Super Card System - C.456: Reunion

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C.456: Reunion

Even Ian was taken aback when he sent the massive dog flying. He had never seen such an enormous canine before. Compared to this dog, Richie, the lion of the Buggy Pirates, would seem no different from a rat.

In hindsight, Ian realized that the species on this Sky Island differed greatly from those on the ground. The same could be said for the previous shrimp creature. Perhaps, to gain greater buoyancy, the animals here seemed to possess an inflated quality, akin to balloons

Thathank you! Just as Ian remained in astonishment, he heard an excited voice expressing gratitude.

When the colossal dog suddenly lunged forward, the pirate in tattered clothes in front of Ian thought he was about to be bitten to death. In fear, he instinctively covered his forehead with both hands and crouched on the ground.

However, moments later, he only heard a howling cry and when he raised his head, he realized that he had been lucky enough to be saved by someone. He quickly expressed his gratitude.

Yet, judging by his appearance, it seemed that he didnt recognize Ian.

With a flicker of curiosity, Ian couldnt help but ask, Are you a pirate? How long have you been here?

Sixsix years! The tattered pirate turned pale when the topic was raised, seemingly recollecting some harrowing memories.

But with this revelation, Ian understood. No wonder this individual, despite being a pirate, didnt recognize him, the newly appointed Shichibukai. It turned out he had been imprisoned on this Sky Island for such a lengthy period.

Ian had intended to ask him something else when, at that very moment, a dark figure suddenly appeared in the sky on Ians left. It was diving straight toward their location.

Watch out! Ian grabbed the pirate by his collar and swiftly flung him aside. In the next instant, the dark figure streaked past where the pirate had been kneeling just moments ago.

Theytheyre here! The relieved pirate, still in shock, urged Ian, Quickquickly, we need to escape!

However, Ian ignored him and looked up at the dark figure in the sky. He noticed that after completing a circle, it was coming back again.

The figure was a man riding on a large bird. Ian could see the man wearing an air force cap and goggles, while holding a lance similar to Gan Falls Lance.

That person should be one of the Four Priests, Shula, if I recall correctly. It seems like thats his name

Ian remembered that Enel had four priests under his command, but he couldnt quite recall their names.

After Shura turned back from the sky, standing on the back of the giant bird and gripping his knight spear, he looked down at Ian from a higher position and said, Another Blue Sea person! How dare you trespass into this forbidden area on your own and even dare to take away my prey!?

Before his words could even settle, another voice suddenly sounded, What do you mean, your prey? Clearly, its mine!

Following the voice, a round and chubby figure appeared. This white and chubby person wore round glasses and had black hats and gloves on his head and hands. He drifted and appeared in front of Ian.

This chubby figure was naturally another priest, Satori. Upon seeing him, Shura sneered and said, Very well then, you can have the previous prey. I shall claim this fresh arrival for myself!

It seemed that Shura realized that this new prey Ian was more interesting than the previous pirate who had been played with. Therefore, he planned to take advantage of the situation.

However, at that moment, another new voice emerged, roaring, Hold on!

Ian turned his head and discovered that the location where he had sent the large dog flying now had a third priest standing. It was a bald man wearing sunglasses, carrying a seemingly enormous sword on his shoulder. However, his expression showed great anger.

This was the owner of the large dog, Ohm, one of the Four Priests. The dog was still struggling to get up after being sent flying, and seeing the condition of his beloved pet, Ohm naturally became furious. He said to Shura and Satori, This guy must be handed over to me! I will tear him apart and feed him to Holy!

Holy was, of course, the name of the large dog. It seemed that Ohm wanted to avenge his beloved canine.

Why should I let you have him! Shura didnt care about all that and killing defenseless criminals didnt bring him much pleasure. So after finishing his sentence, he rode the giant bird and swooped down towards Ian, aiming his knight spear at him.

Shura wanted to seize the target, and naturally, Satori and Ohm were not willing to fall behind. Therefore, the three of them split in three different directions and charged at Ian together, wanting to see who could strike first.

Nami, who was watching this scene from above the sea of clouds, couldnt help but cry out, Ian-San! Be careful!

Meanwhile, the pirate hiding behind Ian once again cowered on the ground, trembling in fear, holding his head tightly

Damn it, Ive been underestimated! Ian felt a mixture of anger and laughter. Although he knew that these priests under Enel were quite arrogant, seeing them in person was truly eye-opening. They were not just arrogant but insanely so!

