Night of the Broken Gliph - C.164


Chor Chong Hoi was slightly stunned at Chor Huet Zhins words.

Chong Hoi, thats why youre not qualified. Youre too short-sighted. The Chor Clan might be huge, but its nothing compared to the rest of the world. Chor Huet Zhin shook his head. You must care about the big picture. As long as the clan continues to prosper, it doesnt matter who becomes the clan leader.

His words made the clan members flush red in embarrassment, out of either guilt or excitement. Chor Chong Hoi remained silent as he was at a loss for words.

Well follow the usual rules. The winning faction will become the next clan leader. If anyone plays dirty, Id like to remind you that Im still alive and have the power to stop you. We cant flush the clan down the drain just because of one or two peoples ambition. Moreover Chor Huet Zhin scanned his surroundings. My days are numbered. My request to see my son one last time isnt going overboard, right?

Nobody, even Emperor Lam, could stop Chor Chun Ping from returning and seeing his father one last time because filial piety came before anything else.

As the news was sent to him via mail pigeon, Chor Chun Ping immediately rushed back via the teleportation gliph formation.

There were teleportation gliphs at all the four bulwarks to be used to send immediate reinforcements in the case of an attack. But Chor Chun Ping used it despite possibly facing punishment. He was willing to receive any punishment as long as he could spend his fathers last days with him. Chor Chun Ping didnt want to be even a second late.

He rushed back to the clan to see all the Chor Clan members in the Mansions Martial Arts Hall.

It was an assembly of all five factions, including their family members, their wives and children; only Chor Chun Pings faction was incomplete, with only a few family members present. Chor Chun Ping and Chor Shing Chit were the only ones that could truly represent their faction.

Chor Chun Ping didnt even have the chance to speak to Chor Huet Zhin because Well speak later was the first thing Chor Huet Zhin said when they met. Thus, Chor Chun Ping who understood his father well sat down immediately and prepared to fight for the Clan Leader position.

The Chor Clans Clan Leader competition was a simple one.

Members of each generation would take turns to go up and fight until they were satisfied with the result. As a clan of battle cultivations, especially gliphers, their overall strength was amongst the best in the South. Chor Huet Zhin was considered the second strongest four-chambered glipher in the entire South, with only the Night Lion Tse Clan known as the strongest four-chambered glipher clan in a thousand years ranking first.

The strongest becomes the king was the simple doctrine that Chor Clan represented. Not all of the Chor Clan leaders were geniuses. Some were only strong without much brains , but thanks to their clans tradition, the clan could still survive without needing such a clever clan leader.

Talents like Chor Huet Zhin who were well-rounded were rare even in the thousand years of the Chor Clans entire history.

Alright, since everyone is here, lets start! Chor Huet Zhin declared casually as if it wasnt a competition that determined the clans future but rather a casual bout.

But no one made a move.

In fact, despite being an internal conflict, all the Chor Clan members strengths were out in the open, and no internal conflict would become too extreme. No doubt, Chor Chong Hois faction was the most powerful right now. Chor Chun Ping might be slightly stronger than Chor Chong Hoi, but Chor Chong Hoi had Chor Sing of the younger generation.

Chor Sing, a three-chambered glipher and the Metallic Blood War Gate outer sects teacher. Not just an elite of his generation, he had the support of the Metallic Blood War Gate as well. His father, Chor Chong Hoi, would likely have become the next clan leader if not for Chor Huet Zhin who suddenly left seclusion and held this election.

It was extremely difficult for older cultivators to reach the five-chambered stage unless they had reached the four-chambered stage at a young age. This was why most clans valued their younger generation more than the older generations. Four-chambered state cultivators were powerful in remote places, but not in South Imperial City, the capital of the South.

With this logic in mind, talented and promising youngsters were more important than the older generation!

No clan member made a move as all of them knew that this fight was for Chor Shing Chit and Chor Sing. Chor Shing Chit, who made a sudden return, was the only person worthy of being Chor Sings opponent, as nobody else in their generation could rival Chor Sing.


A figure stood up. Chui Yim turned around to look.

He was a classic Chor Clan member who looked emotionless and cold. What was different was that he looked slightly evil, which made everyone looking at him uncomfortable.

Chor Sing hopes to challenge Chor Shing Chit. Chor Sings voice boomed across the hall as he touched the jade at his waist, a rod appearing in his hands. Chor Huet Zhins eyes lit up in slight admiration as he saw this.

Hes indeed unlike his father!

Chor Huet Zhin liked how Chor Sing initiated the challenge. By right, it was Chor Shing Chit who should be anxious as this competition would result in Chor Chong Hois victory if nobody challenged Chor Sing.

But instead of waiting, Chor Sing challenged Chor Shing Chit who was once the clans premier talent. His bravery was to be commended, which also proved his strong willpower. This made Chor Huet Zhin feel like it didnt matter who became the clan leader as long as they supported the clan.

With Chor Chun Ping and Chor Chong Hoi, who represented brawns and brains respectively, and their sons Chor Shing Chit and Chor Sing who were great talents and brave men, the Chor Clan would definitely prosper for at least a century to come.

Chor Shing Chit stood up, similarly expressionless.

As a Chor Clan member, he wouldnt shrink back. At the same time, Chui Yims eyes were focused on the long, dark green rod in Chor Sings hands. There were gliph patterns all over the rod that looked extremely lightweight.

He then leaned towards Chor Shing Chit and whispered, Chor boy, be careful. His gliph weapon is a powerful one that should be grade three. The gliphs on it are Pierce, Whistle and Winds Answer.

Chor Shing Chit turned to Chui Yim and left after nodding. Chor Huet Zhin was taken aback by Chui Yims knowledge. He doesnt only know medicine but forging as well? Since the competition was about to start, Chor Huet Zhin threw his thoughts away and focused on the competition.

Chor Sings weapon wasnt an item from the Chor Clan but a gift from the Metallic Blood War Gate; he received the Breaking Wind Rod after reaching the three-chambered state.

The Chor Clan was renowned for their versatile rod techniques. The same held true for both Chor Shing Chit and Chor Sing; their techniques were of the same origin.

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