Night of the Broken Gliph - C.153


Bang! The door was pushed open hard.

Shadow frowned at the noise, his murderous intent rising, but he was stopped by Lam Zaa who was facing away from the door. Lam Zaa turned around to see a drunk Mo-Yung Kit. Face flushed red, Mo-Yung Kit stared at Lam Zaa with a jug of wine in hand.

Who the hell are you to stop me from coming up!? Wait You look familiar

Lam Zaa only stared at him silently. He didnt smile or say anything. It was like the easygoing teen Chui Yim just spoke to was imaginary. This cold and apathetic Lam Zaa was his true self.

Mo-Yung Kit stared at him a few seconds later, his eyes wide like a doll. He trembled so hard that the jug in his hand fell from his hand. He sobered up immediately as he turned pale like he had seen a ghost.

Lam Lam

Lam Zaa glanced at him before turning to face the pitch-black skyline of Southern Ping. On behalf of what you went through yesterday, Ill only punish you lightly. You shall not step out of Southern Ping for the next three years.

Mo-Yung Kits body shook as he stood rooted in fear. Shadow, who was behind Lam Zaa, glared at him. His highness is being generous, so get lost!

Yes Yes Mo-Yung Kit ran off as fast as he could. The royal family, the Lam dynasty, had the utmost prestige and authority in the South. Even his master, Mo-Yung Yin, had to greet the crown prince politely if they met. Mo-Yung Kits status was nowhere near that of Lam Zaas.

Chui Yim would be stunned if he saw Lam Zaa act in such an overbearing manner.

There werent many changes to Chui Yims life after meeting Lam Zaa. He tossed the badge that could make countless envy him into the badge that Ping Chi gave him.

His easygoing personality had always helped him forge many friendships. Lam Zaa, Tse Yu Bak, Ping Ching, and even Chor Shing Chit, who was already in his thirties, were all his good friends. However, he didnt consider all of them his close friends. People like Lam Zaa whom he only met once were considered acquaintances.

The rest of his days were extremely busy. Besides cultivating the Nine Levels Of Heavens Flame and physical training, he was also learning medicine and alchemy from Ping Chi and advancing quickly in both subjects.

Besides memorising the profound alchemical knowledge and recipes in alchemy, he also learned how to use the Nine Dragons Flame-Gatherer Cauldron. At Chui Yims current state, he could only barely activate it, unable to bring out the cauldrons full potential.

The nine dragons symbolise the alchemists proficiency, and the more proficient the alchemist is, the more dragons he can activate. With your current cultivation and state, barely activating even one dragon is your limit. Ping Chi viewed the Nine Dragons Flame-Gatherer Cauldron highly. If not, he wouldnt have given it to his only precious direct disciple.

With the foundation that Chui Tin had taught him, Chui Yim improved at a terrifying speed. Ping Chi even said he could try changing gliphs if not for his lacking cultivation. If he succeeded, hed be a great master in medicine! A twelve-year-old becoming a borderline great master in medicine? Chui Yim was an amazing talent, be it in the future or the past.

He could feel himself improving every day. What took him back was that practising both alchemy and medicine didnt tire him out, but instead helped him with both subjects improve at the same time. He also followed Ping Chis ideology of medicine coming before alchemy and serving the masses.

Another month passed with Chui Yim just as busy yet fulfilling. He had come to Southern Ping in late autumn, and it was already mid-winter. Numerous gliphic plants and herbs on Southern Mountain kept the mountain bright and sunny all year round, so Chui Yim didnt have to suffer the chilly winter.

There was still a year before Cloud Palaces enrollment. On this day, Chor Shing Chit finally woke up.

Chui Yim rushed to his room once he was informed. Chor Shing Chit was somebody he valued; they had been through life and death together. Moreover, Chui Yim was why he was seriously injured this time. They might have a large age gap, but they were very close friends and brothers.

As soon as he entered, he saw Chor Shing Chit cultivating cross-legged on the bed. He coughed out some black blood a while later, which Chui Yim was more happy than worried about.

Chor Shing Chit had been in a coma due to the Yellow Springs Ladys final mental attack despite his body already recovering. Him coughing up blood wasnt bad for his body, as his awakening showed that he had recovered from the mental attack.

It was a blessing in disguise, Chor Shing Chit said. He was pale as a sheet of paper, but he smiled happily.

Do you feel uncomfortable at all? Chui Yim walked toward him immediately.

No. Chor Shing Chit shook his head. Even better than before. I can now store more energliph in my left foot chamber to break through my fourth chamber.

Chui Yim was startled but soon burst into laughter. Really a blessing in disguise! Remember to block more attacks for me next time, you might break through another chamber if you do! Hahaha!

Chor Shing Chit regaining consciousness meant that they would soon continue their journey of travelling to South Imperial City for Cloud Palaces enrollment.

Ping Chi wasnt against this. Cloud Palace was a renowned academy throughout the world. They might not interfere in worldly affairs, but attending the Cloud Palace and becoming one of their seven disciples would definitely allow Chui Yim to become an amazing personage in the future. Ping Chi knew that it would help Chui Yim greatly if he could study in Cloud Palace.

Chui Yim arrived at Ping Chis courtyard. Today would be the day they continued their journey and left Southern Ping.

Ping Chi acted like he knew nothing about it and continued teaching Chui Yim as per usual. Chui Yim listened attentively and didnt bring up the matter either.

The sky turned dark after some time.

Cultivation plays a huge role in both medicine and alchemy. Energliph is needed to support both occupations. Regarding control over energliph, I can already use gliphs strings to imitate human organs and have reached the Divine Doctor stage, but I dont have enough energliph to sustain it. Thus, I can only be considered a half step divine doctor. Remember that no matter what path you decide to take in the future, your cultivation foundation is of utmost importance.

This reminded Chui Yim of the Heavens Flame, which was absorbing his energliph, inside him as he smiled bitterly. But he didnt express it, responding with nods instead.

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