The Hero Took Everything from Me, So I Partied with the Hero's Mother! - C.321


I, Hera, am both a wife and a goddess, so I observed the behavior of my future husband, Serena, with foresight.

As a god, Serena is amazing, but he lacks common sense and doesn't seem to want to learn.

He is the type of god who is "omniscient and omnipotent" and can do everything on his own.

This is the most troublesome aspect.

He is loved by everyone without any effort.

Since he can do anything, he becomes an uncontrollable presence.

Just like my ex-husband Zeus, it is very difficult to make this type of person admit their mistakes.

It's a heavy burden for the three of humans too.

Thinking that way, I tried swapping Serena with Carmilla and Daji, but it didn't improve as much as I expected.

As divine beings, it's not a problem for us to enjoy ourselves.

However, using our immense divine power carelessly is a significant issue.

"My dear mother-in-law, my dear father-in-law... What kind of education are you giving him?"

First of all, I decided to ask the goddess Ishtas, who is my mother-in-law, and Ceres, who is the dragon lord.

"Did I tell you that creating a god child is difficult compared to a human child? But everyone really wants a child, so I decided to create one with everyone."

"That would be Serena-sama. I know that, but I want to know what kind of education you have had so far. It seems too strange to me."

"Education? Gods don't need such things, you know? Gods are the rulers of the world! If a human's parents die, they have to live on their own. But gods don't die! Neither I nor Ceres are mortal beings! We will live forever! That's why Serena will always be my son. You don't need to worry, right? Are other gods in different worlds different in this regard?"

I almost forgot, but this world is monotheistic.

In this world alone, other gods do not intervene.

"My world is different. Even God works and maintains a certain level of moderation in life. Does Father-in-law think this is acceptable?"

"I... don't think it's good. It's a pity for Serena, but I don't think he has true friends who understand his taste. Being a child of God means there's no one equal to stand by. It's the same with love. Even though he was born as a child of God, it's not a lie, but he probably never felt the excitement of a fluttering heart. I wish Serena, even as a child of God, could experience the joy of being like a regular person for at least a few years. That's what I think."

"In that case, maybe you should consider various things a bit more. It's not good to continue without experiencing setbacks or defeats."

"I understand that even I can grasp. But finding someone who can make Serena feel a sense of defeat is not that easy, I think."

"From my world, it might be a good idea to ask Ares or Hercules, or maybe Atlas to come over, but if we do that too much, Hades might not be happy. So, I thought about it and found someone suitable in a nearby world."

"Really? Who is it?" Ishtas inquired, curiosity evident in his voice.

"Someone who is nearby, maybe one of the Dragon Lords?" Ceres suggested.

"No, the Dragon Lords might go easy on him and spoil him, so that's not a good idea."

"Then, who could it be?" Ishtas pressed for more information.

"I can't think of anyone either," Ceres admitted.

This person is in a world near this one, where even Ishtas mother-in-law and Ceres father-in-law can't interfere.

"It's the War God, Arx."

""Arx... Oh!? Mamon!""

"Yes, if we tell him that an incredibly strong being has been born, he will come to meet him right away. I'm sure he can teach Serena-sama about overcoming challenges."

"That's true, but... it seems like too much," Ishtas voiced her concerns.

"If it's Arx, I don't think Serena will be an enemy, but I'm still worried," Ceres admitted, a hint of uncertainty in his tone.

"Serena-sama will not die, so it's okay!"

I am not only his fiancée, but also a goddess who governs motherhood.

It is a trial to help him grow.

I will give it to him with a heart of steel.

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