Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over - C.40 - Grand Master Cao’s Teasing

Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over

C.40 - Grand Master Cao’s Teasing

Cao Yingying’s face was filled with joy. Grandpa’s act indeed made her very happy. Grandpa asking Lu Li to treat him meant six months of time, ah, six months, she could spend every day with Lu Li.

Good grandpa, otherwise she wouldn’t know what reason to use to approach Lu Li.

Now it’s great, Lu Li can come every day, she can see him every day, and also help grandpa with his treatment.

The Cao family truly lived up to its name. The medicinal herbs Lu Li needed were all collected within a few minutes. However, brewing the medicine was still a hassle. The complexity of

Chinese medicine meant that if the heat wasn’t controlled properly, the whole pot could be ruined.

Lu Li still needed to watch over it, and Cao Yingying also watched Lu Li, both of them silent, just quietly observing.

This gave Lu Li a sense of déjà vu; in his last life, she seemed to have always been there too.

It’s just that back then, he was completely in a daze, his heart numb, indifferent to everything else.

“From now on, just brew the medicine like this; I’ll only handle the acupuncture, the rest isn’t my responsibility.” Looking at the woman he had a good impression of, Lu Li said seriously.

“Okay, thank you, Lu Li!” Cao Yingying smiled sweetly. She knew how superb Lu Li’s medical skills were; in her last life, it was he who solved the problem of grandpa’s legs that many top doctors couldn’t.

These intimate words…

Although the words themselves didn’t seem close, Cao Yingying’s tone was perhaps a bit too familiar, weren’t they?

Lu Li frowned, feeling puzzled as if something was not quite right, but couldn’t pinpoint it, scrutinizing Cao Yingying.

“Do I have something on my face?” Cao Yingying touched her cheek, feeling a bit uncomfortable, her face slightly reddening.

“It’s nothing…” He shook his head silently, not noticing anything unusual.

Very naturally, Cao Yingying acted as if everything was just as it should be.

“Let the old master drink the medicine, and we can start the acupuncture.”

Lu Li didn’t dwell on it; he knew his keen intention, as long as the final goal was achieved, everything was fine.

The acupuncture was just the most routine kind, something any old traditional Chinese doctor would know. In essence, Lu Li’s approach was primarily about the medication, the

acupuncture merely a supplement.

After finishing, Lu Li left the Cao family’s small courtyard.

“Did the young man from the Lu family leave?” Grand Master Cao teased, looking at his little granddaughter.

“Yes, he left!” Cao Yingying’s fair and bright face reddened, unable to withstand grandpa’s seemingly all-seeing gaze.

“Yingying’s ideal man is this Lu family’s young man, right!” Grand Master Cao laughed.

“…Yes!” Cao Yingying, holding back her shyness, nodded emphatically.

“But I heard, this young man from the Lu family seems to like that Zhang family’s girl a lot, even pursued her for eight years, seems quite infatuated.” Grand Master Cao teased his granddaughter with a smile, his gaze playful.

“I know, but that woman doesn’t deserve Lu Li!” Cao Yingying raised her head, her gaze firm. Zhang Ziqin can only hurt Lu Li, such a woman, what qualifications does she have.

“Ha ha ha ha ha, that’s right, my Cao family’s girl should be like this, like someone, go chase him. My granddaughter, can’t she be better than a mere Zhang Ziqin.” Grand Master Cao

laughed heartily.

“Just right, I also heard the young man from the Lu family has already given up on Zhang Ziqin.”

“Ah!” Cao Yingying looked at her grandfather in surprise.

Grand Master Cao, with a knowing look, squinting, as if talking to himself: “Last time, that Zhang family girl’s banquet, the young man from the Lu family didn’t attend, and also stopped all projects related to Zhang Corporation.”

“Grandfather, are you telling the truth?” A glimmer of joy flashed in her eyes.

This life’s Lu Li has already given up, huh! No wonder he seems so cheerful.

“It’s false, Grandpa lied, oh.” Grand Master Cao teased, like a mischievous child.


“Ha ha ha ha ha!”


“Breaking News , Zhao Corporation’s constructed houses have serious quality issues”

“Zhao Corporation, rich but unkind, used substandard materials for construction”

“Residents of houses built by Zhao Corporation speak out: ‘They threatened me, saying if I caused trouble, they would make me disappear.'”

“Many victims have gathered at Zhao Corporation’s building, demanding an explanation”

“Evidence of Zhao Corporation using substandard materials has been exposed by insiders”

News like these dominated all major media channels within half a day, the speed was so fast, Zhao Corporation hardly had time to react.

Zhao Shaotian’s face was grim; he hadn’t expected the Lu Corporation to actually retaliate, and so viciously at that, aiming to drive Zhao Corporation towards bankruptcy!

“Immediately buy back our dispersed stocks, also, take out the liquid funds, don’t let the stock prices fall.” He roared a bit hysterically.

“Manager, it’s too late, our dispersed stocks have almost all been bought up.” The manager responsible for this looked quite distressed.

“Our stock price is plummeting, it’s about to break through the critical point.” Sweat poured down, tremblingly said.

“Damn it, Lu Corporation, you’ve played hard!” Zhao Shaotian cursed: “Never mind the dispersed stocks, continue to put our liquid funds into the stock market, ensure the stock value doesn’t continue to drop.”

Doing so would make Lu Corporation the biggest winner, but Zhao Shaotian couldn’t care less now, choosing the lesser of two evils, letting Lu Li make money is better than his company going under.

“Yes!” The manager immediately responded, hurriedly running out.

The next second, another person burst into the office: “Manager, bad news, a large group of homebuyers has blocked the company’s entrance, they demand we… we…”

“What do they want, say it quick…” Zhao Shaotian roared angrily.

“Want us to refund the money, saying our house quality has issues.”

“Damn, a bunch of troublemakers! Don’t bother with them, sort out the financial market issues first.” Zhao Shaotian said irritably.

A few hours ago, he was still at Grand Master Cao’s birthday banquet in the Cao family’s courtyard, never expecting to face such a problem in just a few hours.

“But they said…”

“What else!” Zhao Shaotian bellowed.

“Said… if we don’t refund, they will sue us.” The person trembled while speaking.

“Damn, troublemakers, all of them, do they know where the court is? Still suing!”

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