Super Card System - C.511: Grandmaster-level Nen

Super Card System

C.511: Grandmaster-level Nen

Ah! Admiral Kizaru and Admiral Aokiji are here!

The thunderous sound on Sabaody Island caught the attention of everyone on the island. The Marines who had arrived with Kizaru in advance were originally in the process of apprehending pirates on the island. However, after this bolt of lightning struck, they also became aware that something serious had occurred. They hurriedly came to investigate, only to witness the two admirals in a rather sorry state.

This shocking scene left the Marine soldiers who witnessed it completely stunned. Aokiji seemed to be holding up okay, but why was Admiral Kizaru so severely injured!?

My goodness, who were they just fighting against!?

However, the Marine soldiers dared not ask too much. A vice-admiral quickly approached, handing new Marine coats to the two.

Wheres my nephew, Sentomaru? Kizarus face was now very pale, as this was by far the most severe injury he had ever sustained.

Here I am! Sentomaru ran over from a distance. He had sensed the danger earlier and fled the scene, so he was unharmed. Seeing Kizaru badly injured, he quickly approached to support him.

Aokiji, now wearing the Marine coat, furrowed his brow and asked, What do we do now? I never expected Ian to quietly attain the strength of an admiral. With his protection, those rising pirate newcomers wont be easily captured.

Aokiji actually wanted to mention that the mission entrusted to them by the government to capture Ian was also now a failure.

Despite the apparent superiority of the two Admirals against Ian, Kizaru was injured earlier, and Aokiji found himself at a disadvantage when facing Ian. Consequently, the unexpected outcome was Ian walking away unscathed, which was truly

After this encounter, capturing Ian became even more challenging. Within the Dragon Hunter Pirates, not only did they have Fujitora, but now they also had another formidable member, Enel. It appeared that he could contend with Kizaru, meaning that the Dragon Hunter Pirates had already gained the strength to confront all three Admirals!

If he continues to grow like this, he might become a new Empiror, akin to Shanks! Kizaru was evidently aware of this and stated, So, we must continue the pursuit. We cant let him develop unchecked!

Suffering consecutive heavy blows at the hands of Ian, despite Kizarus seniority, he couldnt bear this humiliation.

What exactly happened with Bartholomew Kuma? Aokiji, understanding Kizarus intentions, chose not to argue but inquired about Kumas involvement. He asked, What did he say to Ian? What caused Ian to suddenly erupt with such immense fury?

Who knows? Kizaru said with a grim expression, Ive never really trusted these Warlords. Now its evident, that even the most obedient Bartholomew Kuma isnt on our side.

Turning to the Marine soldiers, Kizaru asked, How did the pirate capture mission fare?

We apprehended nearly two hundred pirates! The lead Marine soldier promptly replied, standing at attention. But regrettably, all 11 notorious rookie pirates with bounties over a billion escaped the island.

As expected! Kizaru sighed, then turned to Aokiji. Lets go! We must continue pursuing Ian.

Aokiji remained silent, following along. Truth be told, even if they continued the chase, considering they couldnt detain Ian earlier, Aokiji figured it might all be in vain.

However, just as the two were about to set off, there suddenly came a series of odd, rhythmic noises nearby. A Marine Rear-Admiral, taken aback, fished out his Den Den Mushi from his pocket.

Upon answering the call, the rear-Admiral was taken aback and quickly beckoned Kizaru and Aokiji, passing the Den Den Mushi to them, saying, Its Fleet Admiral Sengoku!

Perplexed, Kizaru and Aokiji accepted the Den Den Mushi.

Kizaru, Aokiji, whats the current situation? Sengoku inquired from the other end of the Den Den Mushi. Why havent you responded before?

Kizaru raised his left wrist to observe the charred Den Den Mushi, The Den Den Mushi was damaged during combat. Unfortunately, we couldnt capture Ian We were planning to continue the pursuit.

, Sengoku fell silent for a moment on the other end, seemingly letting out a soft sigh before saying, Then return. Dont continue the chase anymore.

Huh? Kizaru was surprised and asked, Why? Hes still on the Sabaody. Theres still a chance to capture him, but if he enters Fish-Man Island, then

Before Kizaru could finish, Sengoku interrupted, saying only, The war has already begun!

