Incompatible Interspecies Wives - C.79: An Unresolved Curiosity (1)

Incompatible Interspecies Wives

C.79: An Unresolved Curiosity (1)

Lets go.

After collecting the payment for the request, we began to prepare our return to Stockpin.

Village chief Nox nodded, and Kayla waved with a bitter expression.

Take care. Thank you.

...Farewell, Berg-nim.

Soon, I turned my back to them.

They werent the only ones I had to say goodbye to.


Go, Berg. Well meet again.

The reunion with an old friend was brief. And now it was time for us to return to our own lives.

We shared a light embrace.

...Be careful. And do not die, Berg.


If you hear anything about Max, let me know. I told you, Im at the Humming Trading Company.

Yeah. If you need any help, contact me in Stockpin.

We patted each others back.

Perhaps because we were old friends...

Parting wasnt exactly easy.

But I had experienced such farewells many times.

It was not just one or two people I had to send off while leading the mercenary group.

So, with a bit of time, I could shake off the farewell with Flint.


At the same time, Baran called out to me.

While checking on the mercenaries, he looked up.

Were ready.

I nodded to him and exchanged a final glance with Flint.

Then, I mounted my horse.

As I got on, the rest of the mercenaries also mounted their horses one after the other.

...Uh... Berg?

But someone called out to me.

Looking down, I saw Ner next to my horse, lifting one foot with a grimace on her face.

I looked at her left foot wrapped in a bandage and asked.

...Cant you get on?


Flint, still nearby, offered,

Let me help-

-Ah, no. Im fine.

But before he could even finish, Ner signaled her refusal.

She then looked back up at me.


Perhaps she didnt like being touched by others.

So I dismounted.

I approached Ner and lightly grabbed her waist.

A firm yet soft touch was felt.

Ner didnt resist my touch.

It might have been expected.

- Thud.

However, the moment I tried to exert force, Ner lightly grabbed my wrist.



When I asked about her intention, Ner looked away and blinked.

Then, as if embarrassed, she whispered,

...It seems hard for me to ride a horse today. I feel like I cant even step on the stirrup...


As I remained silent, she added,

Thats why... it might be hard for me to ride alone.

Her words had a clear intention.

Ah, since morning, my foot hurts more... You know, the next day is usually the worst, right...?

I nodded at her words.

I whistled softly, calling my horse over.

As my horse approached, I lifted Ner onto it.

This time, she didnt complain.

I then mounted the same horse as Ner.

I extended both of my legs to the left side of the horse and pulled Ner deeper into my embrace.

She didnt resist or pull away like before.

Is this okay?


She seemed about to nod but then turned her gaze to Kayla, who was behind us.


And then she wrapped her tail around my waist.

...Doesnt mean anything?

She added a small excuse.

I shrugged and looked around.

The members with ready expressions, Nox and Kayla watching us with an awkward look.

Flint was wearing a bitter smile.

And Arwins lips were tightly sealed.

It didnt seem like a big issue.

Lets go.

I commanded Baran.

Baran nodded.

And then, leading the way, he started driving the horses.


Arwin watched Berg and Ner who were ahead.

Ner, comfortably nestled in Bergs embrace, had her tail wrapped around his waist.

Even though there was no need for her to keep up the pretense after leaving the village, she didnt let go of her tail.

Berg appeared to have no thoughts about it.


If Arwin remembered correctly, for werewolf touching the tail was reserved only for beloved ones.

Sure, it made sense when Ner first played that act, but why did she keep her tail wrapped even now?

Could it be natural for her to wrap her tail around someone she doesnt even like just to maintain balance?


Berg and Ner kept whispering and conversing at such close proximity.

It was a conversation Arwin couldnt overhear.

What could be so amusing that they never ran out of things to say?

Ner continuously giggled, looking up at Berg.

The sparkle in her eyes was directed at him.


It made Arwin wonder if this was truly the behavior of someone waiting for their destined partner.

And every time she thought this, for some reason, Arwins heart sank heavily.

Perhaps it was because she felt left out.

This situation where she felt so out of place.

In the past, she might have welcomed such a situation... But was it because she got closer to Berg?

It wasnt exactly pleasant.

Arwin sped up her horse a bit, approaching them.

Then, while looking at Ners smiling face, she addressed Berg,

So, arent you going to-

-What are you two chatting about so animatedly?

Berg and Ners gazes shifted to her.


The laughter gradually faded from Ners face.

Quickly adjusting her expression, she looked back and forth between Berg and Arwin.

All the while, Berg tried to respond to Arwins question.

Ner was-


But Ner quickly covered Bergs mouth.




Berg chuckled at her action.

Ner, who had stopped Berg from speaking, looked at Arwin and said,

...Ah, its nothing really.


Arwin just looked ahead with an impassive face.

Her mood didnt seem to improve.


After setting up camp, I helped Ner in dismounting from the horse.

The journey had flown by as we chatted merrily.

If things continued this way, perhaps we could develop deeper feelings for each other.

That one fact gave me peace of mind.

Berg. So, next-


As Ner was about to speak again, Arwin called out to me from the side.

Id been engrossed in my conversation with Ner and had neglected Arwin. Thus, I shifted my attention to her.

Upon meeting my gaze, Arwin spoke.

...The thing you promised to teach me.


Teach me now.

Arwin leaned back, feigning nonchalance but clearly eager.

A look of curiosity surfaced on Ners face.

...What did you promise to teach?

Ner asked me, so I told her,

I promised to teach her how to shoot a bow.

Oh... Really?

Want to watch?

At that question, Arwin and Ners eyes met.

The two glanced at each other, gauging one anothers reactions.

