Super Card System - C.498: Playing the Antagonist Once

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C.498: Playing the Antagonist Once

With the unspoken understanding between the siblings, Ian had already achieved his goal without anyone noticing.

Kuina probably had no idea about the whereabouts of Admiral Akainu. She was just a Commander now, and the movements of a Marine admiral like Akainu were not something someone of her rank could be aware of, which was why she didnt respond to Ian immediately.

But Ian knew that she would find a way to inquire about it later. She was now in the Staff Headquarters, and there might be an opportunity for her to access Marine operational secrets.

So, after finishing the conversation, Ian started to seriously engage in combat with Kuina.

The shockwaves that had erupted when their weapons clashed before were actually mostly generated by Ian. It was simply to create an opportunity to speak up.

If we were to talk about it, Kuina couldnt really defeat Ian at this moment because she was relying purely on her Devil Fruit ability. However, her own Busoshoku Haki proficiency was not strong enough!

Without going into details, Ian had been continuously controlling the Armament Haki intensity on his sword all this time. He was afraid that under such a tremendous collision force, he might cut Kuina with his sword. He didnt even dare to use the black, demonic flames on his sword

He noticed something. Kuinas Haki, even though it had awakened, seemed to be adept not at Armament Haki but rather at Observation Haki!

In general, when a persons Haki awakens, it reflects the type of Haki they will be proficient in the future. So Ian guessed that when Kuina awakened her Haki for the first time, it probably wasnt Armament Haki. She must have gradually learned it later during her time in the Marines.

Although Haki is divided into three types, if one awakens Haoshoku Haki initially, they can potentially learn and master all three types of Haki. However, if their initial awakening is not Haoshoku Haki, it seems that they are limited to learning and Busoshoku Haki and Kenbunshoku Haki.

While Kuina excelled in Kenbunshoku Haki, it didnt mean she couldnt develop her Busoshoku Haki to a high level. However, this would require time.

At first glance, the use of Kenbunshoku Haki appeared relatively straightforward, mainly involving predicting attacks. It might seem somewhat limited, but in reality, those skilled in Kenbunshoku Haki often possessed unique abilities!

For instance, Enels Mantra was a distinctive form of electroreceptive perception. Although this special ability was partly due to his Goro Goro no Mi, if Enel had been proficient in Busoshoku Haki, such an ability might not have manifested

Therefore, Ian couldnt help but envy Kuina a bit. While she awakened Kenbunshoku Haki, her Asura Fruit power compensated for her weaknesses, creating a synergistic combination.

Ian believed that if Kuina had awakened with Busoshoku Haki, it might not have been as advantageous

After setting the stage in the Shura Realm, Ian clearly felt that her speed had significantly improved, and she was now able to keep up with Ians movements.

As a result, Kuinas Kenbunshoku Haki came into play. She could now see the trajectory of each of Ians attacks and respond effectively.

Of course, at this moment, Ian was still holding back. While Kuinas speed had increased, Ian had also undergone significant growth in his abilities, especially in his Bankai state, where all his attributes were amplified eightfold. If Ian genuinely intended to win based on speed alone, Kuina wouldnt be able to evade him. Moreover, Ian had now mastered the use of the locking momentum, by the killing intent, an ability characteristic of a Great Swordsman, which Kuina hadnt reached yet.

Overall, although Kuina displayed the posture of being able to contend with Ian, one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, there was still a gap in their abilities. Ian roughly estimated that Kuina had reached the level of a typical Rear Admiral.

This was already quite impressive. Kuina, as a child, had always been a prodigy. She had set sail only a short while before Roronoa Zoro, and yet, she had already achieved such heights. Meanwhile, Zoro, that idiot, hadnt even fully awakened his Haki abilities

Clang! Clang! Clang! In the training ground,

The sound of their sword strikes resounded continuously. After they had clashed dozens of times, the Marine officers who had been knocked down by the shockwaves earlier finally stood up. They watched in awe as sparks flew from the constant friction between the swords of the two combatants.

Kuinas swordsmanship had improved significantly, but Ian was still managing to cope. Failing to make headway, Kuina decided to employ the six techniques she had learned in the Marines.

Blade Rifle!

With her three-headed, six-armed form, Kuina suddenly stood firm. In her hands were three copies of the Wado Ichimonji, which she thrust towards Ian in rapid succession!

Ian recognized the danger of this move and pushed off, leaping into the air to evade the attack.

However, the Marine watchtower behind him suffered the consequences. Countless bursts of force emanating from the slashes along Kuinas sword struck the wall of the tower. In an instant, it resembled a structure caught in the crossfire of a heavy machine gun, riddled with holes the size of eggs.

