The Hero Took Everything from Me, So I Partied with the Hero's Mother! - C.264


"What on earth happened to me?"

"Yeah, looks like it went well! Appraisal!"

Name: Rosalia

LV: ※※ (Beyond the human category)

Race: Dragonewt Subspecies - Degraded (Half-human, half-dragon)

As a degraded form, unable to become a dragon.

Lacks half the power of a true dragon.

※Possesses a subtle trace of goddess' blood, excellent for healing.

HP: ※※※※ (Beyond the human category)

MP: ※※※※ (Beyond the human category)

Blessing: High-Rank Dragon (Noble class) Blessing

Note: ※※ is still undergoing changes, so it's unstable for now.

It should settle down after a while.

For now, I can relax.

* * *

"Serena-sama, what on earth happened? My body seems completely renewed... No blemishes, and I look much younger even though my appearance hasn't changed."

"It's the effect of a potion. Lifespan extends to around 600 years, most illnesses and injuries heal naturally, appearance remains fixed until the end of life, can move for about a month without rest, increased vigor... something like that."

"That's incredible!"

"You're not surprised?"

"I'm genuinely amazed. However, at this point, it seems futile to consider it in terms of common sense. I've abandoned common sense."

"Is that so? Is it really that absurd?"

That's natural. Just the fact that I was saved from the Underworld with only my brain and soul is unbelievable. The administrator of the Underworld is said to be a force not even the goddess Ishtas can match. It's inconceivable to think that Serena-sama could bring back just one person without any objections.

And to top it all off, this! His name is 'Serena.'

It's one letter different from the legendary hero, Ceres-sama (Seres-sama).

He must be a member of the 'Hero Clan,' not some impostor but someone who possesses the 'power of dragons and has repeatedly saved the world' like Ceres-sama.

That's probably why he was able to freely travel to the Underworld.

Even the Last Saint, Maria, couldn't use Perfect Heal...

But I heard that Ceres-sama's wife, the saint Cecilia-sama, could use it.

At this point, it's easy to imagine.

Without a doubt, he's someone who carries the blood of Ceres-sama, someone who carries the blood of the 'hero.' Most likely from the lineage of Ceres-sama and Cecilia-sama.

No, there's no doubt about it.

"It's amazing rather than absurd... There's nothing but respect beyond liking... I will dedicate my body and soul to you."

"That's too much..."

"But I truly admire you... It's not an exaggeration, you know?"

With this, there's no woman who won't fall for him. But I still don't understand why he's so modest.


"You don't dislike me, right—Ouch... Why are stones flying at me?"

"Once again, you're trying to tempt Serena-sama, and Serena-sama is troubled."

Seriously, Fleur is truly a nuisance even though this is the time.

"Oh, no, that's not true, Serena-sama—Ouch, rather those barbaric people can't match my charm."

"Are you calling me barbaric...? Barbaric is the word for someone like Elsa."

"Hey, Fleur, what you just said is unforgivable."

"Elsa, you should be wary of Rosalia, who is embracing Serena-sama more than I am."

"Ah, that's right... Let go of Serena-sama."

"What are you saying, you two? It's only natural for two people in love to stick together."


However, both Fleur and Elsa have the faces of maidens...

It's quite interesting that Rosalia can make fun of them so easily, though her words of love are not false...

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