Ceres is his father, he should start taking responsibility soon.

Sure, I used to rely on him for a lot of things in the past, but now it's the other way around.

Yeah! If it's Ceres, he'll definitely educate Serena well.

* * *

Serena left with a smile.

"Mel-sama... Was that a good choice?"

"There's no way an ordinary person can handle being Serena-kun's companion. So it's better to have someone capable."

"But to Divine Dragon Ceres-sama..."

"Ceres is Serena-kun's father... Besides, we've been childhood friends, so it's not a big deal."

"I don't know."

If it's Ceres, then it'll be okay, right?

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