Super Card System - C.452: The Attacking Skypiean

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C.452: The Attacking Skypiean

At the moment he fell off the ship, Usopp thought he was going to die.

Usopp had always been in awe and fear of Ian, and being the only one in the Straw Hat Pirates who had never met him before, it was difficult for him to feel a sense of closeness towards him. Additionally, when Usopp first saw Ian, he was already a Shichibukai, which made Usopp even more afraid to approach him or even stay near him

He never expected that the person who would save him in the next moment would be Ian!

If Ian had not grabbed his long nose, Usopp would have been even more grateful to him

Ian was also surprised to find himself holding Usopps nose when he reached out to save him. But he held on tight and pulled with all his might, hurling Usopp towards the direction of the Merry Go!

Usopp screamed as he flailed his arms and legs in mid-air as he flew towards the ship. Luffy, on the other hand, reacted quickly and extended his rubber arm, catching Usopp

As soon as he saw Usopp on board, Ian immediately flew towards the Merry Go. Saving Usopp was actually just a matter of a moment, but he had already opened up a distance of hundreds of meters away from Luffy and the others, so Ian could not afford to delay any longer.

However, at this moment, from Ians position, he saw that the Merry Go was actually floating off the water!

Due to the ships two wings and the sails, the rising airflow of the Knock Up Stream lifted the ship into the air. But Ian knew that this would not end well. Once the ship left the stream, it would have nothing to attach to and would fall back down!

So Ian decided not to go back to the ship for the time being. He flew to the top of the Merry Gos mast and, with a loud shout, pressed down on the top of the mast, using all his strength to force the Merry Go back onto the surface of the Knock Up Stream!

Amazing! Nami on the ship saw this scene and couldnt help but shout excitedly, her beautiful eyes shining with excitement. Ian is truly reliable!

Once the ship made contact with the water again, Nami regained her confidence. For this genius navigator, as long as there was wind and water, it meant that the ship was sailing. And when it came to sailing, Nami was fearless. She immediately instructed Zoro and Sanji, the two hardworking crew members, to adjust the sails. With the help of the rising wind, they set sail along the towering ocean current.

Ian continued to press at the top of the mast to ensure that the ship would not fly off again before landing on the deck.

As soon as he landed on the deck, Usopp immediately rushed over and hugged Ians waist, tears and snot streaming down his face. He said, Thank you! Thank you! I thought I was done for just now!

Ian looked at his long nose and smiled, because when he saved him earlier, he pinched him a little hard, leaving a few red fingerprints on it. Ian comforted him and then looked up at the water flow.

This huge sky-high sea seems to have directly hit the bottom of the cloud layer below the sky island. If nothing unexpected happens, this ship can still reach its destination safely before the sky-high sea disappears.

Now that the ship has stabilized a lot, Robin can finally walk over. She said to Ian, Is that a sky island up there?

Well, yes! Ian nodded and said, But its not mine, not the one were looking for!

I can tell! Robin smiled and said, This way of arriving at an island is much more thrilling!

Ian also nodded in agreement. It has to be said that although Luffy is a fool, his adventures are often more exciting.

Zoro heard their conversation and couldnt help but ask, Hey, Ian, what do you mean? Do you own a sky island!?

First of all, Its brother Ian or Ian Senpai! Ian habitually gave Zoro a knock on the head and then said, And yes, I have occupied a Sky Island, which now serves as the base of my pirate crew.

Nami heard this and suddenly turned her head, her eyes shining like Belly symbols. She leaned in close to Ian and asked eagerly, Is it really yours, Big Brother Ian!?

Earlier, Vivi had told her that Ian had obtained 10 billion Bellies from the World Government, and now she learned that he even had a Sky Island as his base. In Namis mind, Ian was now a shining figure, not only rich but also with land and property. There was no man more outstanding than Ian.

Ian and Zoro were both sweating profusely as Nami became completely obsessed with the idea of wealth. Fortunately, at this moment, Luffy came over excitedly and asked Ian, What does your Sky Island look like?

It was for the sake of chasing the so-called Dream Island that Luffy had taken such a risky approach to landing on the Sky Island. Now that he was face to face with Ian, who knew of its existence, he couldnt contain his curiosity.

Its different! Ian shook his head and said, Sky Islands are not all the same. Youll understand when you get up there.

Ians Sky Island, the final stop of the Balloon Terminal, was an abandoned Sky Island with no inhabitants. But the Sky Island they were about to land on was not only larger in size, but also had a large number of Islanders living on it, making it incomparable.

I see it! Sanji, who was steering the ship, suddenly shouted.

At this point, the ship had reached the edge of the clouds. Strangely, however, the Vertical Currents did not pierce through the clouds but instead converged just beneath them.

Seeing this, Ian immediately signaled for everyone to hold their breath.

