I Pioneered Scientific Magic - C.58: The Truth Can Withstand Any Form of Examination!

I Pioneered Scientific Magic

C.58: The Truth Can Withstand Any Form of Examination!

"Yes, that's exactly what I mean, Master Herlram."

Lynn nodded, casting a glance at the people present and then rotating the newspaper in front of him, pushing it toward everyone.

"Have any of you read this week's 'Magic Weekly'?" Lynn asked. "The legendary wizard Harof proposed that gravity might exist widely in any object, not just the land beneath our feet."

Lynn couldn't help but feel a bit awed by this. After reading Harof's "paper" in the "Magic Weekly," he realized it was nothing less than the initial concept of universal gravitation. He wondered how far this legendary wizard had already researched... if he had formulated the law of universal gravitation and understood the nature of gravity.

Nevertheless, this could serve as evidence for Lynn's theory because, in Harof's paper, gravity was not just a force pulling things downward but something that could affect the surroundings and even warp space.

"Lord Harof's argument is indeed fascinating and hard to refute," Herlram pondered. In truth, after reading the manuscript, he was leaning more toward the idea that the flat-earth theory was incorrect.

But Herlram was well aware of how this theory could shake the world's understanding when published in the "Magic Weekly." He had to be cautious.

"I've reviewed your star charts, and the theories about rotation and revolution are intriguing. Let's do this: I'll share this theory with some accomplished wizards who specialize in gravity research. If they approve, we can publish it in the 'Magic Weekly' without delay," Herlram said solemnly.

"That's no problem at all. The truth can withstand any form of examination!" Lynn nodded. Everything he had written in his manuscript was purely theoretical, and having professionals confirm it would be the best approach.

"Let's leave the topic of flat-earth and planet theory here," Herlram bypassed that subject and produced another manuscript. "This free-fall law is also interesting. Can you explain it in detail? If I'm not mistaken, it should be related to gravity."

"I think conducting an experiment would be the best way to illustrate it!" Lynn shrugged. Practical experimentation was the only true test of truth.

"In that case, according to this law, a feather and this solid earth sphere should fall at the same rate!" Kevin, who had been eavesdropping on their conversation, couldn't wait to interject.

He acknowledged that the theory of the Society of Mystical Arts about the planet was groundbreaking, but this so-called free-fall law was just nonsense!

Kevin directly used Mage's Hand to lift the solid earth sphere from the table and sent the quill into the air in the same way. Then he canceled the spell, and both objects fell from the same height.

In just two seconds, the earth sphere fell heavily to the ground, breaking into pieces, while the feather quill floated down to the ground after more than ten seconds.

Seeing this result, the wizards present all turned to Lynn, their faces displaying a mocking or bemused expression.

"This is merely the influence of air resistance. Why not try conducting the experiment in a vacuum?" Lynn calmly explained. During his time in the Mists of the Foggy Sea over the past half month, he had already performed a simplified version of the small sphere experiment and wasn't concerned about it failing.

Vacuum? The professors from the academies contemplated this new term, and under Lynn's explanation, they quickly grasped its meaning.

Herlram thought for a moment and motioned for everyone to step back, then gently extended his hand and tapped it lightly.

Lynn immediately sensed that the "elements" in front of him were being stripped away at an incredible speed due to some mysterious force. After a moment, a rectangular vacuum field measuring four meters in length, four meters in width, and seven meters in height appeared before everyone.

Witnessing Herlram create and maintain such a large vacuum field with such ease, Lynn couldn't help but feel amazed. Although he had previously deprived a hunter witch of oxygen in the slums, the fact was that air continued to circulate. What he had created was just a small temporary low-oxygen area.

The power of a Grand Wizard far exceeded that of regular wizards, and this revelation left Lynn surprised. He had only been testing the waters with his previous comments, not expecting Herlram to achieve this feat so effortlessly.

Herlram retrieved the feather quill and used magic to create a solid iron sphere. He placed both objects within the vacuum field simultaneously.

Two objects with a thousand-fold difference in weight fell at the same rate.

At that moment, the expressions of Theodore and the others changed from casual to fearful. Their eyes widened, fixed on the scene, because the feather quill and the solid iron sphere were indeed descending at the same speed.

"It's true, this is actually real..." Philip muttered in amazement.

"This can't be! Master Herlram, did you accelerate the feather quill's descent?" Kevin suddenly stood up and looked at Herlram, unable to contain his questions. It was undoubtedly an offensive remark, but Kevin no longer cared.

Herlram didn't pay him any mind and continued the experiment, replacing the iron sphere and feather with other materials like wood, stone, and water droplets. The results were consistently the same.

Seeing this, regardless of the professors present and their feelings, they had to admit that the manuscript's law of free fall was indeed a fact!

"Could Master Yad's theory be completely wrong?" Kevin's puzzled expression remained on his face.

"No, his theory isn't wrong. It's just a different interpretation of air resistance," Lynn explained casually.

Master Yad's theory had prevailed and gained the acceptance of most wizards because it explained a portion of natural phenomena. For instance, his teacher, Kora, had based her improvements to the Icy Blade spell on fluid dynamics knowledge that extended from Yad's theory.

While reading the "Magic Weekly," Lynn even found wizards who integrated air resistance into the influence of gravity, theorizing that the constant movement of air and elements was also due to gravity's effects.

This was undoubtedly a perplexing hypothesis.

However, Lynn had no intention of mocking or underestimating the others. The pursuit of truth in the world was always accompanied by countless errors. Throughout history, scholars had often proposed numerous different theories for the same physical phenomena, each of which sounded reasonable and could explain a portion of the phenomena.

But with time's accumulation and continued verification, truth always triumphed over error.

The reason Lynn could sit here and discuss without arrogance was not because he was smarter than everyone present. It was simply because he stood on the shoulders of giants...

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