Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over - C.5 - Zhang Ziqin’s Past

Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over

C.5 - Zhang Ziqin’s Past

“Take this piece of rotten flesh and throw it out, find a secluded place to bury it, and don’t let me hear any news about you buying her a tombstone.” As if he had no sense of pain, Lu Li finished bandaging himself and stood up, walking out of the room, leaving the couple looking at each other in dismay.

“Old Lu, has our son been traumatized?” Mom asked, worriedly looking at her husband.

“Perhaps, Lu Ya has indeed been a bit too much recently, her ambitions were laid bare.” Lu Guofu nodded, glancing at the lifeless body of his daughter, “Find someone to dispose of it, and make sure the secrecy work is done well afterward.”

Their son making achievements was a good thing. As for Lu Ya, dead is dead. After enjoying the treatment of Miss Lu for so many years but still not being satisfied, she deserved her fate.

Lu Li went straight to Lu Ya’s room and took out her computer. The so-called password was trivial for Lu Li.

Well, this woman actually used a childhood photo of her and Lu Li as the wallpaper. Was this supposed to be her last bit of conscience before becoming heartless?


Swiftly operating the computer, indeed, since Lu Ya took over the company, she had done quite well.

She had planted her own people everywhere in the company. Should we say, as expected of the original female lead, truly a wolf that can’t be tamed!

Of course, these people couldn’t be used, especially since they must have put in a lot of effort during Lu Ya’s ‘coronation’ in the previous life.

Sigh! They’re all enemies.

No need for pleasantries when dealing with them.

At this moment, in the grand and luxurious Zhang family estate, the well-mannered Zhang Ziqin was full of anxiety. As the host, she scanned the guests but could not find the one she wished to see.

She was Zhang Ziqin, and she had been reborn…

Back to this heart-breaking day.

In her previous life, it was at a party hosted by the Zhang family where she did something she would regret for the rest of her life.

She would never forget that it was at this party, under Ye Chen’s instigation, she publicly humiliated Lu Li, the man she loved the most.

Rumors had always been circulating that she detested Lu Li, the lapdog, but the truth was the exact opposite; she had never hated Lu Li.

She just… didn’t know how to face Lu Li’s deep affection.

As the daughter of the Zhang family, she had her own goals, to revive the Zhang family at all costs.

Lu Li’s persistent pursuit, never giving up, how could she not be moved?

There was so much she wanted to say, but when the words reached her lips, they turned into the most hurtful words, as if only by doing so could she find some comfort in her dark heart.

She collaborated with Ye Chen partly because her business could reach new heights with Ye Chen’s resources, and reviving the Zhang family had always been her wish.

On the other hand, she hoped she could make a name for herself without depending on Lu Li.

Throughout those years, after she took over the Zhang family conglomerate and received a lot of financial support from Lu Li, she quickly doubled the company’s net assets.

At that time, she thought that Lu Li would eventually marry her, so his things were no different from hers. But having received too many favors from Lu Li over the years, she wanted to prove her own strength, that she wasn’t just a woman who relied on her man.

Moreover, she was favored and thus fearless.

She firmly believed in Lu Li’s affection for her. Since he loved her, he should trust her. Her collaboration with Ye Chen was just business.

This point was very clear to her; the only person she liked was Lu Li.

Thus, Zhang Ziqin was not worried at all that she would lose Lu Li because of this.

She never considered whether Lu Li could accept her working with another man.

That day, at this party, Ye Chen showed up and offered her an irresistible price, and Lu Li, furious, made a scene at the party.

His distrust made Zhang Ziqin feel humiliated. Why don’t you trust me? The only person I love is you, and it’s just business, why can’t you accept it?

Under such emotions, she made a decision she would regret for the rest of her life.

In front of everyone, she humiliated Lu Li.

When that glass of crimson wine was poured on Lu Li’s face, Zhang Ziqin felt exhilarated at that moment. To her, it was the right thing to do for a lover who didn’t trust her.

Although Lu Li’s face was terrifyingly dark then, she didn’t pay much attention.

Nor did she think she was wrong.

But since then, Zhang Ziqin suddenly realized that she and Lu Li were drifting apart; he was no longer the same.

His visits became less frequent.

At that time, Zhang Ziqin was only disappointed in Lu Li. Surely, no love is eternal, she never thought she might be wrong.

Why couldn’t he understand her? She and Ye Chen were just business partners; she only loved him.

At that time, she had no idea that love doesn’t have a progress bar.

A man’s love can be very strong, very overbearing… but it also can be exhausted by disappointment after disappointment. Love has limits; when you keep depleting it, it’s gone.

Her cold treatment, calling him at her whim, had exhausted all of Lu Li’s affection for her.

When she realized it, it was too late. At that time, Zhang Ziqin was all about making the Zhao family business bigger and stronger. As for Lu Li, she thought she could just explain to him later.

She naively believed Lu Li was just throwing a tantrum, being jealous.

She was also heartbroken by Lu Li’s distrust.

Until that day, the news of Lu Li’s death suddenly came, and she was stunned. How could this happen? Although she was heartbroken by Lu Li’s distrust, he was still the man she loved.

How could he suddenly…

That moment, Zhang Ziqin finally remembered, Lu Li hadn’t come to see her for a long time, but she always refused to believe it, subconsciously ignoring this fact.

Zhang Ziqin panicked.

When she got there, Lu Li’s body was lying there quietly, no longer having a trace of life.

Her knees hit the ground heavily as she knelt, wanting to scream but unable to make any sound.

Zhang Ziqin beat her chest frantically, feeling as if it was torn, it hurt so much!

Really, so much pain!

It turns out nothing matters; she knows everything now, but it’s too late.

Why did things turn out this way?

At that moment, Zhang Ziqin didn’t know what was left in her mind, like a computer that had crashed, only a bunch of garbled code.

It really hurts, continuously hitting her chest, but still, it hurts so much she can’t breathe.

All her presumptions, at that moment, turned into bubbles. It was really just her being presumptuous.

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