Night of the Broken Gliph - C.190


Kam Chin Kee laughed, not putting Chui Yims word to heart as whatever he said was crystallised from his multiple lives. How would a teenager understand that?

This conversation left both parties with a weird feeling in their hearts. They remained silent as both felt the other wouldnt understand them.

Not much later, Woo Nim returned with two white uniforms. This is the outer sects uniform. Remember to wear it tomorrow, she said before turning to Chui Yim with an uncharacteristic gentle look. Im old friends with Uncle Wun. He troubled me to look after you.

Chui Yim instantly understood that Uncle Wun was Bak Wun. It should be Principal Bak. Wow, hes quite reliable, huh? The realisation of Bak Wuns capability made Chui Yim stop addressing him as an old man. Thank you.

You may leave for now. Lessons will officially start tomorrow.

Yes. See you tomorrow.

Goodbye, Miss Woo. Kam Chin Kee bowed respectfully.

With that, both of them left.

Woo Nim you can do this you can do this she mumbled to herself as she watched them leave.

Both of them stood beside the doors of the temple.

Alright, Ill see you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow, brother Chui. Kam Chin Kee smiled thinly.

Suddenly, fireworks burst out in the skies. It was gold in colour in the shape of a flame. This made Chui Yim wave his hands hurriedly as he dashed away. Something cropped up at home. Ill be leaving first!

Kam Chin Kee, who was about to return to the palace, had a weird expression at this sight. This kid The thought of this made him run after Chui Yim. Brother Chui, Ill go with you.

So, why are you following me? Chui Yim turned helplessly to Kam Chin Kee who was at his side.

We are classmates, after all. I cant leave you alone when theres trouble at your house, Kam Chin Kee answered with a smile as they ran along the trail.

Chui Yim chose the residence at Wandering Sons Lake because it was only ten minutes away from the Cloud Palace, and for two teenager that cultivated energliph, five minutes was enough to rush back.

Currently, the residence was bustling with activity. Chor Clan cultivators were standing guard outside his house together with Tse On.

Hehe, our little friend is back. Tse On stared at him appraisingly. My young friend is a mysterious person, huh? I see that the special quota you got has drawn some unwanted attention.

Thank you for the trouble, Uncle Tse! May I know the situation?

Tse On wore an odd expression on hearing Chui Yim. The Chor Clans young master, Chor Shing Chit, is inside but I dont think theres a need for him to make a move.

Kam Chin Kee followed Chui Yim into his residence. Seeing the horizontal scroll Poor men rejected confused him, but Kam Chin Kee kept silent. Since Lam Chun paid for his school fees when he got his place, Kam Chin Kee was unaware of the crippling school fees; he didnt even know that school fees were needed.

The moment they entered, Kam Chin Kee was shocked. In front of them stood an expressionless man with his arms akimbo. The man was none other than Chor Shing Chit, and he was glaring at a group of people standing in front of him.

About five to six two-chambered or lower cultivators stood in front of him in the courtyard that connected the living room to his workspace and bedroom. One must pass through this courtyard to reach the remaining two rooms, and this ordinary-looking courtyard was filled with traps and mechanisms.

Kam Chin Kee was a veteran mechanist. The unassuming decorative hill in the courtyard had countless thin strings connecting it to another decorative hill by its side. Concealed weapons would shoot out from the decorative hills if one were to trip on the strings. A gravel path was present next to the grass field, which was theoretically the best place to set up a trap. But on the contrary, itl was the safest place in the courtyard, with a huge trap hidden beneath the grass. If someone stepped on it, the mechanism would activate the other traps and launch the firework signal.

The more Kam Chin Kee observed, the more hidden mechanisms he discovered. They were unassuming and easily overlooked by others, but not him. What shocked him the most was that the mechanisms were the same as those from the Thousand Mechanism Sect, the sect he was from in his previous life.

Actually, they were more than that. The mechanisms were inspired by those from his previous life, but they were now improved using gliphs from this world.

Yes, gliphs. Besides simple mechanisms, this ordinary-looking courtyard was a huge death trap consisting of gliph formations and mechanisms! With the knowledge he gained from the Palaces Sacred Scripture Pavilion, he could tell even a three-chambered glipher would suffer if they were careless.

That was why Chor Shing Chit didnt attack, because all the cultivators in front of him were of two-chambered state or less and now seriously injured after activating several traps and mechanisms. The unluckiest amongst them was a one-chambered glipher who touched a trap disguised as a gorgeous flower, nearly losing his arms. He lost three fingers as a result and was currently screaming in pain.

Chor Shing Chit had a complicated look plastered on his face. He came yesterday, yet he hadnt discovered most of the traps. However, he didnt know that the mechanisms Chui Yim set were designed to catch people trying to sneak by. If one were to walk on the path, he wouldnt activate any mechanisms.

All of them are spies who wanted to check on you, Chor Shing Chit said coldly. How do you want to deal with them?

Chui Yim rubbed his hands together with a kind smile on his face as if he wasnt upset by their trespassing. I want to end this matter peacefully. Look at this poor glipher. As a doctor, I can immediately help treat and detoxify

Oh right, detoxify. Speaking of that, I bet the few of you havent realised that youve been poisoned. Your body will feel numb in three days, a high fever will come five days later, and youll see heaven in ten days. Ten Days to Heaven, thats the name of the poison my shabby master invented. Since youre here to spy on me, Im sure you are aware of my alchemical skill. Some elixirs save lives, but other elixirs can kill just as easily.

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