The Hero Took Everything from Me, So I Partied with the Hero's Mother! - C.287


Serena's POV

"Serena-sama, what did you just say?" Bishop asked.

"I mean the weapon I'm sending to my fiancées... It's definitely more polished than a holy sword."

"Huh!? How does Serena-sama even make something better than a holy sword? There's no one in this world right now who can forge one," Bishop exclaimed.

"Oh, but there is! I think Mel Onee-chan could probably make a sword on par with a holy sword... maybe."

Mel Onee-chan is technically a sage, and she's been around for a long time, so she should be able to do it... probably.

"Is that so? Certainly, Grand Sage-sama might be able to make one, but can Serena-sama do it too?" Bishop inquired.

"Well... maybe. By the way, aren't you supposed to be supporting date today?"

"Oh... my apologies," Bishop conceded.

It didn't really feel like a date, though. And these three seemed to have complicated expressions... something was off.

"Um, may I ask a question?" Fleur chimed in.

"I'd like to know too," Rosalia added.

"I want to hear that story," Elsa expressed her curiosity.

Well, I guess there's no helping it.

"All right, what do you want to know?"

"Earlier, you mentioned something about being better than a holy sword. Is that true?" Fleur asked.

"Well... yes, the swords I can create are legendary at best... so I can't make divine-level weapons. With that in mind, I can only craft weapons and armor on the level of legendary swords using materials and ingenuity... that's the idea."

"How good are they, exactly?" Fleur pressed for more information.

"Well, let's see... if you were to clash with Deorf, one of them would break before Deorf does. They're essentially indestructible, and any vulnerable parts are reinforced with self-regenerating capabilities. In essence, they won't break under normal circumstances, but if, by any chance, they were to be destroyed by a divine-level weapon, they would regenerate themselves... so it's like they're legendary beyond legendary, to put it accurately. They have added value compared to the highest-level holy swords... something like that."

"Amazing... Were my swords and equipment really that incredible?" Elsa expressed her amazement.

"Oh, um... I'd love to see that. I'm sorry," Rosalia added.

"Well, it can't be helped. Who wants to try them on?"

"I'll do it... Instantly equipped... I've never seen weapons like these... Higher-level appraisal... Aaargh, my eyes..." Elsa exclaimed.

"No, stop! 'Perfect Heal'... Those weapons and equipment are designed to blind anyone who tries to appraise them... so be careful."

"Ah, ah, could Serena-sama's magic create something like this so easily... Could it be Serena-sama is God?" Fleur wondered.

"I'm just me... Can we stop talking about this already? Is that okay? Just a boy who loves everyone... Is that so bad?"

"It's not bad at all. Fleur loves Serena-sama, whether he's a god or a demon," Fleur stated.

"I feel the same," Rosalia chimed in.

"Yeah, me too," Elsa added.

"Well, in that case, could you hurry up, uncle? It's okay to talk, but this carriage isn't moving very fast, is it? I want it to go faster..." Serena changed the topic.

"Understood," Bishop acknowledged.

That's right... Let's just ask directly.

"Unicorn-san, could you please hurry..."


I'm glad the Unicorn uncle is hurrying...

"""Can you talk to unicorns?"""

"Well, yeah."

I should have done this from the beginning.

* * *

Finally, we arrived at the restaurant.

Even though it's so close, they arranged it for us, so I shouldn't complain.

"Welcome. I'm Mikudo, and I'll be in charge of today's cuisine... I'll provide you with the finest dishes, so please enjoy," Mikudo greeted.

"Thank you."

"Serena-sama, Mikudo-shi's dishes are renowned as the best in the world... Please savor them," Bishop praised.

Now it's Pope Romani grandpa... But why are the three so surprised?

"""Pope Romani-sama!"""

"Um, why are you so surprised at Pope Romani grandpa?"

"Serena-sama, Pope Romani-sama is the most noble person in this world," Fleur explained.

"He's the most important person in the world," Rosalia added.

"That's right, he's the most important," Elsa affirmed.

Is it really such a big deal? I think Grandpa Bauer is probably the most important person in the world... Maybe followed by Mama Ishtas? Hmm, I don't really think he's that important.

"Hohoho, the most important person in the world is Serena-sama. You don't have to call me that anymore; you can call me Romani."


"Um, Pope Romani grandpa."

"Grandpa is a nice name... Oh, but I shouldn't interfere with your date any longer. I'll leave now, so please enjoy your meal," Pope Romani grandpa gracefully excused himself.

"That's right, Pope Romani grandpa. Thanks for helping with the date today. Mom and Dad said I should thank you if you ever helped, so I made this... It's not that great, but here..."

"A cape? It seems amazing, but what is it?" Pope Romani grandpa inquired.

"Well, I made it on the spot, so it's not that amazing... At best, it can deflect all of a human's highest-level magic three times and automatically casts Perfect Heal when you're about to die... Perfect Heal only works three times, though, so after the fourth time, it becomes just a cape that can block regular magic. Also, the cape won't tear, but it doesn't protect against physical attacks, so be careful."

"Could I appraise it?"

"Yeah, that's fine. You won't be able to see anything except the name and grade because it's dangerous."

"Okay, appraisal."

[Magic Cape, Legendary Grade]

"Ah, ah... Amazing! Thank you for this wonderful cape. I'll treasure it like a national treasure."

"It's not that great, so don't get so emotional. If it breaks, I'll make a new one for you. Just wear it normally."

"Thank you..."

By the way, why is he kneeling like that?

Well, I'm getting hungry, but is dinner not ready yet?

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