Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over - C.61


Chapter 61: Ye Chen in the Sewers

“Today, our city witnessed a major case. The bankrupt Lu Corporation suddenly suffered a tragic annihilation. According to the investigation, law enforcement found a dagger at the scene. Based on the fingerprints on the dagger, law enforcement identified the murderer as a man named Ye Chen, who was reportedly in good relations with the Zhao family and was invited to their home recently. As for the murderer’s motive, it is still unclear…”

“My goodness, wasn’t the Zhao Corporation about to go bankrupt? This is too tragic!”

“I don’t care about whether they were going bankrupt or not, I just want to know why that friend of the Zhao family would murder them.”

“It’s definitely because the Zhao family treated him too well, and bred resentment. The Zhao family couldn’t keep providing for him, so he grew to hate them.”

“Maybe so, gratitude turns to grudges, tsk tsk tsk!”

“This Ye Chen, looking all humane and decent, doing such inhumane deeds!”

“Beauty lovers, retreat, this is a battlefield…”

Turning on the TV, mobile phones, news about Ye Chen’s big face was plastered everywhere, setting the stage for his infamy!

Isn’t Ye Chen always dreaming of breaking into the domestic market and making a name for himself? Now, his name is indeed known nationwide.

Those two fingers were also confirmed to belong to Ye Chen.

Lu Li’s doubts about You Meng completely dissipated. Unexpectedly, in this protagonist-centered novel world, Zhang Ziqin struck a deal with Ye Chen in just a few words, Lu Ya was coaxed into humiliating him time and again, eight years of affection, over a decade of kinship couldn’t elicit a shred of emotion from them, yet there was still someone like You Meng, a clear stream.

Although he didn’t know how she found him in this life, since she was still looking for him now, it means she hadn’t given up searching in her previous life. Compared to Zhang Ziqin and Lu Ya, she indeed could be considered a clear stream.

But sins do not diminish. In the story, this woman killed him, maybe because she didn’t recognize the nail, and indeed, she had been working for Ye Chen, his enemy, for so many years. To say there were no grudges would be impossible.


Ye Chen crawled out from the sewer, covered in foul smell, looking utterly wretched. Clenching his teeth, hatred nearly spewing from his eyes, his fists clenched, his fingernails digging into his flesh, blood dripping onto the ground unnoticed.

You Meng made a move against him, even tried to kill him, something Ye Chen couldn’t tolerate.

Zhang Ziqin, Cao Yingying, those women were only coveted by him, and considered as his women, but You Meng had been by his side for so many years, he had long regarded her as his woman.

Now, his woman had betrayed him, and even told him that she now belonged to Lu Li.

This was utterly humiliating for Ye Chen.

Glancing at his right hand, two fingers were chopped off by You Meng, her decisive attitude nearly drove Ye Chen’s rationality to burn away.

He couldn’t accept his woman’s betrayal. All traitors deserve to die.

A fierce light flashed in his eyes, murderous intent uncontrollably sprouting in his heart.

He, the esteemed leader of the Sky Dragon Organization, when had he encountered such a situation?

“Lu Li, what’s the deal with this damned guy? Zhang Ziqin siding with him, Cao Yingying as well, and now even You Meng has run off to his side.”

The humiliations he suffered these days were unprecedented in his life. Zhang Ziqin publicly rejecting his cooperation offer, the humiliation from Cao Yingying at the Cao family’s birthday banquet, and now You Meng’s betrayal.

This was nothing like what he had envisioned upon returning to the country. In Ye Chen’s plan, after returning home, things were supposed to go smoothly, easily achieving cooperation, bringing his Sky Dragon Organization to the domestic scene, surrounded by beauties, full of high spirits. But reality slapped him hard.

The Zhao family was annihilated, and he became the prime suspect, even the only source of his power, the Zhao family, was thoroughly ruined by that Lu Li.

“No, this can’t go on. Hangzhou is no longer safe for me. First, go to the Magic City, and get rid of this criminal charge!”

Hangzhou was only Ye Chen’s planned first stop. His ultimate goal was the Ye family in the Imperial City. As the long-lost eldest son of the Ye family, he was determined to reclaim everything that belonged to him.

According to his original plan, he was supposed to soar in Hangzhou, bringing his Sky Dragon Organization into the country through the connections of the Zhang family, and then move on to the Magic City.

The Imperial City was supposed to be his final stop in the country, but all his plans were disrupted by that worthless Lu Li.

Biting his teeth fiercely, his heart filled with murderous intentions towards Lu Li.

“Zhang Ziqin, Cao Yingying, you all wait for me. Today’s humiliation, I will return it to you sooner or later. I will make Lu Li kneel and beg for mercy in front of you, and as for You Meng, I will let you know the consequences of betraying me.”

Looking back at Hangzhou one last time, Ye Chen swore in his heart and headed in the direction of the Magic City.


At Lu Corporation, wearing a black pencil skirt, black stockings, paired with fiery red high heels, holding a bouquet of bright roses, Zhang Ziqin approached the reception desk.

“Hello, I would like to see President Lu…” Even today, Zhang Ziqin still couldn’t get used to this title, her voice trembling slightly.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Zhang, our president didn’t come to the office today,” the receptionist said politely, not her first time seeing Zhang Ziqin.

“Isn’t that the President Zhang from the Zhang Corporation? Why is she running to the Lu Corporation?” Employees passing by whispered upon seeing Zhang Ziqin.

“Hey, don’t make such a fuss. Who doesn’t know she comes here every day, always with roses,” a colleague remarked nonchalantly.

“Ah! She comes every day, bringing roses? Wasn’t it said that our President Lu was her lapdog? This…”

“Cut it out, you’re out of the loop. Now, who doesn’t know this woman used to string our President Lu along, always asking for favors! If it weren’t for President Lu asking Old President Lu for help, Zhang Corporation would have been finished long ago. This woman strung President Lu along for eight years, and now that President Lu stopped chasing her, she’s running over here.”

“Ah, so Ms. Zhang is that kind of person? She doesn’t look it!”

“Heh heh, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Just learn your lesson!”

“So, why is she here now?”

“What else could it be? After President Lu took office, he terminated all cooperation with Zhang Corporation. This woman is panicking, trying to curry favor with President Lu again, but unfortunately! She used to ignore President Lu, and now our President Lu is out of her league!”

The whispers of the employees were soft but still reached Zhang Ziqin’s ears.

These days, such voices never stopped, like countless swords piercing her heart.

Zhang Ziqin slightly lowered her head. She didn’t defend herself. She willingly bore all this, all the debts she owed to Lu Li.

Initially, Lu Li would come to her company’s doorstep every day, but she never let him upstairs. Just being rejected by Lu Li for a few days made Zhang Ziqin feel heart-wrenched. How disappointed must Lu Li have been back then!

She too had experienced the feeling of being insulted.

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