The Hero Took Everything from Me, So I Partied with the Hero's Mother! - C.312


Ugh, my head hurts so much.

Why does it have to involve my mother too... I mean, she's my mother and all, but still...

Just when I thought she manifested with Ishtas-sama for the first time in hundreds of years...

There's no such thing as, "You're a big sister, right? Please take good care of your little brother!" or anything like that.

And on top of that, that Soncon Goddess too...

'I've entrusted my son to you.'

Apparently, the Goddess from another world said something like, "Don't interfere too much."

Well, maybe that Goddess from another world is the one with common sense.

Even Goddess Ishtas-sama, who only spoke during the Demon King subjugation, appears for Serena-kun's sake. It's quite surprising.

Just how much of a Soncon is she!

And not only that, when I suddenly thought I was in some weird space, the Underworld Dragon Bauer-sama and the Skull King appeared before the Demon King Luciferd...

They said, "We've entrusted Serena to you"...

Even the boss of the Enemies I fought in the past is bowing down!

Ugh, why does everything have to be so troublesome.

I really just want to relax in the Underworld already.

Serena-kun is definitely cute and all, but... I shouldn't get involved with him, so I don't really want to be around him too much.

Still, that's not fair...

Because he's Ceres' son, he looks like Ceres, and he also inherited Shizuko-san's genes, so he looks like Zect too.

He's the average of the boys I've liked, divided by 2 in terms of looks.

And on top of that, he even inherited the genes of a goddess, so he's a bit divine.

Yet, Ceres' cooking grabs hold of my stomach and doesn't let go.

Don't you think it's really mean to say 'don't get involved with him'?

But, I'm scared both of getting involved and not taking care of him...

So I decided to work for the first time in a while...

As the principal of the Royal Academy.

Because I need the position and power to support Serena-kun when he messes up.

* * *

"Um, who are those two?"

"Oh, they're my new fiancées."

I see... Because of the influence of Ceres and Zect, it's a multiple marriage, huh.

But, even though he should like older people because of Ceres' influence...

They really do look the same age...

"This time, it's a young fiancées——ehhhhhh!?"

"This is my true form... Thank you for taking care of me, onee-sama," Carmilla said with a grateful smile.

"This is my normal form..." Daji stated nonchalantly.

No way... It's not just the appearance... I mean, what is this intense aura...

Scary, I, who is called the Great Sage, can't handle this.

Skull King? No, they have the power of a Demon King, Luciferd-class even though Serena-kun stands out...

Sigh~ My stomach hurts.

"Um, should the three of you live with me for a while and learn common sense?"

"Common sense? Modesty? It's okay! I'll adjust myself to be on the level of Lida-neechan and Maria-neechan."

"Really? What are you thinking! Both of them were Sword Saint and Saint... You're students, so you need to hide your true abilities more!"

"Eh~ hide my ability more... it’s difficult..."

"Ahahaha, forget it, anyway, all three of you will learn common sense and restraint while living with me... That's good, right?"



I wonder if it'll really be okay...

Ahh~ My stomach hurts.

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