The Beginning: Simulating the Apocalypse - C.17 - World Dominance, Martial Forces

The Beginning: Simulating the Apocalypse

C.17 - World Dominance, Martial Forces

Chapter 17: World Dominance, Martial Forces

Soon, the first batch of newly evolved Summer Country ferocious beasts was harvested from all over the country. Even the flesh and blood of the Golden Winged Great Peng were collected and transported to the Biological Research Institute in the imperial capital of Summer Country.

Although there were riots of various sizes across the country due to the meteorite impact, they were quickly suppressed by the official power of Summer Country.

Any troublemakers were promptly killed on the spot.

It conveniently saved the country some food.

“Sure enough, no matter when, these kinds of people will never be in short supply,” Jiang Yi, observing the development of Summer Country, shook his head slightly.

If human nature were divided into good and bad, then Huang and that old man represented the good, while this group of criminals represented the bad.

Jiang Yi couldn’t really say he hated these people.

It’s just that their existence only hinders the world’s development, without any benefits whatsoever.

[While the host is pondering the nature of good and evil, the virus has quietly spread throughout the world, and all life forms have felt the agitation within them, evolving towards greater strength.]

[Due to the inability to withstand the effects of the evolutionary virus, many humans have turned into mindless zombies who only bite. For a time, the human population sharply decreased. Only Summer Country, due to the development of Gene Serum Type III, has produced a targeted vaccine in advance, preserving the majority of Summer Country’s population.]

[At the same time, after receiving the first batch of ferocious beast corpses for research, Summer Country’s Biological Research Institute quickly developed Gene Serum Type I and established full-scale production lines, allowing the army to reach the level of one martial artist per person in the shortest time possible.]

The system’s narration fell.

“So they’ve developed Gene Serum Type I so quickly,” Jiang Yi was slightly stunned, but then felt that it was only natural.

With Gene Serum Type III as a reference sample, plus the presence of Huang, the martial ancestor…

If Summer Country’s scientists couldn’t research it, that would be truly strange. After all, Gene Serum Type I was just the simplest version.

Soon, the Summer Country authorities announced the existence of the virus and martial artists, and declared the closure of all external channels. Only high-tech talents willing to join the nationality of Summer Country could enter.

This announcement was like a deep-water bomb, completely overturning the networks at home and abroad.

“Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!”

“If it weren’t for the birth of our great Summer Country, Blue Star would have been like eternal night. There are zombies everywhere outside the country, only Summer Country successfully developed a vaccine and martial artists to resist the attacks of ferocious beasts!”

“My god, how did the policies of Tianlong Pavilion come down so quickly. It’s like they knew about the meteorite impact in advance.”

“I wonder if our country knew about it long ago, so they suddenly issued those decrees a few months ago. That old man probably wants to unify the world.”

“Shh! No matter what, the country won’t harm you. Some things are best kept to yourself, don’t say them out loud for the foreigners to hear!”

The internet was buzzing with all kinds of conspiracy theories and debates.

But one thing was certain: Summer Country had known about the meteorite impact for a long time and had made many preparations accordingly.

Only countries like the United States and Bear Country remained clueless.

[With the popularization of Gene Serum Type I, the Summer Country army has fully adopted it. A martial arts force led by Huang himself emerged, guarding the sea entrance to prevent marine ferocious beasts and other countries.]

[The peaceful scene in Summer Country’s territory contrasts sharply with the dire situation in other countries on Blue Star. In order to obtain Summer Country’s virus vaccine and rescue a large number of zombies domestically, the United States even sent out an entire aircraft carrier battle group to intimidate Summer Country.]

[But two months later, when the US fleet approached Summer Country’s waters, a shocking blade light split the air and destroyed it!]

The scene changed, and Jiang Yi’s eyes were met with a vast ocean.

Enormous warships were breaking through the waves from a distance, their terrifying caliber cannons adjusting as if showing off their might. Moreover, countless fighter jets lingered on the deck, flaunting their iron fists to the world.



A chilling blade light, dominating the heavens and earth, slashed from the ancient land of the East. The moment everyone saw it, they felt that the world in their eyes was completely occupied.

The sea parted, the sky tore apart!

No matter what kind of steel ship body it was made of, it couldn’t withstand the power of this single slash, shattered and revealing the internal pipeline routes.

Just one slash severely damaged the carrier’s bow.

“The strength hasn’t fully recovered yet, as I didn’t directly sever the hull.”

At the entrance to the sea, Huang murmured to himself while holding his war blade, uttering terrifying words that made his subordinates sweat.

With a swift movement of his hand and blade, countless rays of light formed an impenetrable net, enveloping the entire aircraft carrier battle group.

The sound of breaking air roared like a thunderstorm, heralding the descent of terrifying myriad thunder penalties.

Triple Overlord Slash – Thunderous Weight!


Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Above the ocean, flames splattered, and explosions echoed one after another.

The massive steel aircraft carrier was continuously torn apart. In just an instant, it was shredded into fragmented steel blocks by the myriad blade lights, transforming into the most expensive fireworks in the world.

Jiang Yi raised an eyebrow, not particularly surprised by the outcome.

“Taking on an entire aircraft carrier battle group alone, hmm, quite interesting. After experiencing this, other countries probably won’t dare to make any other moves,” Jiang Yi said with an expression of keen interest.

Huang’s performance was simply astounding, making even Jiang Yi itch to try slicing a couple of aircraft carriers himself.

[While the host’s heart is itching to try, the time flow for deducing the world accelerates again. Except for Summer Country, other countries are being attacked by waves of evolved ferocious beasts.]

[A certain island nation is hit the hardest, being overwhelmed by the largest number of marine beasts, resulting in a population decrease to half of its original size.]

[Worldwide requests for Summer Country to open its defenses, allowing populations from other countries to seek refuge, are met with a strong rejection from Summer Country. Other countries have no choice but to fend for themselves.]

[One year later, all island nations are completely wiped out. Desperate mainland countries resort to launching nuclear warheads against the ferocious beasts in an extreme one-for-one exchange. However, before launching weapons, heads of states and talents from various countries were secretly taken away by Summer Country.]

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