Upon hearing this, both Kizaru and Aokiji felt a pang of concern, exchanged a glance, hung up the Den Den Mushi, gestured to their men, and hastily departed the scene.


On the other side, Ian, who had also swiftly left the scene, was currently accessing the card system in his mind.

Right after he unleashed that Real lightning bolt of one billion volts, the system seemed to emit a notification sound. It was only now that he had the opportunity to investigate.

Upon checking, Ian was greatly surprised.

The system indicated his level had ascended to 50. It seemed that based on his battle with Kizaru and Aokiji, the system determined his victory, awarding him a substantial amount of experience.

That was acceptable, but what amazed Ian was the incredible breakthrough in his Nen abilities!

Previously, Ians Nen had already reached maximum proficiency through continuous practice and usage. Perhaps the emotional impact during the previous battle gave him the chance to level up. Now, his Nen had ascended to the Grandmaster level, reaching its pinnacle.

Grandmaster-level Nen: Increases total Nen by 100%. Enhances the power of all Nen abilities by 50%. Reduces the consumption of all Nen abilities by 50%. Enables the use of Nen Diffusion, Nen Vibration, Nen Impact, and Nen Materialization. The recovery of Nen is related to the hosts physical condition; the better the physical condition, the faster the Nen recovery.

Upon seeing this Grandmaster-level Nen, Ians previously somewhat gloomy mood instantly brightened!

Compared to the previous Master-level Nen, this Grandmaster level was significantly more powerful, offering increased strength and reduced consumption, attributes the Master-level Nen didnt possess.

Ian attempted to use Armament Haki on his fists and observed an unexpected phenomenon: the wrapped Haki displayed a peculiar blackish-red hue and emitted an extraordinary radiance.

Ian was nearly astonished. This This was an exceptional effect induced by the combination of Conquerors Haki and Armament Haki!

Realizing this, Ian immediately understood that his Conquerors Haki had seemingly begun to evolve, gradually merging the three types of Haki.

In a moment of revelation, Ian expanded his Haki field and abruptly realized that it had expanded to cover the entire Sabaody Archipelago!

Within Ians perception, he even saw Admiral Kizaru and Aokiji departing!

Normally, this kind of perception only allowed Ian to sense a rough outline. If they were too far away, Ian couldnt discern who they were. But oddly, this time, Ian somehow knew that those two individuals were Kizaru and Aokiji!

It wasnt through discerning their physical forms; rather, Ian felt a unique aura. It might be the energy field emitted by the Devil Fruit powers of Kizaru and Aokiji. In any case, this sensation for Ian felt like the ki in Dragon Ball, where everyone had their unique ki that could be identified by their Haki field!

This was an unexpected surprise, and it made Ian immediately realize that his Observation Haki had also undergone a change, acquiring a special function.

Perhaps this unique ability didnt allow him to hear peoples emotional changes like Enels Mentra, which could hear thoughts. However, Ian could easily locate anyone within his perception range as long as he was familiar with their aura.

While Ian explored this change that occurred in himself, he saw a familiar person it was Enel! In Ians perception, Kizarus aura was radiant, Aokijis was chilly, and Enels was akin to lightning, easily distinguishable.

Ian immediately flew toward Enels location.

Enel seemed to be awaiting his arrival, accompanied by Urouge, carrying the Sea-Prism Stone pillar.

Urouge had fled earlier, but Enel, at the moment when Ians lightning struck, had used teleportation to escape because he wanted to personally experience the power of Ians lightning.

However, the result left him disheartened because even now, he couldnt match the voltage of Ians previous lightning strike!

Perhaps using the thundercloud created by the Ark Maxim and employing the skills of Myriad Thunders or Thunder Greeting could achieve the voltage of Ians previous lightning strike. Unfortunately, the Ark Maxim was now commandeered by Ian

Thus, although Enel caught up with Ian after seeing him, he appeared visibly disheartened.

Whats wrong with you? Ian, curious about his demeanor, asked, then glanced back at Urouge, questioning, And that guy behind you, whats his deal? What are you up to?

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