Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over - C.71


Chapter 71: Those Who Offended Him Are Now in College

During dinner, Cao Yingying also came over. These past few days, she had been increasingly bold in her actions, making one wonder if she was planning to move in.

“Remember to wash the dishes.” Chen Xiaoyi glared at You Meng, commanding her.

This infuriating woman, upon returning, was found lying on Lu Li’s legs, and not just lying there but also doing things that made Chen Xiaoyi blush just by looking.

This detestable woman, on her first day at work, couldn’t leave early and let her take advantage.

How detestable, truly detestable!

You Meng, pouting, glared back at Chen Xiaoyi without showing any weakness. She was willing to do anything for Lu Li, but that didn’t mean she would submit to Chen Xiaoyi.

She wasn’t unaware that this woman, Chen Xiaoyi, also worked for Ye Chen in her previous life. The only difference was that Chen Xiaoyi continued to work for Ye Chen after reincarnating, but this woman managed to be found by her big brother ahead of time.

But You Meng couldn’t say much; Chen Xiaoyi was big brother’s first woman, deeply loved by him, and now was an important employee under big brother, crucial to him. As someone still trying to make amends, You Meng couldn’t afford to offend her. If she made big brother choose, he would surely abandon You Meng for Chen Xiaoyi.

Pouting, she obediently started cleaning up.

“It’s just washing dishes, right? There are also Lu Li’s dishes inside. I’m helping big brother wash them.”

She consoled herself this way.

“Ye Chen’s news has been suppressed.” Sitting next to Lu Li, Cao Yingying looked at him with a meaningful gaze.

“Yeah, I know. That guy has some complicated background, so it’s expected.” Lu Li nodded, acknowledging it wouldn’t be easy to deal with Ye Chen if he were just a normal protagonist.

“What do you plan to do then?”

“I don’t plan to do anything. Let him develop his business in Magic City while I focus on mine here in Hangzhou. Am I supposed to be afraid of him?” Glancing at the delicate hand resting on his, Lu Li laughed heartily and pulled Cao Yingying into his embrace.

“After curing the old man’s legs, I’ll pay that guy a visit in Magic City.”

Cao Yingying had already confessed her feelings and had been coming to his house daily. To say Lu Li had no interest in the only female lead character not conquered in the plot would be nonsense.

“Yeah, I believe in you!” Cao Yingying smiled tenderly, her eyes full of trust.

In her previous life, if not for the despicable actions of Lu Ya and Zhang Ziqin, Lu Li wouldn’t have been killed by such scum, even intentionally walking towards his own death.

Thankfully, this time, Lu Li didn’t continue down the dead-end with Zhang Ziqin.

“If you need any help, just tell me. I’ll help you.”

Lu Li slowly closed his eyes. Chen Xiaoyi was intentionally shaped by him into his preferred style, using a mix of kindness and authority. Now Chen Xiaoyi depended on him and showed him excessive favoritism.

You Meng, someone he knew from before, was grateful and guilty towards him, and thus, was exceptionally obedient.

But Cao Yingying… this deep affection puzzled him, leaving Lu Li feeling somewhat overwhelmed. The scariest part was he felt he could no longer persist.

Regardless of where this affection came from, Lu Li didn’t intend to let it go unreciprocated.

“Ah!” Cao Yingying exclaimed as Lu Li suddenly picked her up and placed her on his lap.

A soft kiss landed on her, causing Cao Yingying to freeze. Reacting, she cooperated with Lu Li’s actions and wrapped her arms around his neck.

This woman, like a gentle lotus as depicted in the story, had lips that seemed to exude infinite charm, leaving a lasting impression.

Suddenly, Lu Li felt a tug on his arm and opened his eyes to find Chen Xiaoyi by his side, looking at him with a pitiful expression.

That forlorn look was indeed moving.

“Alright, let’s go treat the old man!” Lu Li stopped at the right moment, gently smiled at Cao Yingying, and with a free hand, gave Chen Xiaoyi a gentle noogie.

What an unabashed playboy.

“Alright! Let’s go!” With a charming smile at Lu Li and then at Chen Xiaoyi, seeing Chen Xiaoyi’s tearful and pouting face, Cao Yingying couldn’t help but cover her mouth and giggle.

She disliked the drama of jealousy and envy. Fortunately, after spending some time together, Cao Yingying realized Chen Xiaoyi was deeply in love with Ye Chen, which was enough for her.

Cao Yingying didn’t want to engage in meaningless activities; she just hoped for Lu Li’s happiness in this life.

Anyone who could potentially threaten that happiness, she would ruthlessly eliminate.

“Wait for me to return!” Winking at Chen Xiaoyi, Lu Li said cheerfully. In a place filled with favoritism towards him, his mood couldn’t help but improve significantly.

Chen Xiaoyi instantly brightened up, waving at Lu Li with a beaming smile.

You Meng silently watched, disdainful of Chen Xiaoyi’s weak demeanor in her heart, but in reality, she was almost dying of envy. When would she receive the same treatment as Chen Xiaoyi?

After the treatment session, Lu Li had Cao Yingying bring him a small hammer, gently tapping on a few acupoints on Old Master Cao’s legs.

“How does it feel, old man?”

“Nothing… Lu, didn’t you say it would take three months to see results? Why so eager now? You’re not playing me, are you?” Old Master Cao chuckled, appearing like a typical old mischief.

But anyone who truly saw him as merely an old mischief was foolish.

In his youth, Old Master Cao was notoriously fierce, stirring up the entire capital and forcefully elevating the Cao family to one of the top four families in the capital.

Back then, the Cao family wasn’t even considered among the top four! However, such actions inevitably attracted resentment. The injuries to his legs came from that time, but those who harmed him are probably in college by now!

“Three months is for average traditional Chinese doctors. Now that this young Lu is treating you personally, it’s normal to see faster results. Over here…”

“Ah!” Old Master Cao let out a cry of pain as a sharp ache emerged on his calf.

“This…” Old Master Cao was astonished, looking at Lu Li in shock.

The pain in his paralyzed legs excited Old Master Cao. After so many years, his legs actually felt something. If he hadn’t faced so many storms in life, he might have been moved to tears at this moment.

Lu Li nodded with satisfaction: “Looks like it’s starting to take effect. Continuing this way, recovery will be much quicker than expected.”

“Grandfather, did you really feel it?” Cao Yingying, too, was excited and proud, looking at Lu Li with shared triumph.

Although she always knew Lu Li would succeed, she couldn’t help cheering for him.

“Hahaha, Yingying, this time, you’ve really brought a treasure back for your grandfather!” Old Master Cao laughed heartily, overjoyed. He had given up hope for his legs, never expecting there would be hope for recovery.

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