I Pioneered Scientific Magic - C.25: Son, Learn to Exercise Restraint!

I Pioneered Scientific Magic

C.25: Son, Learn to Exercise Restraint!

Where did the problem arise exactly...

Lynn pondered continuously. Using his noble status as an introduction, he had planned to meet Loude through a trade, considering it the quickest and safest way. However, he unexpectedly hit a roadblock at the very first step.

This left Lynn somewhat perplexed. He even began to wonder if Loude had received some unfavorable news, prompting him to hide deliberately.

If that were the case, things might get complicated. Finding someone who wanted to remain hidden was not an easy task.

While Lynn was contemplating this, the crowded harbor abruptly descended into chaos. Amidst a series of screams, a finely decorated carriage rushed through the narrow road towards them.

Which noble family is being so ostentatious?

Lynn furrowed his brow, ready to step aside. But the carriage stopped right in front of him.

In no time, a well-dressed, tall, slender middle-aged man descended from the carriage and bowed politely.

"Finally found you, Young Master Lotte. Please, come with me immediately. Lord Pedrol has something very important to discuss with you."

Faced with this unexpected invitation, Lynn almost didn't react, but after a moment's recollection of Lotte's diary, he quickly determined that this person before him was the steward of the Pedrol estate. A bead of sweat appeared on Lynn's forehead.

This identity was only meant for temporary use, as a way to enter the harbor town and secure a meeting with Lame Loude. He never expected the real master to show up at his doorstep.

And even faster than he had anticipated!

To go or not to go?

Countless possibilities flashed through Lynn's mind. After a pause of one or two seconds, under the steward's respectful yet unwavering gaze, Lynn nodded and drew aside the curtain, taking a seat in the carriage.

Clip-clop, clip-clop...

The stagnant carriage slowly began to move, navigating the muddy road of the harbor. The constant swaying made Lynn somewhat uncomfortable.

"Before entering the mansion, you'd better tidy up a bit. If Lord Pedrol sees you like this, he'll be quite displeased!" The carriage curtain was lifted again, and the tall, slender steward reminded Lynn, gazing at his hands.

Lynn lowered his head and noticed that his hands were covered in a yellow-black powder, most likely from when he had helped the halfling Bill move barrels.

Wait a minute... Lynn suddenly raised his hand and sniffed it.

This scent is reminiscent of...


Pedrol Manor stood in the northwest part of the harbor town, perched on the most bustling street. The imposing dark iron gate towered over the entrance. As the carriage glided through the gate, Lynn quickly noticed something hidden beneath the surface.

Sparse weeds extended from the gaps in the stone pavement, and the flower beds along the road had withered halfway due to lack of maintenance.

But it was to be expected; the Pedrol estate hadn't hired a gardener to tend to the flower beds for a long time.

After a brief wash, Lynn was led by a servant to the front hall of the estate. Baron Pedrol was already seated at the table, which was adorned with a deep red tablecloth.

Sitting at the same table was a brown-haired teenage girl, about sixteen or seventeen, who stared at him with an inexplicable gaze, presumably Lotte's sister, Ivina...

Lynn silently observed and took a seat at the only vacant spot. On the table in front of him lay a steaming plate of steak and a few unidentified leafy greens. Clearly, this was to be his dinner for the evening.

Compared to water-soaked black bread, this was considered quite sumptuous!

"Where were you, my son? I intended to find you last night, but you were nowhere to be found in the estate," Baron Pedrol inquired disapprovingly after Lynn had taken his seat. His gaze, however, shifted to the tall, slender steward who had entered with them.

"I found the young master at the harbor docks," the steward responded without averting his eyes.

Baron Pedrol's face immediately darkened. He spoke sternly, "I should have reminded you, Lotte. It's fine to relax, but never spend the night in such disreputable places, mingling with dirty harlots!"

Lynn was left speechless. So, you thought I went whoring, huh?

What made it even more uncomfortable was that he couldn't easily retort. He couldn't say that your son didn't return home last night; he probably drowned himself in the sea, could he?

Anticipating Lotte's expected response, he hung his head, remaining silent.

"I don't want there to be a next time!" Baron Pedrol's tone was quite severe. After a pause, he continued, "Furthermore, in the next few days, all of you need to be cautious. Harbor Town has not been peaceful lately."

"I heard that Archbishop Anluke recently took a large contingent to Ur Town to apprehend those devil-worshipping cultists. The losses were severe; out of a hundred elite guards, only a little over ten returned alive. Not only that, even Archbishop Anluke himself was seriously injured..."

"These wizards are really that powerful?" Ivina, who had shifted her gaze away from Lynn, asked in astonishment.

It should be noted that in the entire Secas Empire, though it was ruled by kings and lords, the real authority lay with the church. Or rather, with the great Lord of the Stars, the Goddess of Creation, Eira's emissary on Earth.

And figures like Archbishop Anluke in the Nordan Domain were undoubtedly the voice of the gods. The stark contrast of seeing such a significant figure fail in the pursuit of wizards made Ivina temporarily unable to accept it.

"These wizards have been corrupted by demons and possess unimaginable magic. They are not easy to deal with," Baron Pedrol said, shivering involuntarily.

A year ago, he had met Archbishop Anluke, and the man appeared to be roughly his age, maybe even a bit younger. But tonight, when they met again, he saw an elderly man in his eighties or nineties. He couldn't fathom what kind of magic could transform the powerful Archbishop into such a frail-looking figure.

What Baron Pedrol couldn't imagine even more was that one of the key players in this story was sitting silently at his side, calmly cutting into the steak with knife and fork.

For Lynn, the fact that Archbishop Anluke was still alive was somewhat unexpected. He thought, given the circumstances, the bishop had only three possible outcomes.

Either he was poisoned, crushed to death, or sacrificed to complete that ritual.

Or could it be that the so-called projection of Eira saved him?

However, it was apparent that the rescue wasn't quite complete, given that Baron Pedrol mentioned that he was seriously injured...

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