The Beginning: Simulating the Apocalypse - C.41


Chapter 41: Devouring the Blood of the Ancient Overlord

【Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully exchanging 20 Devouring Behemoth Eggs, consuming a total of 200,000 simulation points.】

【Detected that the host has 24 surplus Devouring Behemoths. According to the host’s command, automatic fusion and blood purification are initiated… Drip, fusion successful, consuming a total of 120,000 simulation points.】

【The newly formed Devouring Behemoth Eggs have been automatically stored in the system, and the host can retrieve them at any time.】

After the prompt sound of the simulation system fell, Jiang Yi’s remaining simulation points of over 300,000 became very few.

“System, can the current Devouring Behemoths be able to devour the blood of the ancient god now?”

Jiang Yi’s mouth twitched slightly. If even this couldn’t meet the devouring standard, then he would really feel quite disheartened.

This was a total of three hundred thousand simulation points, accumulated from obtaining the system until now.

【Host, although the bloodline concentration of the Devouring Behemoths has not reached the level of pure blood, it can be considered infinitely close to pure blood. Devouring a drop of blood is within the range of its devouring ability.】

The system’s voice sounded again.

This eased Jiang Yi’s mood about the simulation points a lot.

“In that case, let’s start incubating the Devouring Behemoth.”

Jiang Yi said slowly, opening the panel of the simulation system, preparing to take the Devouring Behemoth Egg into the simulation world for incubation.

He had already inquired, and the Devouring Behemoth hatched after incubation could be brought back to the real world.

Because from the moment he obtained the Devouring Behemoth Egg, this egg no longer belonged to the simulation world but was exclusively owned by Jiang Yi, the master of simulation, as a personal item.

Just like him, it could shuttle between the real world and the simulation world.

“System, choose to load the initial file of the Evolutionary Frenzy timeline.”

【System: Archive loading successful, continue with the simulation.】

The next second, the scenery in front of Jiang Yi changed.

This was the world of the Evolutionary Frenzy, a parallel spacetime about to be hit by a meteor and covered and eroded by the evolutionary virus four months later.

“I hope that the Devouring Behemoth hatched this time can reach the level of strength I desire.”

Jiang Yi’s lips curled slightly upward. Choosing the time point when the meteor was about to arrive in the Evolutionary Frenzy world was not just about finding a quiet place for the Devouring Behemoth to hatch.

More importantly, Jiang Yi wanted to see if the Devouring Behemoth, after absorbing the blood of the ancient god, could reach the level of power of a meteorbreaked after hatching.

Therefore, the super-large meteor in the world of the Evolutionary Frenzy became the best test target for strength.

If the Devouring Behemoth could shatter the meteor, then this incubation could be considered perfect.


The next moment, Jiang Yi’s figure disappeared from Blue Star.

When he reappeared, he was walking in the universe, completely ignoring factors such as oxygen and gravity.

In the vast and dark deep space of the universe, there were a few spots of light dotted by stars.

“Well, this place is spacious enough to be used as a hatching place for the Devouring Behemoth.”

Jiang Yi nodded in satisfaction.

The reason he didn’t incubate on Blue Star wasn’t because he was worried about affecting the humans in this simulation world. It was simply because, as a hatching place for the Devouring Behemoth, the size of Blue Star was far from enough.

With a palm forward, he grabbed a giant egg from the void of the system space.

The giant egg was overall a reddish-gold color, with intricate and mysterious patterns flowing on the eggshell. As if branded with the ultimate truth of the universe, it constantly devoured everything around it.

Even the radioactive rays in space were greedily absorbed by the eggshell of the Devouring Behemoth Egg.

“It’s worthy of being a Devouring Behemoth with a high bloodline purity. It’s already so ferocious before hatching.”

Jiang Yi raised his eyebrows. Goodness, it was as fierce as a conventional planetary-level creature even before birth, ignoring the survival issues of the cosmic environment.

It was hard to imagine what kind of terrifying existence it would become after hatching.

“Let me witness how much you can devour.”

Jiang Yi’s palm continued to grab things out of the void. One after another, feeding them to the noble and extremely greedy giant egg.

The heart of the Five-Clawed Jiao Dragon, the corpse of the Deep Diver, the thousand-eyed skull of the Thousand-Eyed Raven, the rotten dragon corpse of the Demonized Dragon…

Finally, it was a drop of pure blood from the Ancient Overlord.

As soon as this drop of blood of the ancient god appeared, it distorted the surrounding space of the universe, faintly corroding this region with its powerful pollution, and the Eye of the Root was about to bloom in the void.

However, before that, the blood was completely absorbed and devoured by the eagerly greedy Devouring Behemoth Egg.

Extremely straightforward and decisive.

Greed was its best synonym.

“It seems that even the Devouring Behemoth, which devours everything, cannot truly digest the blood of the ancient god in an instant,” Jiang Yi smiled.

From the current perspective, the performance of the Devouring Behemoth Egg was perfect.

Not only did it successfully devour various materials prepared, but it could also directly swallow the blood of the Ancient Overlord, although the digestion speed was not as fast as before.

It was hard to imagine what kind of terrifying existence the Devouring Behemoth Egg, which had absorbed genes from so many powerful species and a drop of blood from a true ancient god, would eventually hatch into.

【While the host patiently waits, incredible changes are occurring inside the Devouring Behemoth Egg.】

【The genes of the most greedy species in the universe, the Devouring Behemoth itself, have begun to greedily devour various foods fed by the host, absorbing their strengths and advantages, replicating useful abilities, and imprinting them deep into the genetic fragments. It further optimized its own genetic segments.】

【Even the blood from the ancient god, in the face of this greedy and endless devouring, can only persist for a short time. Eventually, all of the blood will be completely digested by the genes of the Devouring Behemoth, analyzing and replicating many useful genetic fragments, and elevating the life level of the Devouring Behemoth to another level.】

【Finally, it is born.】

Crack! Crack!

In the deep space of the universe, the reddish-gold giant egg kept expanding and cracking.

Terrifying yet magnificent, noble yet twisted aura emerged from the cracks, filling every corner of the solar system.

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