Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over - C.32 - Lu Li and Cao Yingying’s Past Life

Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over

C.32 - Lu Li and Cao Yingying’s Past Life

“Alright, alright, Grandpa won’t say it anymore.” He looked at his granddaughter affectionately, secretly taking note of this matter in his heart.

To him, it was all too clear what his granddaughter was thinking about. When it comes to his granddaughter’s lifelong happiness, Old Master Cao wouldn’t be careless at all.

Cao Yingying gazed longingly towards the next room as if she could see through the walls to the familiar figure. Could she finally see him again?

“This time, I will protect you properly. I won’t let anyone hurt you again.” Her face, usually as serene as a pale green lotus, now seemed covered in ice that wouldn’t melt for ten thousand years, with a hint of murderous intent flashing through.

“You still owe me a confession. In this life, Lu Li, you have to make it up to me.”


In their past life, it was the same banquet, at the same place.

Cao Yingying, pushing a wheelchair, accompanied her grandfather to the banquet hall.

With a calm smile, Cao Yingying seemed like the most proud snow lotus blooming at the banquet, refreshing and elegant, yet with an untouchable demeanor. In that moment, no matter how outstanding the other noble ladies present were, they were all overshadowed by Cao Yingying’s beauty.

Her radiant beauty drew everyone’s attention.

But Lu Li seemed as if he felt nothing, merely glancing up before quietly lowering his head again. He knew all too well that this was just another plot for the protagonist to show off and slap others in the face.

After experiencing the Zhang family’s banquet, Lu Li no longer harbored any hope of changing things. He just wanted the plot to end, no matter how it turned out.

Of course, the most important part of the birthday banquet was the guests’ gifts to Old Master Cao. Who wouldn’t hope to catch Old Master Cao’s eye?

“Zhao Corporation gifts a pair of jade Ruyi, wishing Old Master Cao good health and happiness as vast as the Eastern Sea.”

“Zhang Corporation gifts a Maitreya jade pendant, wishing Old Master Cao always smiles happily.”

“I, Ye Chen, representing only myself, gift Old Master Cao an antique Tang Sancai, wishing Old Master Cao and his granddaughter a peaceful life.” Ye Chen, with a smile on his face, presented his grand gift.

His gaze couldn’t help but measure up Cao Yingying standing behind Old Master Cao, a flash of eagerness in his eyes, albeit fleeting, but Cao Yingying noticed it.

She frowned imperceptibly: “Thank you, Mr. Ye Chen, for the gift. I accept it on behalf of my grandfather.”

She handled it very politely.

“Lu Corporation’s Lu Ya gifts Old Master Cao a string of Zitan wood beads, wishing everything goes smoothly for Old Master Cao.” Lu Ya also stepped forward.

“Thank you, Miss Lu Ya, I appreciate your concern on behalf of my grandfather.” With a perfectly polite smile, she maintained a distance as if to keep people at bay.

Next was Lu Li.

“Lu Li of the Lu family, newly acquired a Song dynasty blue and white porcelain bowl, especially wishing Old Master Cao good health.” Lu Li’s voice was very calm, almost bafflingly so.

His words of blessing were generic, and although Cao Yingying was curious, she didn’t let her curiosity show too much. She was about to thank him when suddenly interrupted.

“Wait!” Ye Chen suddenly spoke up, shifting everyone’s attention towards him.

He stepped forward, scrutinizing the ‘Song dynasty blue and white porcelain’ in Lu Li’s hands.

Laughing scornfully, his gaze mocking Lu Li: “Young Master Lu Li, you say this is Song dynasty porcelain? Hahaha, don’t make me laugh. Bringing such stall goods to Old Master Cao’s birthday banquet, are you looking down on Old Master Cao?”

Everyone cast doubtful looks towards Lu Li.

Especially Zhang Ziqin and Lu Ya, their expressions even more displeased, as if to say, couldn’t you be a bit more successful?

But Lu Li seemed utterly unaffected, very nonchalant.

“How do you prove my item is fake?” In truth, no proof was needed; he was well aware the porcelain was a fake, just a high-quality copy, mere plot fodder.

But in Ye Chen’s eyes, Lu Li’s behavior was like a cooked duck playing tough.

“Humph, anyone with a bit of taste knows that Song dynasty blue and white porcelain pieces typically have a characteristic ring foot at the bottom, and the patterns are mostly painted on the inner walls or the outer surfaces. What about yours, Young Master Lu Li? It’s a complete counterfeit,” Ye Chen sneered, adding a mocking remark at the end.

“Young Master Lu Li, if you don’t have the discernment, then don’t dabble in antiques. In the end, you might just end up losing everything.”

At his words, the entire banquet hall seemed to erupt, with Cao Yingying frowning, disliking Ye Chen’s self-satisfied look.

Although she was dissatisfied with receiving counterfeit items at her grandfather’s birthday banquet, she wouldn’t mock someone like that, not wanting to embarrass someone in public.

“Lu Li is too careless for such an important occasion, making such a big mistake.”

“Hehe, Lu Li, Hangzhou’s biggest playboy, isn’t it normal for him to stir up trouble?”

“This time, the Lu family’s face has been lost by him!”

“The Lu family really has bad luck having such a son. Better off with Lu Ya, the adopted daughter taking over. At least there won’t be any disgrace.”


A chorus of derisive laughter filled the hall, with Cao Yingying noticing the particularly ugly expressions on Zhang Ziqin and Lu Ya’s faces. They seemed to be blaming Lu Li’s embarrassing behavior.

But Lu Li seemed… overly calm.

Cao Yingying could sense Lu Li’s mood shift for an instant, but it quickly vanished.

Lu Li surveyed his surroundings, a moment of anger flaring within him, his teeth gritted with resentment filling him.

But he quickly suppressed the emotion.

“Lu Li, what does getting angry achieve? It’s just for these people to have a few more laughs. We’ve already known the outcome, haven’t we?” He numbed himself internally.

Even so, being ridiculed like this truly felt awful.

For some reason, Cao Yingying found the ugly behavior of those around her particularly annoying, especially Ye Chen, who presented that Tang Sancai as a gift to her grandfather. Though she wasn’t sure of the enmity between them, such disrespect in a public setting was too impolite.

“Have you all had enough?” Cao Yingying’s elegant demeanor faded as she couldn’t help but speak out against the man who seemed like still water.

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