The Beginning: Simulating the Apocalypse - C.15 - Nationwide Promotion! Martial Artist Training!

The Beginning: Simulating the Apocalypse

C.15 - Nationwide Promotion! Martial Artist Training!

Chapter 15: Nationwide Promotion! Martial Artist Training!

Under the assurance of Summer Country’s highest leader, Huang’s figure appeared for the first time in front of the senior officials of Summer Country. He demonstrated to everyone the extraordinary power possessed by martial artists, slicing tanks and planes with a single blow, and blasting an entire building with his bare hands.

Everyone was shocked by such a scene. Soon, under the command of that old man, Summer Country secretly established a martial artist army, with all information being highly encrypted and personally led by Huang.

Subsequently, dozens of emergency announcements were swiftly issued from the Tianlong Pavilion, drastically changing Summer Country’s current mainstream policies, with all unnecessary diplomacy being instantly interrupted.

All domestic construction projects were urgently halted, all basic materials from abroad were vigorously acquired, all food exports were stopped, and it was announced that martial arts training would be included as a compulsory subject for the college entrance examination, with all students, including college students, required to practice.

All outstanding talents abroad were immediately called back to the country, and those who did not return within a month would be stripped of their nationality!

The system’s voice continuously sounded, causing Jiang Yi to raise an eyebrow.

After joining Huang, the plot of the simulated world deviated greatly. Just this reform of the college entrance examination and the establishment of the martial artist army were unprecedented.

Except for the top officials of Summer Country itself, probably everyone else was in a state of confusion.

Jiang Yi opened the network of this simulated world. Sure enough, the internet was buzzing.

“Oh my, our great Summer Country is amazing! Directly confronting the Sakura Country, and blocking all foreign export resources!”

“Our motherland is awesome, directly confronting all foreign journalists head-on. That dominance makes me wet on the spot!”

“Why are you all discussing this? Isn’t anyone paying attention to the college entrance exam reform? My god, the martial artist training method was inexplicably added, and it has to be included as a main subject.”

“What the heck? Is the country promoting national martial arts now? Am I dreaming?”

“Damn, what’s going on? Why did the country suddenly come up with so many major policies? Could it be the revival of spiritual energy, the rise of mythology? Labor finally has a chance to transcend the mundane!”

The internet in Summer Country was extremely lively. Many ordinary people were very interested in Summer Country’s reforms, feeling confident that the country would arrange everything well for them in the future.

But there were also some discordant voices, feeling that Summer Country was isolating itself and going astray.

And then, a notice from the Ministry of Education further exacerbated these discussions.

“Starting today, the Ministry of Education will add martial arts classes as a main subject for the college entrance exam, while abolishing all foreign languagesh examinations!”

A concise and clear announcement caused an infinite storm nationwide. For a while, countless elite foreign languagesh educationists across the country turned pale, protesting through online platforms.

But this time, the official attitude of Summer Country was extremely strong: either comply or get out.

It was blunt and forceful, causing an uproar among the people.

“Adding martial arts classes? Abolishing foreign languagesh classes? No way, no way, could it really be the revival of spiritual energy? I just finished the foreign languagesh proficiency test, and I almost lost half of my life. Are you telling me this certificate is worthless now?”

“Darn it, if Labor didn’t need to take the foreign languagesh exam back then, Labor would also be from a prestigious university!”

“The Foreign Language Institute and the foreign languagesh Department are crying together. They haven’t even graduated yet, but they’re already unemployed.”

The internet in Summer Country was abuzz, and discussions on foreign websites were also heated, with many people jumping out to accuse Summer Country of discriminating against languages.

But the leaders of various countries detected a different kind of strange scent from this. It’s just that Summer Country’s secrecy measures were so good that no spies or agents could bring back useful information. Instead, many carefully prepared pawns were removed.

“Aren’t they planning to tell other countries?”

Jiang Yi, who was secretly observing, pondered.

He could understand the old man’s thoughts; there are only so many resources in the world. If other countries were to know about the impending doomsday, Summer Country would inevitably not be able to properly prepare the necessary supplies. A cunning and ruthless tactic! Those who didn’t return home in time would surely regret it when doomsday arrived. Because by then, Summer Country would be the only safe place in the world, but they would have already been automatically stripped of their citizenship and unable to return.

“Indeed, the decision to choose Huang as the breakthrough was correct. The development of the simulated world is becoming more and more interesting,” smiled Jiang Yi.

[As the host contemplated, time flew by rapidly, and soon it reached the time when the meteorite arrived on Earth. Days before the meteorite arrived, Summer Country had already notified other countries in advance, but the attitudes of countries around the world were skeptical.]

[A few days later, the meteorite descended with a deafening roar, just as in the previous simulations. The massive meteorite was shattered into numerous fragments by the combined efforts of various countries.]

[Due to Summer Country’s early preparations, a large number of anti-aircraft missiles were deployed in various regions of Summer Country, successfully breaking the meteorite fragments into smaller pieces. As a result, Summer Country suffered the least damage.]

In Jiang Yi’s eyes, he had seen the massive meteorite fall from the sky several times. No matter how many times he saw it, the majestic roar still deeply shook his heart.

“It’s a pity. If we could destroy this initial meteorite, we would definitely gain a large number of simulation points,” Jiang Yi lamented, but this idea was indeed impractical.

Soon, as the meteorite was bombarded by the missiles of various countries, countless fiery fragments covered the globe.

When passing through Summer Country’s territory, countless points of light shot out from the ground at high speed, forming an impenetrable anti-aircraft net, smashing and annihilating the meteorite fragments that would have otherwise wreaked havoc on Summer Country.

In the central area of the Imperial Capital, an unparalleled blade light swept away all the meteorite fragments.

“Have you already mastered the ‘Triple Overlord Slash?” Jiang Yi’s mouth twitched slightly, gaining a whole new understanding of Huang’s terrifying talent.

But this was also good. The higher Huang’s talent, the more likely he would reach new heights, and even have the opportunity to slay the devouring behemoth under his blade.

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