The Hero Took Everything from Me, So I Partied with the Hero's Mother! - C.279


Serena's POV

What should I do for a date?

Hmm, I'm puzzled.

I've never been on a date before.

In general, I've only spent time with my family before coming to this world.

What should I do?

I came to the nearby church to seek advice.

It's time to turn to 'Mama Ishtas' when in trouble.

"Aren't you Serena-sama?"

"Indeed, I am Serena, but... would you mind if I prayed?"

"Of course, it's fine! Serena-sama, but after the prayer, would it be alright if I took a little of your time?"

"It's not a problem... Is something wrong?"

"No, umm, for now, please pray calmly."

Why is the priest nervous when looking at my face...

Well, there's no ill intent, and I actually sense goodwill, so I guess it's fine.

* * *

As soon as I prayed, a divine revelation came from Mama Ishtas through the goddess statue.

"Serena, it's been a while... Is something troubling you? I am your mother, but also a goddess! Please refrain from seeking advice..."

"Um, about dating, how should I go about it?"

"Dating... I don't understand such things!"

Mama Ishtas is a goddess, so she should know everything...

But why is that...

"Um, Mama Ishtas is a goddess, so..."

"Since Serena is my son, you should know more about me! I am a virgin goddess! Therefore, embarrassing as it is, I have only been with your father, Ceres, and while we are married, the circumstances are a bit different..."

"Then, what about the other mamas..."

"Serena, unfortunately... Marianne and the others are royalty, so they have less freedom. Shizuko and the others are remarriages with Ceres, making them special cases... They enjoyed dating freely only after marriage... I don't think asking them will provide useful insights!"

"I see..."

"Even if you ask Ceres, I believe the situation wouldn't be much different from yours now..."

That's right... it makes sense.

Shizuko mom and Haruka mom have known Dad since childhood.


"Listen well, Serena! If you like someone, think about how you can genuinely make them happy and act accordingly! The answer lies in enjoying everyday life... I believe that's where the solution is."

"Yeah, I'll give it my best shot."

"That's right... do your best."

Certainly, mamas and mothers seem to be uncomfortable with such discussions.

Come to think of it, Zect-oniichan seems popular... maybe I should ask for advice...

* * *

Earlier Priest's POV

'After all, isn't he Hero-sama? It looks like he's talking to the goddess statue.'

'I don't see it that way, but...'

'Closing his eyes, praying for such a long time... that's a state of conversation. Most likely, a divine revelation is descending upon Serena-sama.'

'Ah, even in his praying posture, he looks divine... Serena-sama truly is a Hero (Yuusha).'

I thanked Goddess Ishtas for allowing me to witness this moment.

* * *

Serena's POV

"Have you finished praying?"

Why are there so many priests here?

And this uncle's attire looks incredibly extravagant.

"Um, who is this uncle?"

"Hohoho, I'm Romani! And I have a favor to ask it's the plea of an old man with limited time left... would you show us that 'Wings of Light'?"

""""""""""We want Wings of Light too!""""""""""

He and the other priests says with an amazing expression on his face.

"Well, it's not like it's going to deplete or anything, so I don't mind..."

""""""""""Thank you, thank you very much""""""""""

As it is, I was led to the back of the church by the old men.

"Now, please, show us the Wings of Light to your heart's content!"

However, this old man named Romani is quite energetic.

Why is this technique so popular?

Well, whatever.

"Well then, I'll do it, but I might end up breaking walls or something."

"It's fine."

"Yes... here I go! This is the ultimate technique that only the Hero can use! Wings of Light!"

A bird of light appears at the tip of the sword... and flies into the wall.

Even though I held back considerably, the wall and the building beyond it were still pulverized.


I hope I won't get scolded for this...


"No, I... I'm not a Hero, though."

"Why are you lying? You said, 'This is the ultimate technique that only the Hero can use,' didn't you?"

I messed up... I unintentionally imitated Zect-oniichan's voice.

"Well, that's just a catchphrase... please don't pay it any mind."

"That's a lie! Only a Hero can use the Wings of Light!"

"Ugh, but really, I'm not a Hero !"

"Then why can you unleash the Wings of Light..."

"Well, that is..."

"People of Everyone, aren't you being a bit much! You're causing trouble for Serena-sama!"


"Serena-sama, I apologize for the trouble! I'm sorry for detaining you! As you can see, I, Pope Romani, bow my head! I'll have a stern talk with these peoples! But if you wouldn't mind, could we have a little chat?"

"Um... I'm in a hurry."

"I'm sorry about that... well, please, go ahead!"

"Is it alright for me to leave?"

"Yes, the church is according to Serena-sama's tastes! If you have any troubles, feel free to come to the church anytime! Of course, Serena-sama's will is our top priority... please."

"Thank you."

I thanked them and left the church.

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