Super Card System - C.474: The Enigma Unveiled

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C.474: The Enigma Unveiled

Ian was not making things up; the murals he found at the ruins of Ballons terminal had already explained this point.

The lunar peoples homeland city is called Birka, and the sky island where Enel was born is also called Birka. This naming method is not a coincidence; it should be a way for the lunar people to commemorate their original homeland after coming to this planet.

Enel was surprised after hearing Ians words and asked, How do you come by such knowledge?

Its simple! Because I also possess a sky island! Ian shrugged and said, In that sky island, there are murals from a thousand years ago. By combining them with my exploration of the Poneglyph, I can deduce many things!

Robin nodded thoughtfully; indeed, it seemed that the lunar people had a significant connection to the Poneglyph.

You also have a sky island? Enel was astonished to hear this. Could it be that youre also a god?

The Skypieans are accustomed to calling their rulers gods, so when Enel heard that Ian also had a sky island, he suddenly felt a little relieved. It seemed somewhat less embarrassing to lose to another god.

However, Ian straightforwardly replied, Sorry, Im not a god at all. Im just an ordinary person.

Not even giving him a chance to save his face, Enel was left speechless by Ians words. But he had no way to reprimand Ian, so he could only snort coldly and turn his face away.

Just then, a spark of curiosity ignited within Reijus mind, compelling her to inquire, Since the Shandians and Skypieans are from the same race and both have wings, why doesnt that old man have them?

As Reiju said this, she pointed to Enel and added, And him too, he doesnt have wings!

Ian glanced at the Thunder Drum on Enels back and said, Im actually quite curious about that too, Enel. Those four priests under your command, you brought them from your homeland, Birka, right?

Thats right! Enel crossed his arms and replied without looking back.

Then, logically speaking, you and the four priests should be of the same race and have those larger wings, right? Ian reached out and touched Enels Thunder Drum. But whats the deal with this thing on your back? What happened to your wings? Did you tear them off, roasting them to satiate your appetite? Perhaps you thought they were Chicken wings, hum?

*Snigger!* Upon hearing Ians words, Reiju and Robin couldnt help but giggle!

Disrespectful! Enel yelled at Ian, his face turning red with anger. Nonsense! Ive never had wings since I was born!

Since birth, youve never had wings? Too bad! Ian pondered, rubbing his chin. Could it be that the Thunder Drum circle on your back is something you attached yourself?

Enel didnt speak, seemingly too furious, but this implicitly confirmed Ians statement.

Unable to comprehend Ians jest, Enel simply pretended not to hear and could only seethe with frustration at Ians comment about his lack of taste.

If you have no wings, then are you really considered a Sky Islander? Zoro, who had been standing with his arms crossed, leaning against a rock, couldnt help but interject with a question.

Not only Enel but even Ian and the others were taken aback. Indeed, when you think about it, is Enel truly a Sky Islander?

Just then, a voice suddenly came from behind, saying, Let me answer that question!

Everyone turned their heads and saw Gan Fall walking in. He answered while walking, I can prove that I am indeed a Sky Islander. From the time I have memories, Ive always lived on a Sky Island!

Enel looked at Gan Fall without saying a word. He knew that just like Gan Fall, he also lacked wings. Gan Falls account was actually the same as his own. Enel had lived on a Sky Island since he could remember.

Whats the explanation for this then? Ian asked curiously.

Well, old man like me has seen a bit more of the world, so I have some understanding of certain matters! Gan Fall explained. In fact, according to records, there are indeed people like me and Enel, wingless individuals, on the Sky Islands. However, their numbers are relatively low. Over the past few decades, there have been occasional instances, but they have become increasingly rare.

Hmm? Whats going on here? Ian couldnt help but feel puzzled. Based on what he had seen in the murals at the Ballon Terminal, the Moon People were supposed to have wings.

Quick to react, Reiju interjected and asked Gan Fall, Are you suggesting that both you and Enel have blood ties to people from the Blue Sea?

Upon hearing her question, Ian immediately grasped the idea.

Yes! Gan Fall nodded. Thats the only explanation. In recent times on Angel Island, there have been occasional appearances of wingless Sky Islanders like me. However, their parents werent intermarried with people from the Blue Sea. So, Ive been contemplating that this might be a result of our ancestral bloodline

Ian understood what he was trying to say. It seemed to be a matter of genetics. If two Sky Islanders with the same lineage intermarry, their offspring will undoubtedly have wings. But if a Sky Islander and a person from the Blue Sea marry, their descendants could either have wings or not.

In other words, the so-called wings should be a dominant trait

Ian wasnt a biology teacher, but he had some general knowledge. Unable to restrain himself, he asked Gan Fall, So, does that mean in recent decades, there havent been any intermarriages between Sky Islanders and people from the Blue Sea on Angel Island?

Thats right! Gan Fall nodded. Although there is a path that leads to this Sky Island, in recent years, the people arriving here from the Blue Sea are mostly pirates, and they tend to be quite fierce

Ian nodded in agreement. It made sense. Over the past two decades, the era of the Great Pirates had unfolded, and those who arrived on this Sky Island were pirates setting foot on the Grand Line in search of the One Piece. For the Sky Islanders, these pirates were far from ideal potential partners. With no intermarriages between Sky Islanders and individuals from the Blue Sea, the number of mixed-blood individuals like Enel and Gan Fall naturally decreased over time. Even if occasional births did occur, it was likely due to the legacy of ancestral bloodlines, indicating that in previous generations, there had been intermarriages with people from the Blue Sea, passing down their bloodline.

Zoro, standing nearby, grew increasingly perplexed and couldnt help but ask, Whats the use of all this information youre discussing?

Its quite useful! Reiju explained. If we can trace our lineage through blood ties, we might even be able to unravel the connections between Sky Islanders and people from the Blue Sea from many years ago!

Reijus father, Judge, had undoubtedly conducted research on these so-called bloodline factors while collaborating with Vegapunk. Therefore, the Jerma Kingdom possessed a relatively deep understanding of bloodlines and had even delved into specialized research. Otherwise, Reiju and her siblings, the modified humans, would not have come into existence.

Ian nodded in agreement. His thoughts aligned with Reijus. He had been contemplating what the world would have been like if these bloodlines had been passed down for thousands of years.

This suggested that after the Moon People migrated to this planet, they not only settled in the Blue Sea below (such as the Skypieans), but also attempted to integrate with the people of the Blue Sea.

In reality, the Sky Islands were not suitable for habitation. At least, they lacked proper land for cultivating crops. The Moon People, who had migrated from the moon, undoubtedly hailed from the surface of the earth. Logically speaking, these moon-dwelling people, accustomed to solid ground, would have initially struggled to adapt to life on the Sky Islands.

Ian recalled the situation at the Ballon Terminal, with numerous balloons beneath the island cloud. It indicated that a considerable number of Moon People chose to descend to the surface, and it was even possible that all of these Moon People had migrated back to the ground!

Thus, Ian realized his initial assumptions were somewhat erroneous. Enels homeland, the Sky Island of Birka, might not have been the second stop for Moon People branching out. On the contrary, it could very well have been the first landing site for Moon People!

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