Night of the Broken Gliph - C.195


Good morning, Miss Woo and Mister Cheuk, Kwan Shan Chuen greeted them respectfully.

Good morning, Miss Woo and Mister Cheuk. Messy greetings rang across the room, though the middle-aged man called Teacher Cheuk seemed unbothered.

So troublesome. Why do I have to teach a bunch of newbies? Id rather spend my time reading more books.

Mister Cheuk, rules are rules, Woo Nim replied expressionlessly.

Mister Cheuk let out a long sigh. Siu Woo, you may leave.

Woo Nim bowed slightly before leaving. Kam Chin Kee was smiling in silence when Chui Yim subconsciously whispered, Look at your obscene smile. Whats up?

I guess Im an obscene person in this kids eyes, huh? Kam Chin Kee turned around helplessly. Look, every detail of Miss Woo screams that shes a person with high discipline. Theres not a single strand of hair out of place. Shes very predictable..

However, shes bowed to this middle-aged man who seems even more obscene than me. If you noticed, she made a seventy-five degrees bow to show her respect. The middle-aged man must be no ordinary person.

What nonsense. Isnt that obvious? Chui Yim rolled his eyes. How could a simple man be qualified to teach gliphism?

Kam Chin Kee only gave Chui Yim a smile in response.

After Woo Nim left, the man yawned and laid on the table after scratching his back.

Time slowly passed, leaving the students to stare at each other silently while waiting for the teacher to start his lesson.


Gradually, snores could be heard. Chui Yim stared with his mouth open. Is he snoring? He really fell asleep, huh?

At the same time, somebody couldnt restrain himself and stood up. Hey, are you even a teacher? Why are you sleeping during lesson time? This is a waste of the time we spent travelling from the North to realise that the Cloud Palace outer sect is just a scam!

What did you say? Mister Cheuk woke up slowly after hearing the shout, rubbing his eyes before turning towards the teen who huffed fearlessly.

The teen wasnt from any clan; he was a disciple of the Four Seasons Heaven, Fu Yin Hon. He was a talented cultivator who came just short of Yeung Tin Hun. However, he wasnt jealous and looked up to him instead. Thus, he was ecstatic when he heard he was taking Yeung Tin Huns place in the Cloud Palace outer sect.

Ill improve myself here to assist Young Master Yeung Tin Hun better! Moreover, it was said that Young Master Yeung will be here for the enrollment, so Ill need to assist Sir Yeung Tung, the Winter Peak master, who should be here in advance to prepare. But who would have expected this place to be so useless!

As a teacher, be it voluntary or not, you should fulfil your responsibilities! Fu Yin Hon was simple-minded, his words so direct that even the Southerners who disliked Northerners couldnt retort.

What responsibilities? It was as if Fu Yin Hons words interested him. You mean the responsibility of a teacher to teach?

Of course. Fu Yin Hon sneered as he looked at the messy middle-aged man like he was an idiot.

Nope. Thats inaccurate. Mister Cheuk laughed on hearing him.

Why? Fu Yin Hon was taken aback.

Mister Cheuk smiled thinly with his eyes shining brightly, which was unbefitting of his lazy character. You guys arent children anymore. From the moment you join the Cloud Palace outer sect, you are destined to be different from students of ordinary institutions.

The way teachers normally teach, step-by-step guidance according to a textbook, doesnt work for all of you. I dont care how it has been for the previous generations, but as your current gliphism teacher, Ill do things my way.

Mister Cheuk stood up as he waved his hands. The chalk moved by itself, writing Gliphism on the blackboard,

Gliphism is a deep subject; nobody can even confirm that the mainstream gliphism were currently learning is correct due to the war a thousand years ago, which resulted in the loss of much knowledge. Thus, many theories that came into existence within a thousand years are still inconclusive.

This time around, it wasnt Fu Yin Hon who spoke up, but a pretty girl that Chui Yim recognised to be the one who spoke up upon his arrival yesterday. She looked tanned and healthy, her short ponytail swinging as she stood up. There have been many great cultivators from clans and organisations these past thousand years, and we have been steadily progressing and improving since.

Wrong. Mister Cheuk shook his head. If thats the case, answer this. Why are there no six-chambered or ten thousand-gliphic state cultivators in this world if all of us cultivate correctly?

Thats a state similar to being immortal. How would I know? The girl was stunned.

Wrong, utterly wrong. Mister Cheuk shook his head so hard his head looked like a tambourine. Without competition, you guys have lost the mentality of seeing cultivating as fighting against the heavens, which will limit your future achievements and potential.

This made the girl flush red, not daring to reply.

Mister Cheuk, why not just get to the point and teach us. Another voice rang out. As soon as he spoke up, the class quietened down.

This person was none other than Lam Zaa, crown prince of the Lam dynasty.

Oh? You look familiar. Are you Lam Chuns kid? Mister Cheuk looked at him excitedly. How did such an ugly Lam Chun give birth to such a handsome kid?

Lam Zaa was speechless. It seemed like Mister Cheuk and his father were familiar with each other. Mister Cheuk!

Alright, since all of you are stupid, Ill show you how I teach. Just ask away. Mister Cheuk raised his index finger. Ask if you have any questions related to gliphism, and Ill answer while the rest learn from my answers. Thats how I teach.

I wont teach anything voluntarily. You might as well kill me if you want me to teach you step by step. Mister Cheuk put on a bored look and yawned, ready to lie on the table and sleep again.


Chui Yim looked next to him to see Kam Chin Kee standing up. Gliph strings form gliphs by absorbing the energy of heaven and earth and turning them into our own. I understand this, but is there a way to make it perform physical attacks directly?

His question caused a commotion in the class, where many students were outstanding gliphists. They turned to the most famous orphan in the South disdainfully.

He lives up to his name of being a country bumpkin. He doesnt even know how gliph strings form, huh? Gliph strings arent solid; how could you launch a physical attack with it? This is going against the most basic of principles!

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