Soon, Ner replied with a lowered head.

...My foot hurts, so Ill stay here and rest.


With Ners response, Arwin urged me.

Then lets go quickly, Berg. Before it gets any darker.




Holding the bow that Flint had gifted, I headed towards an open plain.

I lightly plucked Arwins bowstring and drew it back.

The tension felt right, and it seemed suitable for Arwin too.

Its a good bow, I remarked.

She looked at the bow and said, ...Its the second gift.

She muttered.

First, a ring, and now a bow.

Indeed, as she said, it was the second gift.

Im not sure if youll like it. Try using it today and see what you think.

I then handed the bow to Arwin.

Arwins soft hands took hold of it, feeling its texture.

I laid down the arrows I had brought and began looking for a suitable target.

In the meantime, Arwin inquired, ...Berg, what were you and Ner talking about so intently?

It was a casual question.

I answered her just as lightly.

She asked me to share some fun stories from my days as a mercenary. Thats what I was telling her.

...I see. But earlier, why did she cover your mouth?

Ah. That... Ner shared a secret with me. I couldnt reveal it without her permission.

...A secret.

Ner had told me about a time in her childhood when shed put a fly into Gidons mouth while he was asleep.

It didnt seem like a story worth hiding, but I couldnt reveal a story that Ner wanted to keep secret from Arwin either.

It wasnt much.

So, I gave Arwin a vague response.

Soon, I spotted a tree at a fair distance.

Arwin, see that tree?


Lets use that as our target.

...Isnt that too far?

Arrows fly farther than you think. That distance is manageable.

I stood behind Arwin.

Now, just get into a stance that feels comfortable.

At that, Arwin briefly looked up at me, then awkwardly raised her bow.

She extended her left hand to lift the bow shaft.

With her right, she grasped and drew the string.

Simultaneously, I began adjusting her stance.

Move your right foot back. Good. Raise your left arm more. Line it up with your shoulder.

Its... heavy?

Youre not used to it, so it feels awkward. Its not that heavy. Now, pull the string.

Like... this?

Struggling, Arwin drew the string.

The bowstring was pulled back not even halfway.

Youre off target. If you pull it like that, itll be tough. Try drawing the string with the thought of touching it to your cheek.


Arwin struggled to catch on.

Her left hand trembled, causing the bow to shake.

Her right hand, drawing the bowstring, also moved erratically.

In the end, I held her left wrist steady from behind and overlaid my hand on hers, drawing the bowstring together.

The position made it seem as if I was embracing her.

My body naturally made contact with her back.


But at the same time, Arwin released the bowstring.

Arwin stood still, frozen in place.

I said to her, ...What will we do if you release it like this? I was just about to help.


She didnt respond.

Instead, she cautiously relaxed her throat.

After a brief moment of contemplation, I asked, ...Do you think you cant do it? Theres no need to force yourself if its not for you.


Is it because our bodies touched?

No, its not that. Its just...


Its not that... If you help me again... I think I might be able to...

Arwin mumbled, swallowing her words mid-sentence.

I smiled and told her, Then, try holding the bow again.

I held her wrist once more.





After what felt like an eternity, an arrow cleaved through the air.


The arrow that soared high struck deeply into the intended target.


Arwin let out a short gasp.

Then, she heaved a long sigh.

Though she seemed to try and maintain her composure, her ears flickered up and down.

She looked elated.

...I, I hit it, Berg.

She turned to me as she spoke.

It was as if she was seeking praise.

You did well.

I said with a smile.

Arwin, who had been briefly looking up at me, avoided my gaze with a smile.

It had been a while since I last assisted her.

With her posture stabilized, she managed to draw the bowstring better.

It seemed she was gradually getting the hang of it.

Shall we wrap up for today? I suggested.

Upon hearing that, her mood noticeably dipped.




Today isnt the only opportunity.

So, youll teach me again?

I think you just need to practice on your own from now on.

...But I still dont really know the posture, you know?


After a moments thought, I responded, ...Alright, Ill look over it again next time. Its no big deal.

Only after hearing that did Arwin nod.

She then followed alongside me.

I took Arwins bow and slung it over my shoulder, heading towards the target to retrieve the arrows.

It was more fun than I expected, Arwin shared her thoughts during the walk.

I was relieved to hear she enjoyed it.

In truth, archery wasnt the only thing I could teach her.

She had mentioned wanting to travel the world after my death.

Perhaps it might be beneficial to teach her a few other skills as well.

I said, Im glad to hear that. If you want, I can also teach you how to use a sword for self-defense.

She teased with a playful grin, Didnt you promise to protect me?

As long as Im alive.


At my reply, Arwins expression momentarily stiffened, as if recalling a fact she had momentarily forgotten.

I felt terribly awkward.


Instead of responding, I just scratched my arm.

I shouldnt have said that.

But the future wasnt something I could change, so I decided not to make excuses.

Arwin quickly hid her agitation.

Soon, we arrived at the tree where we had shot arrows.

Looking at the arrows scattered nearby, I commented, You hit quite well.

Only one arrow had hit the tree directly, but the rest were close.

Blushing slightly, Arwin replied, Thats because you taught me well.

...Thanks for saying that.

I began to pick up the arrows one by one.

Arwin did the same, helping me.

Ah, Berg?

Arwin called out to me again.


I feel bad being the only one receiving help... If theres anything I can assist you with, please let me know.

Assist me with?

I might be able to teach you something too, you know?

I pondered for a moment before replying, No, theres not really...

Then, a thought flashed across my mind.


Arwin called my name when I suddenly froze.

Finishing my thought, I asked, ...Can you teach me how to read and write?

The End of The Chapter

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