Super Card System - C.506: An Anomaly

Super Card System

C.506: An Anomaly

Among those present, perhaps only Ian, Kizaru, and the former Rear Admiral Drake knew the true identity of the Tyrant Kuma standing before them!

This wasnt a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea as they had assumed; instead, it was a massive mechanized behemoth with the visage of Bartholomew Kuma. To be precise, it was a cybernetic creation.

When dealing with what they thought was a robot, the most efficient and effective method was none other than lightning!

Ian had a trade with the World Government involving Thunder Stones, so he knew very well that pacifistas had Thunder Stones as their core energy source. The electric discharge he had just released to the pacifistas body would also guide the output power of the Thunder Stone, causing an instant and intense electrical discharge phenomenon. This would lead to overloading and short-circuiting the pacifistas body, rendering them incapacitated.

Hawkins and the others watched in astonishment, but they were unaware that for Ian and even Enel, the pacifistas were, in fact, the easiest targets to deal with.

However, this didnt mean that pacifistas were weak. In fact, even Ian knew that this batch of pacifistas, which had just been completed and brought to Sabaody Archipelago by the Marines, were mainly for performance testing. Even so, these pacifistas possessed considerable combat capabilities.

The most direct point of comparison was the former Rear Admiral Drake. He had engaged in battle with the pacifistas and managed to hold his own but suffered a slight disadvantage. This indicated that with well-equipped weaponry, pacifistas now had combat capabilities roughly equivalent to a Navy Rear Admiral.

While a Navy Rear Admiral might not be considered a significant threat, the critical difference lay in the ease of producing pacifistasthey were mass-produced!

Once the Navy recognized the combat prowess of the pacifistas, they could instantly bolster their ranks with hundreds of officer-level personnel, if not more!

The very thought of it was chilling.

This particular pacifista lay crumpled at Ians feet. Bending down, Ian tore apart the clothing around the pacifistas neck, revealing the identification number.


Ian nodded, signaling to Doroni, who was aboard the Ark Maxim.

Doroni and Matthew had been on the ship, observing the battle between Enel and Kizaru down below. Upon seeing their captains summons, they leaped down, their massive weight causing the ground to tremble.

Captain! Doroni arrived at Ians side and inquired, What are your orders?

Toss this fellow onto the ship! Ian said, This is our spoils of war; well take it with us!

Ian had just incapacitated this PX3 with a powerful electrical surge, preserving this pacifista intact. Even if there were overloads and short circuits in its system, these were considered routine malfunctions. Ian was confident that, upon taking it back, relying on Varuas technology, they should be able to repair it.

Back when Ian departed from the Marineford, he had declared that if the Navy didnt want to trade, hed take what he wanted, and now he had made good on that promise.

The pacifistas were connected to certain matters involving Uncle Kuma, and Ian couldnt let go of this grudge. He was determined to obtain them. He wanted to explore whether he could uncover the reasons why Uncle Kuma had cooperated with the Navys human experiments. He even hoped to discover if there was a way to revert the experiment

After all, these pacifistas werent purely robots; they were created through the transformation of Uncle Kumas clones.

The Germa Group also had a legion of clone soldiers, and this cloning technology was likely based on genetic factors. As the discoverer of genetic factors, Vegapunk naturally had the capability to create clone soldiers. This was why the Navys Scientific Division was interested in Germas combat suit technology but not their cloning technology.

Upon hearing Ians orders, Doroni naturally complied, hoisting the massive pacifistas body and tossing it up onto the ship above.

However, at that moment, a beam of light suddenly appeared in mid-air, and the figure of Kizaru materialized alongside it. He faced the pacifista thrown up by Doroni and delivered a powerful kick.

Kizaaruuu!?! Ian realized that something was amiss the moment Kizarus figure appeared and couldnt help but shout.

However, Kizaru paid no attention to Ians angry shouts. He executed a swift kick, sending the pacifista plummeting from the sky to crash down with a resounding thud.

The impact left a massive crater in the ground. As the dust settled, Ian saw that the pacifistas right ribcage had been shattered by Kizarus swift kick, leaving behind a deep indentation as if it had been bitten into, sparks sizzling at the breakage, with scattered parts and wires protruding from the damaged area, accompanied by a small amount of red blood and pale yellow machine oil.

Needless to say, this particular pacifista had been utterly destroyed by Kizaru!

