The Hero Took Everything from Me, So I Partied with the Hero's Mother! - C.282


The Pope's POV

"Are the preparations all set? How about the carriage?"

"We've prepared a special unicorn carriage!! It's white, a color favored by women, and since it's a carriage, even adult women will find it suitable! We've selected a female attendant from among the holy knights."

"Good… What about the dining location and accommodations?"

"Yes, we've arranged everything at the Imperial Hotel. We've brought in Chef Mikudo, the best chef among our followers, and gathered the finest ingredients. The menu is chosen from the royal family's ceremonial meals. We've called upon members of the Central Church Orchestra from the Holy Church Nation and nearby areas. We're also gathering renowned musicians for a concert. Additionally, top-tier actors and actresses will perform a play centered around Hero-sama."

"Very well, I trust in your efforts… And what about Kohane?"

"We'll use the Holy Church Nation's sky dragon airship for transportation! Of course, it bears the emblem of the Holy Church Nation. Over there, we won't use the castle this time. Instead, we'll use the hotel favored by Divine Dragon Ceres-sama and Hero Zect-sama. The facility even has a hot spring pool and remains the best in Kohane… Of course, we've prepared the finest crab and magro (Cappon magro) dishes, focusing on seafood for the hospitality. We're also arranging a cruise using large ships, something that wasn't available back then."

"That sounds good… Is everything alright? We were born for this moment… Let's do our best."

""""""""""Yes, of course!""""""""""

It seems like the preparations are coming together.

* * *

"Pope, is Serena-sama truly Hero-sama? He denies it himself…"

"At the very least, I believe he is Hero-sama… but there's a possibility of an existence greater than that! Beside Hero-sama's 'Wings of Light', only the 'Chosen Saint' can use the 'Perfect Heal.' The last Hero, Zect-sama, couldn't use the Perfect Heal. From that, we can consider the possibility of an 'existence beyond Hero-sama.'"

"An existence beyond Hero-sama?"

"One who left the human realm, married the Goddess, and ascended to the heavens—Ceres-sama, the Hero and Divine Dragon. Although it's impious to think so, if we consider the marriage… well, it's likely an overthinking, as Goddess Ishtas is a virgin goddess. However, Ceres-sama took another wife with him to the heavens… Now, how does that thought sit with you?"

"What do you mean?"

"Ceres-sama and Serena-sama, both possess the abilities of Hero-sama and Serena-sama possess the abilities of Saint. There's a possibility that Serena-sama could be a descendant of Ceres-sama! Do you follow? So, Serena-sama is at least Hero-sama, and perhaps an existence beyond that."

"A child of the gods… is that what you're suggesting?"

"I can't be certain, but we must never delve into that… Even if you notice, act as if you don't… It's Serena-sama's wish."


Serena-sama… he's likely an entity worthy of worship, undoubtedly.

* * *

Serena's POV

It's been an hour since the promised time, so I came to the church. There were so many people gathered.

"It's an amazing turnout."

"Yes, we needed a lot of people to help with the preparations, so please leave the date to me, Pope Romani. We've prepared the best location! If you could address everyone once it's ready, they'd be delighted."

Come to think of it, Zect-oniichan mentioned something.

'I'm the rightful successor of Hero Zect!'

But saying that doesn't seem quite right, especially since I'm not exactly 'Hero' and claiming to be the 'rightful successor of Zect' doesn't feel tasteful.


"Serena-sama, is that sword… could it be?"

"It's called the Holy Sword Deorf."

"The Holy Sword Deorf… isn't that Hero Zect-sama's beloved sword, the lost holy sword? Oh, aaahhh!"

What kind of words should I use to address this?

"Hey, what kind of words should I use to address this?"

"If you could draw and raise that sword… ah, that would be more than enough. Really, just that would suffice… I'd be content with just that."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes… ugh."

I don't really understand why they're crying, but since they've gone to the trouble of preparing for the date, I should do this much.

As I drew Deorf, it began to shine brightly.

"Now, here, Hero-sama and the holy sword have converged… see it! This shining, radiant sword… the scene our great-grandfather and grandfather wished for, the sight they never got to witness, is here now!"

"The beginning of a legenddd..!"

"Our centuries-long aspiration, aspirationnn...!"

"Hurrah for Serena-samaaa...!"

"Well, um…"

"From now on, I won't inconvenience you as much as before… first, I'll assist in making the Promise date perfect… Tomorrow, I'll send a messenger to the inn! I promise to create the best memories for this Promise."

"Thank you."

Dates really seem quite challenging…

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