With so many voids appearing in the foundation of the tower, it ultimately couldnt withstand the damage. With a crashing sound, it collapsed, filling the scene with dirt and dust.

Observing Ian leaping into the air, Kuina swiftly retracted her sword and executed a series of kicks, utilizing her Moonwalk technique to ascend into the sky.

As she ascended, her body spun like a gyroscope. Due to her current Asura stance, this rotation transformed into a whirlwind of blades. Ian, in response, held his sword horizontally to block, resulting in a continuous series of metallic clashes resonating throughout the area.

Feeling his arms becoming almost numb from the successive powerful strikes, Ian quickly exerted force to push Kuina away.

In mid-air, Kuina executed a somersault and leaped backward. However, before she could stabilize her posture, her right leg swung violently, unleashing a Rankyaku (Tempest Kick) towards Ian!

Although Ian managed to dodge by tilting his head to the side, this tempest kick seemed more like an appetizer. Kuina, still hovering in mid-air with the Moonwalk technique, then swung her three Wado Ichimonji swords consecutively, releasing numerous slashing waves of sword energy towards Ian!

The sheer power of these sword waves left Ian astonished. Kuinas growth was truly astounding!

However, Ian viewed these attacks more as a younger sister excitedly showcasing her hard-earned achievements to her older brother. The chaotic dance of sword energy may have appeared dazzling, but for Ian, who possessed Busoshoku Haki and the ability to harden his body, they posed little threat.

Ian extended his two pairs of wings, one black and one pink, and gracefully weaved through the swirling sword energy. Then, seizing an opening, he directed a powerful Flying Slash towards Kuina!

Compared to Kuinas sword waves, Ians attack was significantly larger.

Having clashed with Hawkeye in the past, this particular Flying Slash was reminiscent of the Worlds Greatest Swordsmans strikes. While it didnt match Hawkeyes caliber, it was still tremendously imposing!

However, Ian had no intention of actually attacking Kuina. The speed of this sword wave naturally appeared slower. It was only after Kuina agilely evaded using her Moonwalk that the true target of the attack was revealed!

The Flying Slash descended diagonally, and as Kuina dodged to the side, the buildings below became the unwitting victims of this sword waves assault!

Boom! The sword wave struck the ground, instantly cutting deep chasms into the earth. Simultaneously, it continued to fly forward for some distance before vanishing entirely into the ground.

This single Flying Slash left the Marine officers present drenched in cold sweat!

They stared in disbelief at the dozens of houses cleaved open by Ians attack, unable to fathom the devastating consequences if such a Flying Slash had struck a person

Stop! Suddenly, Admiral Aokiji shouted, leaping into the sky and positioning himself between Ian and Kuina. With a raised arm, he conjured two colossal ice shields, effectively separating the two combatants.

Ians recent Flying Slash had been a stark wake-up call for Aokiji. They couldnt afford to let Ian continue his unchecked display of power. There was a suspicion that this young man might be intentionally causing destruction under the guise of sparring. If they didnt put a stop to it, the Marines harbor might be in shambles soon.

In truth, that was precisely what Ian had in mind just now. Being confined by Sengoku had undoubtedly ignited some frustration within him. An opportunity to cause trouble for the Marines was one he couldnt pass up.

Unfortunately for Ian, Aokiji, who often came across as laid-back, was remarkably sharp during critical moments. He had instantly perceived Ians intentions.

Seeing Aokijis unwavering gaze, Ian understood that he couldnt continue. Reluctantly, he retracted his wings and landed on the ground, sheathing his Senbonzakura sword.

Kuina, likewise, descended and reverted to her normal form but was audibly panting.

It appeared that utilizing the powers of the Asura fruit took a considerable toll on her stamina. Given her natural physique as a young woman, Kuina might need more endurance training in the future.

Ian shrugged and remarked, Admiral Kuzan, Ive never seen you so concerned.

Aokiji kept his focus on Ian. Well, youve had your exercise. Isnt it time for us to leave?

Alright, buzzkiller! Ian replied without further ado, turning on his heel and departing.

Once Ian and Aokiji had left the scene, a deafening roar of jubilation erupted from behind. A small smile couldnt help but creep onto Ians lips.



A rhythmic chant echoed through the air, and it seemed that at this moment, the Marine officers had gathered around Kuina, treating her like a hero. In their eyes, Kuina, a Marine Commander, had truly held her own against a Seven Warlords member.

Ian had unintentionally played the role of the antagonist for a moment, but he left with satisfaction. He knew that from this day forth, the name of Kuina, this rising star of the Marines, would be sung by the officers at Marine Headquarters.

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