Kizaru, are you intentionally seeking a confrontation? Ians hand rested on the hilt of his sword, his thumb already flipping open the sheath of the Senbonzakura. He spoke with a stern expression as he addressed Kizaru.

He hadnt been prepared for this. Ian hadnt anticipated that Kizaru, the cunning individual he was, would suddenly abandon Enel and appear here, successfully intercepting Ians attempt to put the pacifista on the ship.

Hmm, Ian! Kizaru kept both hands in his striped trousers pockets, floating mid-air, and sneered at Ian. Did you think Id make it easy for you? Dont forget, Fleet Admiral Sengoku has already issued orders to capture you. Admiral Aokiji is also heading for this island. When he arrives, youll be treated just like these rookie pirates, locked up in Impel Down!

Upon hearing Kizarus words, Hawkins and the others couldnt help but inhale sharply. They couldnt believe that another Navy Admiral was on the way!?

Although they all knew that Admiral Aokiji might be after Ian, not the Supernovas, it still left them nervously trembling. One Admiral was already a handful; was another one on the way?

Enel had joined Ian at this moment, glaring at Kizaru with visible anger. Kizaru had left their battle abruptly, which left Enel seething.

Meanwhile, Ian was contemplating internally. He was somewhat surprised that Admiral Sengoku had issued a direct order to capture him. Did this mean that Sengoku was ready to confront him head-on, even at the risk of losing another Shichibukai, given the current shortage of their strength? This indicated that the Navy had a substantial agenda this time.

As for the news Kizaru had mentioned regarding Admiral Aokijis arrival, Ian wasnt particularly concerned.

The present-day Ian was far from the penniless individual who had escaped from Mary Geoise. He now had the upper hand when it came to facing Admiral Aokiji, given the pronounced advantage of his Flame-Flame Fruit ability against Aokijis Devil Fruit power.

When the time came, Enel would handle Kizaru, and Ian would face Aokiji. Even in a battle against two Navy Admirals, Ian was confident that he could hold his ground.

However, the situation might get out of control during the upcoming fight, and there was no guarantee that Sabaody Archipelago could withstand a clash with two Navy Admirals.

Ian estimated the time it would take for Aokiji to arrive and felt that Aokiji might need some time to reach the island. Even if Aokiji left immediately upon awakening, he would be traveling on a Navy warship, which wasnt as fast as Ian and his crew on the Ark Maxim. So, conservatively estimating, Aokiji would arrive twenty to thirty minutes later than Ian and his crew.

That would suffice. This time gap was sufficient to create an advantage. Before Aokiji arrived, they needed to find a way to severely damage Kizaru!

The thought filled Ian with a surge of killing intent, and he reached for his sword, intending to draw it.

However, at that very moment, the eccentric monk Urouge arrived behind Ian and his crew. He unexpectedly half-knelt before Enel, saying, God, please allow me to participate in the battle!

This situation left Enel, Ian, and Hawkins, as well as the others, utterly bewildered.

Hawkins and the others couldnt fathom why Urouge would address Enel with the title God, and Ian had never anticipated Urouge showing such reverence toward Enel.

As for Enel, he was momentarily dumbfounded. It was quite unusual to hear someone address him with such respect once again on the Blue Sea.

However, Ian quickly realized the situation. He saw the relatively large wings on Urouges back and immediately recollected that the wings of the four priests on Skypiea were of a similar size.

Could it be? Was this eccentric monk, Urouge, also from the same homeland as Enel, the Sky Island of Birka? And, judging by the way he addressed Enel, it seemed that he was a follower of Enel?

Who are you? Enel cocked his head and placed his hands on his hips, looking at Urouge with uncertainty.

I am Urouge Urouge lowered his head in front of Enel and said, I

Before he could finish his sentence, a sudden transformation occurred. Without warning, Urouge launched a fierce attack. With a massive stone club in hand, he struck Enels abdomen with tremendous force.

With a resounding boom, Enel, who had never anticipated that Urouge would attack him, was unprepared. He hadnt elementalized his body in time, and as a result of the strike, he coughed up blood and was sent flying, crashing into a pile of rubble on the other side.

This unexpected turn of events caught everyone off guard, even Ian. After sending Enel flying, Urouges smile, which had remained unchanged for so long, turned menacing, and he spoke, I am an avenger, seeking retribution for a homeland you destroyed!

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