The Beginning: Simulating the Apocalypse - C.35


Chapter 35: The Hidden Hand Behind the World

“Speaking of which, there should be some movement from the official side, right?”

Jiang Yi glanced at the time on his phone, pondering inwardly.

It had been only a few hours since the virus was spread, but for the various countries of Blue Star now, it was enough for them to discover and collect samples of the virus.

In some areas where the virus concentration was heavier, true beasts might even emerge.

“Hmm, it’s really intriguing. What will the future of Blue Star be like?”

Jiang Yi’s eyes gazed into the distance, from this villa in the optimal geographical location of Jang Province, overlooking the many people bustling below like ants.

Compared to before, they seemed unchanged.

But there seemed to be a slight difference.

There were no longer any foreign advertisements on the billboards along the streets because two days ago, the Ministry of Education had announced the removal of the foreign language as an exam subject.

Now, all students had to practice the basic warrior’s body-forging technique.

If they showed extraordinary talent in body-forging, they might even be secretly recruited by the state, becoming the envy of their neighbors with a “secure job”.

“Next, all we need to do is wait for the cooldown time of the simulation.”

Jiang Yi returned to the house and spent the spare time on cultivation.

Meanwhile, in the Tianlong Pavilion, the highest authority of Summer Country…

The old man looked serious after watching the new video, half reclining in his chair, lightly tapping the table with his fingers, lost in thought.

“It seems that our understanding of the observer is still not clear… No, His Majesty has never said that. It’s just our unilateral assumption that He is friendly to humans.”

Recalling the newly watched video segment, the old man couldn’t help but sigh.

Humans were still too small. In the face of such a lofty and mysterious great existence, they were completely powerless, unable even to express their thoughts.

The continuation or extinction of the human race was meaningless in the eyes of the observer, merely two different branches of the future.

The only thing to be grateful for was that, to the observer, humans were still somewhat interesting.

Thinking of this, the old man couldn’t help but squint.

“What exactly about humans caught the attention of the observers hidden above the infinite dimensions?

“The chaos of human nature? The diversity of emotions? Or…” The old man’s voice paused, a fearful expression on his face, “just wanting to see how far these ants-like humans can go.”

This speculation was bold, but the old man found it very possible.

For the mysterious and unpredictable observers, as great as they were, there was simply no reason to protect the human race and its future. What they enjoyed was merely observing the changes of the Blue Star humans from above the world.

Whether playing with fire or making noble sacrifices and evolving, the observer was like a chess player, manipulating humans as pieces, making either good or bad moves to gain enjoyment in the eternal life.


The more the old man thought about it, the more shocked he became, feeling like his worldview was completely collapsing.

In the end, it all turned into a helpless sigh.

Regardless of whether the observers were good or bad, humans were just one of the many pieces in their hands, and unfortunately, the current humans of Blue Star had no way to escape from the chessboard.

“We can only adapt as the situation changes,” the old man said with a bitter smile.

Fortunately, in the real world, there was the viewer network left by the observer, which allowed people in the real world to know about various crises in advance.

With that said, even if danger truly arrived, the human side wouldn’t be too passive.

Ding ding ding! Ding ding ding!

Just as the old man was about to close his eyes and rest, an urgent phone call suddenly rang out.

Frowning, the old man answered the phone, patiently waiting for the report on the other end, then his eyes widened suddenly.

“What did you say? Suspicious signs of meteorite virus detected? And Huang also said he had a reaction?”

At the moment he received the news, the old man immediately issued orders to the military to blockade all mountains and forests and close all domestic scenic spots.

There was no discussion, just direct deployment of troops to block.

Quite decisive.

Soon, the first batch of collected plants and animals were transported to the top biological research institute in Summer Country and collectively dissected and studied.

Not only Summer Country, but within just an hour, countries all over the world took action one after another.

Some sent out troops to shoot wild animals, while others suddenly conducted mass killings of stray cats and dogs. Of course, the most important thing was to set up specialized research institutes for studying genetic drugs.

No matter which country, they were all extremely enthusiastic about the warriors shown on the viewer network.

Who wouldn’t want to become omnipotent, capable of anything?

In order to win over Huang, the current genius, countries around the world even sent out a large number of spies, exposing undercover agents who had been buried for a long time, just to lure the young Huang away from Summer Country.

Of course, the old man would never allow such a thing to happen and directly ordered to satisfy all of Huang’s demands.

He even immediately allocated one hundred million in funds to renovate the orphanage where Huang used to live, just to stabilize the heart of this young genius.

For a moment, the whole world was in turmoil.

Even though the authorities didn’t disclose any information, the people still sensed the hidden currents beneath the calm surface.

“I swear! Why did my husky suddenly double in size when I woke up? The house is almost falling apart!”

“Hey, is it the same for you guys? I suddenly feel that the chickens and ducks I raise at home have grown much bigger, and my body has suddenly become stronger. My back doesn’t ache anymore, and I feel like I’ve changed into a different person.”

“Hey, do you think the meteorite virus has already arrived? But the meteorite hasn’t landed yet, where did this virus come from?”

“I say, are you guys dumb? Who said that when the virus arrives on Blue Star, it must come with the meteorite!?”

One word awakens the dreamer.

This sentence instantly gained the approval of countless netizens.

For a while, countless netizens felt excited yet confused.

After living an easy life in the real world for so long, the pace of life was suddenly disrupted. The question, however, was whether this was good or bad…

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