As the three of them charged towards him, Ian didnt even bother unsheathing his sword. He simply opened his palms, and two purple flames surged from his hands.

At this moment, the trio reached Ians side. Shura approached from the left, his spears tip flickering with flames from the Heat Dial embedded in it. Satoricame straight ahead, extending his right arm and aiming a palm strike at Ians chin, his glove hiding an Impact Dial. As for Ohm, he attacked from the right, swinging his cloud-infused iron sword in a direct stab.

The three of them mercilessly launched their coordinated assault on Ian. However, their intention wasnt to kill him together; instead, they sought to see who could claim Ians head first.

When they closed in on Ian, he finally made a move. Crossing his arms, he swiftly swung them apart, forming an X shape.

In the next second, a violent surge of purple flames erupted within a radius of dozens of meters centered on Ian.

Ura 316 Shiki Saika!

After Slashing furiously twice The Saika wave, a manifestation of his unrivaled might, consumed the three priests who had ventured too close. The torrential inferno, fueled by Ians explosive prowess, soared to astonishing heights, surpassing even the mighty celestial trees that towered over the island.

Nami, standing atop the Waver, couldnt make out what had happened. In the blink of an eye, her field of vision was replaced by the blue-purple flames. The scorching heat and powerful gusts of wind made her exclaim in surprise as she crouched down, seeking shelter in the waver. The force of the wind almost toppled the raft, shaking it precariously.

On Angel Island, dozens of sea miles away, the residents could even see the color of the flames erupting from the location of the Forbidden Zone. Against the backdrop of the vast white sea of clouds, the blue-purple flames were particularly striking.

Whats happening?

Whats going on in the Forbidden Land?

The inhabitants of Angel Island anxiously gazed in the direction of the Forbidden Land, speculating with unease.

As the Saika wave gradually waned, the tumultuous conflagration yielded to a colossal crater, a testament to the searing power that had been unleashed. Wisps of verdant smoke gracefully rose from the smoldering remains of the cloud layer, while the Forbidden Zones once-vibrant forest became a roaring inferno, resonating with the cacophony of splintering timber and exploding foliage.

As for the trembling pirate who had been hiding behind, this was the scene that greeted his wide-eyed astonishment. He was completely dumbfounded.

Lying on the smoky ground not far away were three motionless figures and a bird. It was needless to say that the figures were Shura, Satori, and Ohm, their bodies charred black from head to toe. As for the bird, it was Shuras mount, which had suffered the same fate as its masterits feathers burnt to a crisp.

In a single encounter, Ian had wiped out three of the Four Divine Priests

Uuah!? When Ian lifted his head, he startled Holy, Ohms large dog. Holy had managed to avoid the previous attack by not charging alongside Ohm. If it hadnt, Ian might have been able to smell the aroma of roasted dog meat by now. Startled by Ians gaze, Holy let out a cry and attempted to flee.

Damn dog, stay! Ian instinctively shouted when he saw Holy trying to escape.

To his surprise, Holy immediately halted, squatting on the spot with all four limbs close together.

Uh Caught off guard by this sudden change, Ian suddenly remembered that Holy, this dog, not only knew boxing (named after Hollyfield) but also obeyed any command given by its master.

It was just a dumb dog, after all

Just as Ian was about to call back the dumb dog, he suddenly sensed something and swiftly turned around, looking in the direction where Nami was.

There, he noticed a Skypiean wearing a mask and holding a bazooka not far behind Nami. The bazooka was slightly raised, aiming in Ians direction.

What do you think youre doing? Ians face darkened as he confronted the Skypiean.

He was certain that this Skypiean had intended to attack the three priests earlier. And since the priests had been planning to attack Ian at the time, he speculated that this person wanted to take advantage of the situation to launch an attack, wiping out both Ian and the priests

The Skypieans malevolence towards the Birkans and Blue Sea denizens alike fueled Ians conviction, solidifying his belief that danger loomed in this encounter

However, when the Skypiean noticed Ian turning around to face him, he didnt dare to act rashly. Slowly, he lowered the bazooka in his hands.

Truly remarkable The masked Skypiean couldnt be identified due to his mask, but he spoke up, Its my first time witnessing a Blue Sea individual as powerful as you

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