The Beginning: Simulating the Apocalypse - C.31 - The Invasion of the Evil God, Humanity’s Self-Salvation

The Beginning: Simulating the Apocalypse

C.31 - The Invasion of the Evil God, Humanity’s Self-Salvation

Chapter 31: The Invasion of the Evil God, Humanity’s Self-Salvation

When the tanks entered the city via the highway, all the soldiers felt the scene before them was extremely strange.

The metropolis, with tens of millions of people, was so silent, so quiet, and a faint smell of blood pervaded the air.

The next moment, the fish-headed monsters surging out from the streets and alleys completely shattered the surface peace.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Shouting loudly in an unknown language, the fish people, or rather, the deep divers, wielded various sharp fish spears or strange items and crazily rushed towards the soldiers, looking incredibly ferocious and terrifying.

Some of the deep divers still had remnants of human clothing on them, as if proving something.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

“Fire!! Fire!!”

“Everyone, take cover behind the tanks!!”

Although they encountered an unexpected ambush, the elite soldiers quickly reacted, taking cover behind the tanks and shooting at the deep divers with firearms.

For a while, the economic capital was filled with the thunderous roar of guns and tanks.

Explosions were continuous.

“If it’s just this, it’s far from enough,” Jiang Yi, who was watching from the sidelines, shook his head.

If the invasion of the evil god was just the arrival of some deep divers, it wouldn’t count as an invasion of the evil god. There must be more terrifying beings behind them.

【The host’s speculation has been confirmed. A large number of bizarre evil creatures poured out from both sides of the corridor, some with multiple sharp limbs, some with bizarre eyeballs all over their bodies, appearing in front of the army in various twisted monster forms.】

【The firearms that can effectively kill deep divers completely lost their meaning in front of these monsters. Even the ground they stood on suddenly sprouted tentacles tens of meters high, violently flipping tanks and shooting down armed helicopters in the air.】

【The failure of the city infiltration operation and the sudden emergence of countless monsters within the city caused a sensation outside. Everyone was terrified of the sudden appearance of monsters in the economic capital. In order to understand the situation of the economic capital better, the human side began to analyze the identities of the followers of the evil god. It was discovered that when the spatial rift appeared a year ago, the followers of the evil god suddenly appeared and began a year-long plan.】

【While humans feared the existence of monsters in the city and deployed troops to surround the entire economic capital to prevent the sudden emergence of monsters, when everyone was wondering why the monsters were staying inside the city, a scholar who studied ancient celestial phenomena said that two days later was the so-called “day of the stars returning to their positions,” which was recorded in ancient scriptures as the day of resurrection. If the evil creatures were allowed to sacrifice on that day, something very bad might happen.】

Jiang Yi nodded slightly. “It seems that there are also intelligent people on the human side who know how to search for information. If the evil creatures are allowed to sacrifice on the day of the stars’ return, this planet will be completely doomed.”

However, knowing and daring to order the bombing of the economic capital was another issue altogether.

After all, no one could guarantee whether the over ten million people in the city were all dead.

Ordering the launch of missiles to send all the monsters to the west was certainly a perfect solution, but who would bear the consequences?

Is it His Excellency the President? Or the director of the agency? Or the person who personally pressed the launch button?

Jiang Yi waved his hand, and the world in front of him split into two screens. One screen displayed the situation inside the economic capital, while the other screen showed the strategic command center of the Angel Country.

“The time left for the human side is running out.” Jiang Yi’s voice echoed softly.

In his field of vision, the malicious intent of the evil gods in the economic capital became more and more apparent, with prayers of the followers of the evil gods filling everywhere, and twisted malice everywhere.

By the time the day of the stars’ arrival came, the sacrificial formation covering the entire city would be activated directly, offering the blood and flesh of the entire city to the ancient ruler, drawing His attention to this world.

While the followers of the evil god were desperately calling for their god, humans were still debating and discussing whether to conduct saturation bombing.

【As the host sighed at the contradiction of human nature, another day and a half passed in the simulation. The overall situation of the economic capital was covered with a thick smell of sea, and there were monstrous creatures swimming everywhere.】

【Even the most foolish person could see that if there was no immediate attack, even if the evil god did not descend, Blue Star would suffer an unprecedented crisis, which might likely affect the entire human race. Faced with their own future and the life and death of the entire Blue Star, finally, someone stepped forward, assuming the responsibility of pressing the launch button.】

【He was a military general who had previously been in charge of attacking the economic capital. Due to the complete annihilation of the army by the monsters, his situation became extremely awkward. With his reputation tarnished, he no longer cared about his own reputation and resolutely stood up.】

The system’s narration abruptly stopped.

In the scene, the general in military uniform took a deep breath as if he had made up his mind, and finally resolutely pressed the missile launch button.

“Is this the spirit of Angel Country?” Jiang Yi raised an eyebrow.

It had to be said that the scene before him did have a bit of the atmosphere of a blockbuster film.

This general, as the protagonist, was inexplicably chosen to attack a sealed city due to bad luck.

When everyone disliked him for being defeated by the monsters, he finally stood up again to become the hero who saved humanity.

To be honest, it was quite cliché and ridiculous.

But this was indeed something that happened in reality, not actors and scripts.

【In the development process of humanity on Blue Star, there have been many events that have caused significant damage to the population due to stupidity. Fortunately, this time the decision of humanity was not too late.】

【When the followers of the evil gods gathered and were preparing for the sacrificial ceremony, they suddenly found that many lights appeared in the sky above their heads. These were barrages formed by missiles, tearing through countless crisscrossing traces in the sky and heading straight for the position of the economic capital.】

Accompanied by the voice of the system, Jiang Yi appeared inside the economic capital, moving among numerous followers of the evil gods.

Even these monsters with strange powers couldn’t detect his presence.

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