Super Card System - C.459: Backfire of Arrogance

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C.459: Backfire of Arrogance

Enel was very confident in his own power. During the six years he ruled Skypiea, he had encountered many people who came from the Blue Sea to the Sky Island. Among them were also some Devil Fruit users, but no one could escape from his grasp.

As the user of the Goro Goro no Mi, a Logia-type Devil Fruit that grants control over lightning, Enel considered himself invincible. Thunder coursed through his veins, merging seamlessly with his being. This led to his notorious moniker, the Lightning Human (!?). Thunder was believed to be the most powerful force in nature. Over the years, Enel had fought countless battles and considered himself unbeatable. Therefore, he didnt believe that the person from the Blue Sea standing before him could pose a challenge.

So what if the opponent was also a Devil Fruit user? So what if he had taken down the three priests with a single strike? Gods were invincible!

Enel eagerly anticipated the impending demise of his adversary, as he prepared to unleash his divine punishment.

However, at the moment the lightning descended, he suddenly noticed Ian raising his right hand toward the sky.

And then, the next second, a scene that made Enels eyes nearly pop out unfolded!

The lightning generated by his right arm unexpectedly gathered in Ians right palm, forming a luminous sphere, which Ian held seemingly effortlessly.

How how is this possible?! Enels mind went blank.

Ian lowered his right arm and looked at the sphere of lightning in his hand. A faint smile appeared on his face.

In fact, ever since Enel had struck him with a powerful attack of heavenly wrath on the edge of the forbidden area, Ian had been pondering whether he could control Enels lightning.

After all, he possessed the card Misaka Mikoto, which was known as the Electric Princess, and had the ability to manipulate electricity! The power vested within this cards hallowed confines imbued him with the potential of a lightning conductor, capable of harnessing the primal forces of thunder and lightning.

So, when Enel suddenly appeared this time, Ian couldnt help but give it a try.

And the result proved Ians speculation was correct! Not only could he transform his own Mind power (Nen) into lightning, but he could also control external lightning as well!

Enels divine punishment simply involved transforming his bodys elements into lightning and then striking with it. However, once that lightning approached Ian, with a mere exertion of his Nen, he tamed the thunderbolt, bending it to his whims with consummate ease.

How could a wielder of electricity be struck by lightning?

Ian tossed the sphere of lightning in his hand and firmly gripped it. With a forceful hurl, he exclaimed, Take it back!

In an instant, the sphere transformed into a spear of electrifying might, hurtling straight toward Enel.

Enel, still dumbfounded, was instantly hit by the electrifying spear. However, to Ians disappointment, the spear melded seamlessly into Enels body upon impact. After all, the lightning was merely an extension of Enels own arm, and Ian had simply returned it to its rightful owner.

Nevertheless, the strike jolted Enel out of his stupor. He reformed his right arm, now wearing a grave expression as he stared at Ian.

A sense of foreboding washed over him.

Although Enel couldnt comprehend how Ian had gained control over his lightning, there was no denying that Ian was the first person he had ever encountered who harbored no fear of his electrical power.

Perhaps it was just a stroke of luck? Enel locked his gaze on Ian, his mind racing, Could he have employed an enigmatic method to briefly manipulate the lightning?

Clutching onto this sliver of hope, Enel struck once again. With the golden staff in his hand, he struck the thunderous drum on his back.

60 million volts! Jamboule!

With each strike upon the thunderous drum, a colossal lightning dragon, brimming with awe-inspiring power, emerged from within. Its jaws opened wide, roaring as it soared toward Ian with blinding speed.

The air crackled with electric currents, resonating with a sizzling sound. The speed of the Thunder Dragon matched the speed of lightning itself, and in an instant, it arrived before Ian, lunging at him with a ferocious bite.

