Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over - C.67


Chapter 67: Ye Chen’s Disdain

After spending two full days, dodging through crowds, Ye Chen finally made it to Magic City. With disheveled hair and emitting a stench of the sewers, his dirty and tattered clothes made people around him cover their noses, unwilling to smell the overly pungent odor.

“Grandma, that uncle smells so bad!” A child, led by his grandmother, pointed at Ye Chen.

“Don’t stare. Cover your nose. People like him are the trashiest,” the grandmother said with a face full of disdain, pulling her grandson away.

“Oh!” The little boy obediently covered his nose.

Ye Chen heard their conversation loud and clear. They didn’t even bother to lower their voices. His face, covered in grime, darkened, and a flicker of murderous intent passed through his eyes. He, the leader of the Sky Dragon Organization, when had he ever been so wretched? Even in those first few years abroad, he never experienced such indignities.

Somehow, no matter what troubles he faced, it seemed like a force always helped him resolve them, allowing Ye Chen to turn dangers into safety, step by step, bolstering the Sky Dragon Organization into the behemoth it is now.

Ye Chen believed himself to be the chosen one of this world, but ever since he returned to his homeland, it seemed like nothing went his way.

Starting from the banquet at the Zhao family estate, those women, one after another, as if possessed, publicly embarrassed him, all for the same man.

That worthless young master, Lu Li, whom Ye Chen looked down upon.

Why would those goddess-like figures fall for a waste like Lu Li? Even though Ye Chen found it incredible, the reality was right in front of him.

Indeed, those women liked Lu Li, and Ye Chen found himself outperformed by such a nobody in the eyes of these women.

Whether it was Zhang Ziqin or Cao Yingying, they were women Ye Chen had set his sights on for their backgrounds, beauty, and the power behind them.

You Meng, whom he had long considered his woman, became Lu Li’s woman after spending just a few hours with him and even attempted to assassinate Ye Chen. And now they had all run off to Lu Li’s side.

This feeling of betrayal brought Ye Chen a sense of powerlessness he had never felt before. The last time he felt this was when his parents were murdered, forcing him to flee abroad.

This sensation made Ye Chen want to lose his mind and scream hysterically, to return to Hangzhou and perish together with them in his rage. Yet, the last shred of rationality stopped him. Currently, without the Sky Dragon Organization by his side, facing Lu Li alone would only result in his own loss.

Silently lowering his head, Ye Chen endured the pointing and whispering of the crowd.

After wandering for hours, he arrived at a luxurious estate on the outskirts, determined to seek revenge. He wanted Zhang Ziqin and Cao Yingying to kneel and beg for his forgiveness, to show You Meng the consequences of betraying him, and to make Lu Li die in the most miserable way in despair.

“Sir, this is a private property. If you’re here to beg, please go somewhere else,” security personnel stopped Ye Chen from going further, their eyes filled with mockery.

Ye Chen’s face darkened, wondering when he had ever been mistaken for a beggar.

“I’m here to see Mr. Chen. Tell him, my last name is Ye,” he said darkly, memorizing the face of the security guard who looked down on him.

“Sir, please don’t joke. Leave now, or we’ll have to take measures,” the security guard said, suppressing disgust at Ye Chen’s filthy appearance.

“Just inform Mr. Chen, and you’ll know,” Ye Chen gritted his teeth, glaring at the young security guard, the humiliation burning in his memory.


“Alright, sir, please wait. We’ll notify Mr. Chen right away,” another, slightly older security guard came over and said to Ye Chen, shooting a fierce look at the younger guard.

“Chief, look at this guy’s appearance. How could he possibly know Mr. Chen? He’s clearly a scammer,” the younger guard complained.

“Shut up. Do you have no discipline? When someone specifically names and asks for someone, and even gives their own name, you must report it. Whether Mr. Chen wants to see him or not is not for you to decide,” the chief scolded.

“Wearing this and looking for Mr. Chen, could he be Mr. Chen’s relative?”

“Hmph, what if? Are you willing to gamble on that ‘what if’ with your moment of satisfaction? Don’t overestimate yourself. Just do your job, and if you offend someone, can you bear the consequences, or can I?” the chief glared at the young guard.

Now, the young guard had nothing to say.

“Let’s go notify Mr. Chen!”


“Father, don’t worry! Since there’s no news yet, that’s also a good sign,” a mature and beautiful woman in an elegant cheongsam stood beside an elderly man, trying to comfort him.

The old man looked worried: “Ah, Xiaoya, your sister had a hard life! She’s gone, and her only child was abroad for so many years. Now, he finally comes back to the country only to face such a situation.”

“Hmph, he deserves it for causing such a mess as soon as he returned,” Chen Ya’s eyes flashed with malice. If Ye Chen were to die, that wouldn’t be too bad, sparing them from his disgusting antics.

She harbored a secret she couldn’t tell others: she was a reincarnated person. For some reason, she suddenly found herself back in the present. As for her nephew Ye Chen, Chen Ya was very disgusted by him – no, repulsed.

Murderous intent hid in her eyes.

Old Master Chen sighed: “This time, Xiaochen must have been framed. He couldn’t possibly have killed that family over some petty revenge.”

Chen Ya fell silent for a moment. Although she disliked Ye Chen, she knew him well enough to believe that such actions were not in his nature.

It seemed this life had changed, and Ye Chen had offended even more people.

Could she possibly get rid of Ye Chen sooner?

She gave her father a deep look, of course, without letting him know. Her father had always doted on Ye Chen excessively because of his mother, Chen Ya’s sister.

“Master, Miss…” Someone knocked on the door.

“What is it?”

“Someone outside is looking for Mr. Chen. He says his last name is Ye. Should we let him in?”

“What, a Ye? Bring him in quickly,” Old Master Chen’s eyes brightened, urgently requesting.

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