Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over - C.26 - You Turned Him into a Joke

Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over

C.26 - You Turned Him into a Joke

“Ziqin, this…” Su Bingqing hesitated as she looked towards Zhang Ziqin. The change in Lu Li was too drastic.

“As you can see, Lu Li no longer likes me.” Zhang Ziqin forced a smile, struggling to say these words, her eyes red with tears.


“Let’s find somewhere to talk!” Zhang Ziqin said dryly, forcing a smile at Su Bingqing, trying hard not to lose composure.

Seeing Zhang Ziqin like this, Su Bingqing felt a bit of heartache, but she was more curious about what had happened. In her previous life, she returned to the country even later than now, but Lu Li still liked Zhang Ziqin.

Causing trouble at events attended by Zhang Ziqin and Ye Chen, although he seemed soulless, it was clear he was hurt by Zhang Ziqin.

Why is it different this time?

Could it be the butterfly effect?

She was eager to know what had happened.

Both were in a bad mood, not even bothering to find a cafe or similar, they just headed to the car.

Zhang Ziqin couldn’t maintain her CEO’s cold demeanor any longer. Tears streamed down her face as she covered it with her hands, trickling through her fingers.

Su Bingqing looked at Zhang Ziqin complexly. She really wanted to say Zhang Ziqin deserved it, but seeing her like this, she couldn’t bring herself to be harsh. After all, they had been old friends for many years.

Although their relationship broke down in the previous life, Su Bingqing knew the pain Zhang Ziqin felt. To this point in this life, they were still best friends.

“I’m sorry, Bingqing, you had to see me like this right after we met,” Zhang Ziqin managed to compose herself after a while, apologizing with a hoarse voice to Su Bingqing.

“It’s okay, tell me, what happened?” Could it be that Lu Li completely despaired of Zhang Ziqin at the Zhang family’s banquet this time?

That banquet was essentially the start of their fallout, which she also knew about from her previous life.

“Okay!” Zhang Ziqin began to recount slowly, from Su Bingqing’s departure abroad to her recent visit to Lu Corporation, where Lu Li ridiculed her, everything was laid bare.

Zhang Ziqin was detailed, even detailing everything Lu Li had done for her.

After listening, Su Bingqing’s expression also became complex, silently sighing inside. She didn’t know whether to pity Zhang Ziqin or despise her.

Pity? Zhang Ziqin didn’t deserve pity. Lu Li had given enough, and in the previous life, Su Bingqing had no such feelings. But now, hearing everything so detailed, she could somewhat understand Lu Li’s devotion.

Eight years, how many eight years does one have in a lifetime?

“So, Lu Li didn’t attend your banquet, and you were maliciously misinterpreted by Liu Menghan, saying you only got to where you are today because of Lu Li.”

Su Bingqing immediately grasped the key point.

Lu Li not attending the banquet meant the deepest conflict between them didn’t occur, and Lu Li wasn’t humiliated.

“Right!” Zhang Ziqin nodded. She didn’t deny taking many resources from Lu Li, believing they would become family in the future. Zhang Corporation’s success today relied largely on her step-by-step efforts.

But to others, it seemed she was just relying on Lu Li, stringing him along.

Such heart-piercing comments terrified Zhang Ziqin that Lu Li might take them seriously. She had always liked him and never strung him along!

Once solely focused on reviving the Zhang family, so she…

Looking back, she had indeed strung Lu Li along, forcing him to wait for her success, constantly taking resources from his hands. Lu Li must have thought so too.

Thinking this, Zhang Ziqin’s heart ached as if pierced by an arrow.

“Ziqin, have you ever thought, maybe separating is the best thing for Lu Li.”

“He has pursued you for eight years, and you’ve never responded. That’s enough to wear away any man’s love, especially with such rumors spreading. And then you went to Lu Li for a collaboration right after those rumors, in his eyes, wouldn’t that confirm the rumors?”

“You turned all of Lu Li’s previous efforts into a joke. How could he possibly continue to love you?”

“You’ve completely depleted all the goodwill he had for you in his heart.”

“I know, I know, it’s all my fault,” Zhang Ziqin nodded helplessly, her face filled with sorrow.

“But I can’t be without Lu Li, really can’t be without him, please Bingqing, teach me how to win Lu Li back.”

Zhang Ziqin hated her naive self, who also loved Lu Li. Why did she treat him that way? The more she thought about it, the more she felt those people were right; she had benefited from Lu Li and then strung him along.

Watching the sorrowful Zhang Ziqin, Su Bingqing bit her lip.

“This life’s Lu Li has given up on Zhang Ziqin, do I really want to help Zhang Ziqin?”

Seeing Zhang Ziqin’s state, as an old friend, Su Bingqing felt heartache, but more so, she felt a sense of satisfaction.

You treated Lu Li like that in your previous life, now it’s payback.

Patting Zhang Ziqin’s shoulder, “The situation started because of you. What good solution could others possibly have? I’m just an outsider, I’ve never been in a relationship, how could I have a solution? Men and women are different. When a man decides to give up on a relationship, it really is over.”

Zhang Ziqin trembled slightly, her regret intensifying her pain.

“I know, but I just want to win Lu Li back. I know what I owe him, but I won’t give up. I’ll pursue him the way he pursued me.”

“And what then? A broken mirror can’t be made whole again. Your relationship has already developed cracks. Even if you really win him over, Lu Li won’t love you the way he did before,” Su Bingqing shook her head helplessly.

Only by truly losing did this princess, once spoiled by Lu Li’s affection, finally lose her sense of invincibility?

Truly tragic, why didn’t you act sooner?

Zhang Ziqin’s heart was filled with sourness, the pain of her heart being torn apart resurfaced.

Once, Lu Li loved her so much, yet she kept wearing down his love. Now, Lu Li was completely disappointed in her.

“It’s all my fault. He was only ninety-nine steps away from me, yet I refused to take the last step. The man who loved me most is leaving me!”

She thought numbly.


“Hey, bro, are you really giving up?” Li Zichuan arched his eyebrows, quite surprised at Lu Li, “How did you suddenly come to your senses? I’ve told you so many times before, and you never listened. How come you suddenly got it this time?”

“Hehe, don’t want to chase her anymore, of course, I give up. I spent so much time on that woman, she probably enjoyed it, but I don’t have the patience anymore.”

“That’s right.” Li Zichuan slapped his thigh excitedly, “That Zhang Ziqin isn’t a good woman at all. If you marry her, you’ll be the one suffering. It’s a deal with no profits. Why bother with her?”

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