However, a scene that left Enel dumbfounded unfolded before his eyes. As the Thunder Dragon descended upon Ian, he suddenly opened his hands and firmly grabbed hold of the dragons massive jaws. Ians grip brought the thunderous beasts charge to an abrupt halt, as if he had effortlessly restrained it. It appeared as though the Thunder Dragon was completely under Ians control.

Then, with a mighty tug, Ian ripped the dragons jaws apart!

Crackling with brilliance, a dazzling electric surge swept through the air. The Thunder Dragon unleashed by Enel was instantly torn apart by Ians hands, dissipating into swirling arcs of electricity. Ian stood calmly in place, surrounded by arcs of light flickering from all directions. Yet, these arcs of electricity couldnt come near his body, as if a circular barrier shielded him from their touch.

Enels jaw nearly dropped in astonishment at the sight. This was the Thunder Dragon, with a power of sixty million volts! How could it be so easily dismantled by the person before him?

Ian knew that using Enels own lightning against him would be ineffective. He had no intention of utilizing the lightning generated by Enels attacks. After effortlessly tearing it apart, Ian nonchalantly lifted his right hand, causing the bells on his wrist to produce a clear jingling sound.

Casually unraveling the bandages wrapped around his wrist, Ian smiled at Enel and said, Ah! Actually, I have a similar move too! My dear Enel. Allow me to enlighten you!

As the bandages unraveled, the surrounding air suddenly exploded, creating violent and turbulent winds. The air was seared by the erupting heat, and a circle of black flames began to spread from Ians exposed right arm. The black dragon coiled around his wrist seemed to stir in response.

Six thousand degrees Celsius! Black Dragon! (T/N: Nice one XD)

Ian shouted, pushing his right hand forward forcefully, unleashing the Black Dragon Wave towards Enel.

As for the claim of six thousand degrees Celsius, it was merely Ians playful exaggeration. In response to Enels exaggerated display, boasting about sixty million volts, Ian decided to give him a taste of his own medicine by calling out a temperature of six thousand degrees Celsius

As for whether the Black Dragon Wave has a temperature of 6,000 degrees Celsius, Enel doesnt know, but when that roaring Demon-World Fire-Dragon came flying towards him, Enel knew things werent looking good! Before the black fire dragon even reached him, he could already smell the burnt smell in the surrounding air. Faced with such a powerful flame, Enel simply couldnt confront it!

When Ian previously attacked him with controlled lightning, Enel was surprised but not particularly afraid because he knew he was made of thunder. The same lightning couldnt harm him. But now, Ian suddenly displayed such fierce flame power, which caught Enel off guard.

Fortunately, Enel had a way to dodge. He was made of lightning and naturally capable of moving at its speed. So, in the next second, there was a crackling sound from where Enel was standing, and he instantly transformed into electricity, flashing to the side, avoiding the Black Dragon Waves attack.

This teleportation-like ability was Enels guarantee of invincibility in battle.

However, unfortunately, from the beginning, Ian never expected to hit Enel with the Black Dragon Waves flight speed, so when the Black Dragon Wave was launched, Ian also moved!

Enel didnt know that at this moment, he was actually within Ians En field. Although Ian couldnt keep up with his movement speed, he could roughly grasp his approximate position. Moreover, Enels sole intention was to evade the Black Dragon Wave, making his position even easier to predict.

When Enels body reappeared, what greeted him was the shadow cast by Ians body, and when Enel looked up, a black fist was already flying towards his face.

Foolish! Enel sneered and no longer dodged, standing still and watching Ians fist coming towards him.

He thought very well of himself. He was a logia devil fruit user, and no one could physically attack his lightning body. The Blue Sea person in front of him was a fool. Even if he could control his lightning, it was futile to believe he could withstand the electric torrent himself.

You would pay the price for this!

So, Enel just stood there, wearing a cold smile, watching Ians fist coming at him

Lack of knowledge is truly terrifying! If Enel knew that in this world, there is a power called Haki, I wonder if he would still act so arrogantly

Only a loud bang was heard, and in the next second, Enels nose started bleeding profusely

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