The Beginning: Simulating the Apocalypse - C.52


Chapter 52: Are the ancient overlords Just Pawns?

Continuing to watch with a nervous mindset.

In the video, due to Jiang Yi’s obstruction of human missile launches, the entire sacrificial ritual proceeded smoothly. And the successful result of the ritual was…

It attracted the ancient overlord of yore, the chaotic evil god, and the eternal master of R’lyeh!

He did not personally descend, only casting a glance that carried unparalleled majestic power. With just one glance, he corrupted and twisted the entire Blue Star into an unsightly state that could not be directly viewed.

The void sang praises, praising that indescribable existence.

Praising the great ancient overlord, bringing gospel to another life-bearing planet.

All the flora and fauna on Blue Star turned into the most fanatical evil beings, rejoicing, fighting, and singing, becoming the most fervent followers of the ancient overlord.

Even offspring of the evil gods tore through space to come, personally sheltering this weak planet that had been observed by the father god.

The powerful extraterrestrial civilization capable of colonizing humans appeared so weak before the offspring of the evil god, being annihilated across countless light-years.

Reduced to eternal dust in the cosmos.

“He sleeps in the eternal depths of the sea, a mystery without end… awaiting the trajectories of the stars, awakening that indescribable strangeness… R’lyeh…”

In the video, all the evil beings sang together with piercing prayers.

But strangely, these prayers seemed to have been deliberately blocked, making it impossible to hear the complete sentences, instantly reducing the video’s appeal.

But no one was angry about this. Un fact, they felt suddenly relaxed.

In some public places where people gathered to watch the new videos, they glanced at each other, clearly seeing the fear hidden in each other’s eyes.

The entire world’s internet erupted into chaos because of the appearance of the ancient overlord.

“Oh my god, I’ve thought that evil god is awesome, but I never imagined they were so awesome! It completely refreshed my worldview. Just with one glance, they corrupted the entire Blue Star and all its flora and fauna into their minions!”

“This is too powerful! Humans have no way to compete with such beings! Even if technology explodes several times, it’s impossible to fight against such a BUG-level evil god!”

“Indeed, the offspring of the evil god can traverse the entire solar system and annihilate it before the alien spaceship reacts. It’s hard to imagine how powerful and immense the true form of the ancient overlords, the source of all evil, would be.”

“No, haven’t you all noticed the key point?”

A netizen’s comment suddenly appeared, followed by several more sentences, instantly attracting everyone’s attention.

“You see, the observer appeared in the video. From the performance of the evil god in the video, he didn’t even notice the presence of the observer. It can even be said that his appearance was caused by the observer. This means that the observer is at least on the same level as the ancient overlord, and perhaps even higher.”

“If we dare to assume more boldly…”

At this point, the speaking netizen seemed a bit hesitant. After a while, he finally posted the rest of his comment.

“If we dare to assume more boldly, perhaps, in the eyes of the observer, even the ancient overlord is just slightly stronger observed objects.”


Absolute silence.

After seeing this sentence, many viewers who were typing to comment subconsciously fell into endless speculation.

To be honest, this idea was too bold, but it made so much sense, making people feel terrified upon careful consideration.

If even such terrifying ancient overlord was just one of the observed objects under the observer, then… what level of status and power would the observer himself possess?

No one dared to continue thinking further. They were afraid that the more they thought, the more fearful they would become.

Because judging from the interest of that crown in humanity, no matter how many years or centuries passed, humans could only be one of its pawns.

With no hope of escape.

“Actually, you don’t have to be so pessimistic. At least the observer isn’t as crazy as the ancient overlord. In the previous video segment, it should have actively blocked the prayers about the ancient overlord. Otherwise, the Blue Star in the real world would have been corrupted and twisted long ago.”

“And in the vast majority of video segments, the observer maintains goodwill toward humanity, and he has even said himself that he finds humans an interesting species and doesn’t want to see their extinction for the time being.”

Suddenly, two more comments were posted.

Although the words implied that humans were pawns under the observer, no one felt it was wrong. Instead, they felt it was indeed the case, subconsciously letting out a sigh of relief.

At the same time, in the high-level conference rooms of various governments, many officials looked at each other with bitter smiles.

Shaking their heads, they revealed bitter smiles.

Although they wanted to suppress these remarks on the internet to prevent the influence of the observer from spreading throughout Blue Star, they were sorry to say that they dared not do so.

Nowadays, what human governments could do in front of the observer was just to watch the videos on the viewer network and obtain as much information as possible to make plans to avoid risks as early as possible.

Now, two new videos had been watched.

It’s time to watch the third one.

Seeing the title “The Eternal Flame of Humanity,” all the viewers faintly felt that perhaps this video would be different from the first two.

In the face of extraterrestrial civilizations and ancient overlords, could humans really resist?

If they could resist, what kind of resistance would it be?

With inexplicable anticipation, people subconsciously clicked on the third video. What appeared before their eyes was the most famous building in the imperial capital of the Summer Country — Tianlong Pavilion.

Standing in Tianlong Pavilion was a familiar old man, looking out of the window at the space cracks.

And the observer stood behind the old man.

This familiar scene instantly invigorated the viewers.

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