Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over - C.8 - Lu Li: This Is What You Told Me!

Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over

C.8 - Lu Li: This Is What You Told Me!

All his efforts did not bring a sliver of goodwill from them. After playing roles for so many years, Lu Li himself couldn’t distinguish between reality and pretense. He couldn’t help but ponder, what if Zhang Ziqin truly fell for him?

What if Lu Ya genuinely considered him as a brother? Even if the next second that damned system decided to electrocute him or send a car to run him over, he might still choose to stay, right?

But the appearance of the protagonist shattered all of Lu Li’s fantasies.

Watching Zhang Ziqin getting closer to him, watching Lu Ya, that backstabbing woman, team up with him, even knowing it was all scripted, how could Lu Li accept it?

What followed, he himself didn’t know whether he was still acting, or if he was genuinely furious.

But in the end, those two glasses of wine at the banquet completely woke Lu Li up.

From that moment on, he didn’t care about anything anymore, mechanically completing the so-called plot, with his greatest wish being to escape from this damned world and return to reality.

But even that last wish was betrayed by the system.

Since it’s like this, then let’s not let anyone off easy.

“Lu Li, what exactly do you want to do?” Jiang Ting glared at Lu Li furiously, the respect she had managed to maintain before now completely gone.

This waste, this damned playboy, how dare he do this.

Just a failure destined to be defeated by his sister.

How dare he?

She’s Miss Lu Ya’s capable lieutenant!

“I thought you were prepared for this, seems like I’m really disappointed!” Speaking in a melancholic tone, Lu Li savored her current state of disarray.

That face, which used to look down on him, that mouth, which used to be so sharp against him, now clearly flustered.

He relished this feeling.

Seeing his enemy reveal their most disgraceful side in front of him.

If Lu Li were to look in a mirror right now, he might even scare himself; a handsome face now revealing an indescribable expression.

That expression, a mix of satisfaction and cruelty, along with a despair-inducing coldness, made Jiang Ting unconsciously shiver, then came a deep sense of shame.

She was actually scared by such a waste who relied solely on his family background.

“Let’s start!” Before Jiang Ting could say anything more, Lu Li spoke indifferently.

The people on the other end of the TV immediately understood, nodded to Lu Li, and opened the gas canister.

“Lu Li, what exactly are you trying to do?” Jiang Ting panicked, looking at Lu Li in a fluster.

Constantly looking around, wondering why General Manager Lu Ya hasn’t shown up yet.

Miss Lu Ya, hurry up, this waste is rebelling.

“In a moment, your home will be engulfed in flames, your parents will die in this fire,” Lu Li said, his voice as cold as ever.

His gaze fixed on the discomposed Jiang Ting.

The hatred in his heart couldn’t be dissolved, so once he returned to this time, he forced his parents to make a choice in the most extreme way.

Even if it meant shooting himself, he wouldn’t hesitate…

“How dare you…” Jiang Ting glared at Lu Li furiously, as if ready to pounce on him and tear him apart.

“Just an illegitimate child destined to be defeated by his sister.”

“You think so?”

Facing the bewildered Jiang Ting, Lu Li even wore a gentle smile, like a refined young master discussing business, but in reality, he was breaking Jiang Ting’s psychological defenses in the cruelest ways.

“It’s impossible, absolutely impossible.” Panic filled Jiang Ting’s eyes.

How could Lu Ya be killed by such a waste?

“You can tell that to your parents.” Lu Li gestured towards the large TV screen, where two people tied up struggled futilely, their mouths gagged as if trying to say something, but they looked so powerless.

“…” Jiang Ting began to tremble uncontrollably, the struggle of her parents on the screen leaving her at a loss.

She realized her mistake; the disputes of the wealthy were never something she should have been part of, not like the dramas on TV.

Lu Ya was just an adopted daughter with no blood relation to the Lu family, no one in the Lu family would care about her.

Thinking she had aligned herself with Lu Ya meant aligning with the top-tier Lu family, she didn’t expect to bring such disaster to her own family.

Terrified, she looked at Lu Li, her body seemingly losing all its strength instantly.

“Lu Li, please spare my parents, I know I was wrong, I’m sorry, I beg you, let them go, I can die, but please spare my family!!!” She wailed in agony, pleading.

Lu Ya isn’t going to show up, just as Lu Li said, she’s already dead, otherwise why hasn’t Lu Ya appeared by now?

She’s not my support.

“Really strange, Miss Jiang Ting, I’m just doing what you told me to do, why are you dissatisfied?”

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