The Beginning: Simulating the Apocalypse - C.26 - Global Sensation Caused by the Viewer Network

The Beginning: Simulating the Apocalypse

C.26 - Global Sensation Caused by the Viewer Network

Chapter 26: Global Sensation Caused by the Viewer Network

Just when all the viewers thought Huang was about to die and humanity was on the brink of extinction, a miracle happened. Golden blood, as deep as a abyss, soared into the sky from Huang’s body, igniting fiercely and almost overwhelming the entire sky. Merely looking at the blazing figure, all the human viewers felt their souls trembling. That was an extraordinary being, sharing the same origin as humans but exalted countless times.

Surpassing all conventional humans!

“With dragon blood… I offer the million heroes of Great Summer Country!”

In the scene, Huang spoke with extreme indifference, clenched his fist, and struck fiercely towards the Five-Clawed Jiao Dragon before him.


In an instant, it seemed as if half of Blue Star was covered by a violent roar, and the terrifying shockwave pierced through, separating land and sea. With just one punch, a part of the body of the Five-Clawed Jiao Dragon was directly shattered. Then, with a terrifyingly bloody and ferocious attitude, Huang tore the Five-Clawed Jiao Dragon apart alive, letting his entire body be bathed in dragon blood, as if he were a demon emerging from the abyss of the Nine Hells.

That extraordinary aura, surpassing all living beings, swept across the entire Blue Star like a storm, intimidating all species except humans. Heaven and earth, I reign supreme.

This was the best portrayal of the current scene.

“This!!!!!!” All the viewers watching this archived video couldn’t help but exclaim in excitement, their faces showing extreme enthusiasm. Different from beasts or mythical gods that only existed in legends, this was a “god” that truly existed in another parallel dimension, achieved by humanity themselves!

In the absence of any information from Jiang Yi, almost all viewers subconsciously felt that Huang, who could fly through the air, had entered the ranks of the legendary gods.

In fact, there was nothing inappropriate about calling transcendent beings “gods” for ordinary human beings. After all, for ordinary humans at the genetic level, a planet-level warrior who could move mountains and fill oceans was indeed akin to an omnipotent god.

When the enthusiastic emotions of the viewers gradually returned to normal, the story in the video segment also reached its end. Exactly one hundred years after the beginning of the apocalypse, alien spacecraft carrying the Devouring Behemoth egg quietly appeared in the outer space around Blue Star.

“They’re here! They’re here!”

Everyone subconsciously held their breath and sat waiting for the next scene. Viewers who had seen “Era of Warriors” knew that the true threat to humanity had never been the beasts, but the alien spacecraft acting as the mastermind behind the scenes.

If they couldn’t defeat the Devouring Behemoth released by the alien spacecraft, then even if they defeated the Five-Clawed Jiao Dragon, humanity’s side couldn’t be considered victorious.

The plot shifted. Useless content was skipped.

When they saw Huang slay the Devouring Behemoth egg with a single slash, everyone subconsciously breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that the video content would end here, and humanity would continue to thrive on Blue Star.

Only a few people noticed that there was still over a minute left on the progress bar. Before they could start to wonder, Huang in the video suddenly made a move.

They saw Huang look up at the azure sky, his eyes as deep as the depths of the universe seeming to see through everything, fixed on the spacecraft in space. The next second, his entire body broke free from the shackles of gravity and flew through the air.


Watching Huang’s figure break through the atmosphere in an instant and descend not far from the alien spacecraft, slowly raising the brand new battle sword in his hand, the heads of all the viewers buzzed.

This couldn’t be happening, could it?

After slaying the devouring behemoth wasn’t enough, did he really have to fly into outer space and slash the alien spacecraft??

Sure enough, in the following scene, Huang unleashed an unparalleled slash, which pierced straight through the outer armor of the alien spacecraft, causing it to be heavily damaged and destroyed.

This astonishing scene made all the viewers watching break out in goosebumps, feeling a surge of blood rushing, turning their entire heads red.

Their hearts subconsciously pounded, and they felt as if they had just finished running a five-kilometer race, collapsing on their computer chairs, gasping for air.

“Wow! What kind of godly power is this!”

“If there were warriors in the real world, I’d quit my job on the spot and learn. This is so freaking cool! Master Ma wasn’t lying to me. There really is martial arts in this world!”

“Huang is awesome! Blue Star is awesome!”

All the joy erupted in an instant, and many online viewers couldn’t help but shout loudly when they saw Huang split the spaceship with a single slash.

Whether in government institutions, university dormitories, or roadside stalls, you could hear the shouts of “Huang is awesome,” leaving bewildered passersby wondering what was going on.

Unintentionally, a wave of awareness about the existence of the Viewer Network was spread.

Jiang Yi, who had been silently observing the entire time, naturally knew about the sensation caused by this new archived data, and he could understand why the viewers were so excited.

It was too difficult. It was extremely difficult for humans in the world of the Evolutionary Frenzy to deduce.

First, they were killed by meteorites thrown by aliens, then chased and intercepted by countless ferocious beasts, and finally, they had to face a devouring behemoth.

Under these multiple trials, Huang was able to break free from his genetic constraints and successfully eliminate the mastermind behind the scenes.

It could be said to be quite extraordinary.

“It seems that this time I don’t need to actively spread the existence of the Viewer Network.”

In his rented room, Jiang Yi’s gaze seemed to encompass the entire world, seeing countless events unfolding.

As time passed, many people had already taken the initiative to share the video clips of the Viewer Network, as well as the network itself, freely exchanging them on various social platforms.

It could be foreseen that if the national government did not intervene, the existence of the Viewer Network would only become more and more popular.

“So, what will you do…

“Will you silently wait, prepare for the arrival of the apocalypse, or… blindly block the news and keep the people ignorant?”

Under the illumination of the room’s lights, Jiang Yi’s eyes were deep, as if they contained endless mystery and the unknown.

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