Mythical Era: I Evolved Into A Stellar-Level Beast - C.3 - : Relationships


This content is taken from 𝐟𝐫𝗲𝗲𝘄𝗲𝗯𝗻𝐨𝘃𝗲𝐥.𝐜𝐨𝗺

Watching the class teacher leave the classroom, the other students instinctively look towards the leaders of the class in the front row.

There's no helping it, after all, they are the class leader and the Martial Arts Committee Member.

Seeing this, these two students are not stage-frightened. They walk up to the stage, and many male students' eyes light up as the female class leader is quite beautiful.

"My name is Crystal Leinster. As the Class Leader of Class 3, I hope everyone will actively cooperate with our class tasks in the future."

Having finished speaking, this female student named Crystal Leinster scans her gaze over everyone. She emanates a mysterious powerful aura which makes many students unable to meet her gaze.

Then, the other male student smiles and says, "Hello classmates, my name is Mason Watkins, and I'm going to be in the same class as you all for the next semester."

"I hope we can help each other and work hard to get through our first beautiful semester."

"Now we are going to pick up our study materials, and we need some classmates to join us. I wonder who is willing to help?"

"I will."

"Me too."

"And me..."

After Mason Watkins finishes speaking, many male students actively stand up, showing great enthusiasm.

Senior One is the best age. Although this girl named Crystal Leinster is slightly aloof and has a strong aura, who can deny her beauty?

Soon, six male students and one female student volunteer to contribute to the class, and they all follow the two out of the classroom.

At this time, the male student in front of Jack Clark claims, "They even decided on the class leader and the Martial Arts Committee Member without asking our names, I'm sure there's some kind of quid pro quo going on here."

"A quid pro quo, just for a class leader position?" Jack Clark was somewhat surprised.

The male student in front turns around and says meaningfully, "My friend, you are underestimating the role of high school class leaders. It's not that simple."

Upon finishing, this male student introduces himself cheerfully, "Hey, brother, my name is Justin Welan. I studied in the third intermediate during junior high, you?"

Jack Clark simply replies, "Jack Clark, I was promoted from Forest Mount No.1 Middle School."

"Forest Mount No.1 Middle School, eh? The scenery there is nice, I visited there once."

Jack Clark looks at this straightforward-looking youth and is curious, "Justin, what's the difference between high school class leaders and junior high ones?"

"The difference is huge."

Justin Welan says somewhat enviously, "According to the country's regulations, everyone can learn True Martial Arts after high school, but you need to know that there are dozens of students in a class, and one to two thousand in a grade."

"Under such circumstances, True Martial teachers definitely can't pay full attention to all students. They all teach dozens, even hundreds of students at a time." fr(e)ewebnov(e)

"At this time, the identities of the class leader and others become prominent. As class leaders, they can avail genuine reasons to get one-on-one teaching by the teachers."

"At that time, a little guidance from the teachers about cultivating techniques or personal experiences could help them gradually surpass other classmates."

"The better their performance is, the more attention they will get from the school, even from official channels. There will be resource inclination, and they will progress faster step by step."

"I see." Upon hearing this, Jack Clark now understands why his classmate in the front row suspected collusion.

These crucial positions were assigned directly by the class teacher without even asking for the candidates' names, which was indeed odd.

At this time, Justin Welan whispers, "That's not all, I heard that the class leaders who pursue martial arts in high school receive monthly contribution reward points."

"Contribution points, what are those?" Jack Clark is somewhat puzzled, 'he' indeed didn't know about this.

Justin Welan shakes his head, "It's an important resource for cultivating martial arts. I heard about it from my brother, who asked me to earn some when I get to high school if I had the chance."

Justin Welan seems to be the warm-hearted type, after finishing his chat with Jack Clark, he turns back to strike up a conversation with the female student in front, quickly mingling with the classmates around him.

Not just him, but the other students in the classroom all feel the novelty of their new environment on the first day of school.

Only a few, like Jack Clark, sit there quietly observing their surroundings.

Soon, Crystal Leinster and Matt Watkins return with students holding various packages.

After distributing textbooks, a lot of students leave the classroom, walking around the campus to familiarize themselves with it, especially Crystal Leinster and Matt Watkins who are the most popular.

Jack Clark, however, chooses to go home as he needs to buy food for the Six-legged Salamander.

"How much is this shrimp?" Jack Clark stands in front of the seafood stall at the farmers' market.

"Twenty RMB per catty."

Jack Clark pauses slightly and points to the small belt-fish in a basket on the ground, "How about these small belt-fish?"

"Five RMB."

"Give me ten catties of small belt-fish." As only Doris has an income, there's a lot of pressure. Jack Clark naturally tries to save where he can.

After making a scan code payment, Jack Clark lifts ten catties of fish, as well as some greens for lunch and dinner and leaves the market.

Doris usually goes to work very early and returns very late, so preparing dinner usually falls on Jack Clark, while Glenn takes care of the dishes.

Returning home, it's just past ten. Glenn hasn't returned yet.

Jack Clark freezes most of the small fish in the fridge, takes the remaining one catty of fish, removes the organs, washes them clean, and chops them into small pieces.

After all, it's ultimately for himself, so it's good to keep it clean.

The Salamander Avatar had been starving since morning. On the way home, Jack Clark could feel a strong sense of hunger emanating from the avatar.

When Jack Clark carries a plate of fish upstairs, the white Salamander's small, black sesame-like eyes spin around, looking somewhat adorably dazed.

Jack Clark moves his consciousness, focusing on the Salamander.

Immediately, the formerly lazing Salamander rises, its tiny limbs moving as it scuttles over to the plate and begins eating.

Jack Clark didn't know if it was due to a lack of Spirit Power or the fact of sharing a consciousness. When he focuses his attention on himself, the Salamander Avatar will be in a state of weak consciousness.

While it doesn't shut down, its reactions become slower.

Similarly, when his consciousness controls the avatar, his human body reacts in a similar slower manner, unable to control both bodies freely at the same time.

As for this issue, for now, he doesn't know how to resolve it, and can only look forward to developing the ability to multitask smoothly.

While Jack Clark is deep in thought, the Six-legged Salamander under his control eats chunks of fish, one bite at a time.

The moment these pieces of fish enter its stomach, they are dissolved and digested at an astonishing speed, turning into faint warm currents spreading through its entire body, becoming nutrients for growth.

Then, the white Salamander, with hexagonal patches on its cheeks, grows visibly larger.

The digestion ability of the Salamander Avatar is terrifying. Each time it eats its volume's worth of food, it grows by one centimeter, then repeats the cycle.

It only enters a buffering period after accumulating 1 Evolution point.

According to Jack Clark's observations, the avatar's size can increase by four centimeters per day, obtaining 2 Evolution points, and consuming two catties of food. In just a few days, it could meet the requirements for the first time evolution.

"I wonder what the Six-legged Salamander will evolve into, a Giant Six-legged Salamander? Or evolve into a Hexagonal Dragon?"