Night of the Broken Gliph - C.148


The medical puppet brought forward was missing an arm. To be exact, the other arm was placed on the ground next to it. It was made to imitate a patient who lost his arm.

A slash Seeing the puppet, Chui Yim wore a weird expression. There wasnt any inspection needed, as the wounds traces symbolised that it was burned and almost impossible to rejoin the arm.

This injury was the same as the one I left on Chan Ngou Tin with the Flames Knife gliph back at Southary!

In contrast, Mo-Yung Kit got to work immediately after the puppet was brought up. Reconnecting an amputated limb was something that only grandmasters could do. This was a great challenge for them who werent even great masters.

Unlike the previous Three Slaps, this scenario made no sense to begin with.

Despite this, Mo-Yung Kit began working by following his instincts. Chui Yim regained his senses and got to work as well.

Ping Chi and the other clan leaders on the stage watched them silently. They might be able to discern Mo-Yung Kit and Chui Yims progress, but their report was all that mattered, as it reflected their true skill and knowledge.

After a long time, both of them were finished. Neither glanced at the others work during the competition as that was considered a taboo. This was the same with elixir refining. If one was distracted by the other party, they would lose focus, affecting their work. Absolute focus was required in all careers, be it combat, forging, medicine, alchemy or anything else. Staying focused on oneself mentally and remaining unfazed by external conditions was crucial.

Mo-Yung Kit stepped onto the stage first, a servant trailing behind him and leaving after placing the puppet down.

After bowing, he began. But unlike the previous round, he got to the point immediately. A fire-attributed gliph weapon or gliph amputated the patients arm; Im leaning towards it being a gliph, as a huge amount of energliph belonging to gliph strings rather than a gliph weapon was found on the wound.

Rejoining an amputated limb is beyond my capability. Thus, I chose to first save the patients life by inserting my energliph into the patient, expelling the fire poison and closing his blood vessels and meridians with my gliph strings. After that, I used medicine to help the patient regain his energy. After a week, the gliph strings would disappear, and the patient would recover. He might have lost an arm, but his life will be saved.

The six of them looked at Mo-Yung Kit stoically, whilst Mo-Yung Yin glared at Chui Yim. Not bad, next.

Mo-Yung Kit only saw Chui Yims puppet when he left the stage. He was startled, as the amputated arm of the medical puppet

As soon as Chui Yim walked onto the stage, he began without bowing to the clan leaders and Ping Chi. The Flames Knife gliph caused the wound on this puppet.

How do you know that it was the Flames Knife Gliph? Mo-Yung Yin retorted immediately. As a doctor, its important to confirm the truth of our assumptions. How can you be a doctor if you confirm something without verifying it?

Then, let me ask you, Divine Doctor Clan Leader Mo-Yung, if this was the Flames Knife Gliph? Chui Yim sneered.

Mo-Yung Yin frowned at Chui Yim angrily. As a hundred-gliphic state Divine Doctor, he had unimaginably powerful senses. He had already detected the puppets situation the moment Mo-Yung Kit stepped onto the stage. But Chui Yim wasnt even in the single-gliphic state, and there was no way he possessed such powerful senses. Thus, Mo-Yung Yins immediately retorted when he heard Chui Yim mention the cause of the wound.

He thought Chui Yim was a lucky fool who pulled off a blind guess that struck the mark, so he told Chui Yim off. Anyone else would hesitate if the Divine Doctor told them off, but not the bold and straightforward Chui Yim who reincarnated.

After all I caused this injury. Be it coincidental or on purpose, this injury is the same as the one I gave Chan Ngou Tin back in Southary. So how would I not know the main cause?

Seeing Mo-Yung Yin remain silent, Chui Yim immediately stared at him. Ah-ha! So dont try to trick me!

Such a rude kid! Mo-Yung Yin said, fuming.

Sorry, thats just how my disciple is, Ping Chi spoke slowly. He only respects the heaven, earth, his master, and his parents. Nobody else..

Am I right, my disciple? Ping Chi turned to Chui Yim with a smile. Despite him continuously scolding Ping Chi in his heart, Chui Yim knew how to behave properly in public. He was on stage as Ping Chis disciple, and if he were to argue with Ping Chi now, the sissy Mo-Yung would definitely not let it go.

Yes, my master. He forced his laughter and continued with his report, trying to change the topic. This injury is so serious that the arm cant be easily reconnected. The attacker directly aimed to amputate the patients arm. If he aimed for his head, the patient wouldve already died.

Both the amputated arm and wound on the torso contain a strong fire poison. There are many solutions to the poisons, but we need a clear goal before deciding what to do. And I aim to help the patient recover fully, including rejoining his arm.

Reattaching an amputated arm is something that only grandmasters can do. How are you going to do it? Mo-Yung Kit snickered beneath the stage, but he only received a weird look from Chui Yim that seemed to carry a silent message, Are you an idiot?.

I obviously cant do it myself, but what about other doctors? If this was an actual patient, there would definitely be other grandmaster doctors present who can deal with it after. Dont we even have the famous Divine Doctor here?

Ill apply the frozen sky fruit juice on the patients wound and amputated arm. Then, Ill use energliph to activate the juices effects and eliminate the fire poison. Ill seal the arm with the frosty gliph to keep it fresh. Once a grandmaster doctor is ready to take over, we can start reconnecting the arm immediately

Frozen sky fruit? But this isnt included in the ingredients given by the clans Mo-Yung Kit was taken aback.

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