Sure enough, as the ship was pushed into the bottom of the clouds, it was submerged, and everyone could only make various facial expressions while clinging tightly to the vessel.

Ya he!! When the ship finally broke through the clouds and saw daylight again, Luffy took a deep breath and then jumped up excitedly.

The Going Merry plopped down from the sky and landed safely on the surface.

At this point, everyones stamina was greatly depleted, so after breaking out, they all panted heavily, soaking wet.

Ian still had plenty of energy left, so he wiped off the water on his face and looked outside the ship.

All around them stretched a vast expanse of blinding white, with billowing clouds stacked upon each other, painting a mesmerizing picture of a Sky Island. The Going Merry drifted leisurely atop the layers of clouds, embraced by the ethereal beauty of the heavens.

Ian unfurled his wings ablaze with fiery hues, bidding farewell to the Going Merry as he soared into the half-veiled skies. To his astonishment, he beheld a cascading waterfall of clouds ahead, an unexpected marvel. Just as he contemplated signaling Zoro and the others to alter their course, his eyes widened in disbelief, he saw Usopp taking off his clothes, seemingly intent on plunging into the depths of the cloud realm to confirm if it truly concealed an ocean.

Dont go! Ian couldnt help but shout, stopping Usopp from his reckless behavior. He knew that there was a bottom to the sea of clouds below, and he didnt want to save Usopp a second time if he fell.

Fortunately, Usopp heeded the advice and didnt dare to move.

At that moment, the little guy Chopper held a telescope and exclaimed in surprise, Ah! Look in that direction! Theres another vessel sailing our way!

Ian followed his direction and sure enough, in the distance, several kilometers away, they could vaguely see a ship. It was unclear where it came from.

However, just after Ian and the others noticed the ship, it suddenly exploded!

This ship, whether it was a pirate ship or something else, turned into fragments in an instant within the sudden explosion!

Witnessing this scene, Ian suddenly remembered something and inwardly exclaimed, This is bad! He immediately turned around and flew back!

When Ian landed on the deck with a thud, as expected, a figure, concealed by an enigmatic mask, was standing boldly upon the very fabric of clouds, rapidly rushing towards the position of the Going Merry.

This figure held a shield in one hand, and wielded a weapon resembling a rocket launcher in the other. The ship that had just exploded was destroyed by this person.

Prepare to meet your demise!

As this masked individual drew closer, he shouted these words before leaping into the air and landing swiftly upon the Merry Go.

Damn it! Want a fight, do you!? Sanji, Zoro, and Luffys faces darkened as they witnessed this spectacle, promptly confronting the masked intruder.

However, as soon as they charged forward, one by one, the three of them were swiftly dispatched by the masked individual. In a mere three moves, the masked figure brought Sanji down with a single kick, sent Zoro flying with a direct strike to his sword, and knocked Luffy to the ground with a powerful punch.

With lightning speed, the masked individual first incapacitated the trio, then leaped from the other side of the ship and landed back on the cloud layer.

Wait What are you three doing!? Nami exclaimed in astonishment, unable to fathom the fact that the three powerhouses of the Straw Hat Pirates were taken down by their opponent in an instant.

Only Zoro, Sanji, and Luffy understood their predicament. Since arriving on this Sky Island, they had felt as if their strength had been sapped, but they remained oblivious as to why.

The masked individual reached the cloud layer, gliding along for a distance before abruptly turning around and making his way back, once again leaping onto the ship.

This time, his target was none other than Ian!

Ian stood steadfast, his gaze unyielding as he witnessed the audacity of this assailant. Unable to contain his disdain, he emitted a cold snort.

He knew this masked individual was likely a Skypiean, but regardless of their identity, anyone who dared to harbor ill intentions toward him would soon realize their grave mistake!

As he watched the assailant raise their leg, preparing to strike him with their peculiar ice-blade footwear, Ian swiftly sidestepped and extended his left hand, grabbing hold of the intruders ankle with a forceful grip.

Get down! Ian bellowed, giving a powerful tug, sending the masked figure crashing down onto the deck.

Boom! The Merry Gos deck was instantly pierced by a large hole caused by the impact, while the Skypiean assailant was left reeling from Ians overwhelming strength.

Maintaining his grip on the intruders ankle, Ian lifted him out of the pit. However, the masked individual refused to relent. The moment he was pulled out, he raised his rocket launcher, aiming it backward at Ians face, ready to fire.

Yet, in a display of unparalleled speed, Ian was faster. At the instant he saw the rocket launcher being raised, he clenched his right hand, triggering a resounding click as the Senbonzakura blade snapped open.

Just as the assailants rocket launcher fired, Ians blade gleamed brightly, slicing through the weapon the moment it was ignited, shattering it to fragments in the Skypieans hand.

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