Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over - C.14 - Memories of the Past, That Banquet

Female lead's Delusion of Starting Over

C.14 - Memories of the Past, That Banquet

When Zhang Ziqin appeared on the high platform of the banquet, all the lights shone on her, making her, the goddess and business miracle, dazzlingly bright. Yet, Lu Li’s heart was filled with inexpressible tension, his gaze not on Zhang Ziqin but instead on another man dressed in an unusual fashion.

A shirt with flamboyant colors, a pair of beach shorts, and flip-flops to complete the look.

Truly worthy of a protagonist, no matter where he goes, he always exhibits the grace of a clown.

Downing a large glass of red wine, Zhang Ziqin on the stage had finished her speech, receiving thunderous applause from the audience, while Lu Li’s heart became even more tense.

It’s starting, the plot is about to unfold.

He saw Ye Chen approaching Zhang Ziqin, knowing this man was the protagonist, a nameless rage instantly ignited within him.

He really couldn’t distinguish whether he was too deep into his role or if he genuinely liked Zhang Ziqin; either way, seeing the protagonist Ye Chen getting close to her was unbearable.

In the script, his role at this banquet was to obstruct the dialogue between the male and female leads, even if the system tried to stop him, it was a scene he needed to complete.

“Kid, dare to speak to Ziqin, don’t you know she’s the woman I like?” The furious voice overpowered all other conversations at the venue.

Instantly, all eyes were on Lu Li.

“Here goes Lu Gongzi causing trouble again, he never thinks, how could Goddess Zhang possibly like him?”

Whispers from the crowd surrounded him.

“Exactly, exactly, with just him trying to reach for what’s out of his league, how could Goddess Zhang possibly fancy him!”

Filled with disdain and contempt, Lu Li had grown accustomed to such words over the years, even managing to automatically filter them out, but to say he wasn’t angry would be a lie.

“Just a playboy, what’s the point of following Goddess Zhang every day, as if she could actually like him.”

Lu Li didn’t care about these comments; disrupting the so-called plot, not continuing the destiny dictated by his system was more important to him than anything.

Stepping forward, he grabbed Zhang Ziqin’s hand, Lu Li smiled warmly: “Ziqin, why bother talking to someone like him? Look at his appearance, does he even match speaking with you? Let’s go.”

But Zhang Ziqin’s expression was ugly, her almond eyes looking at Lu Li, an ominous premonition slid through Lu Li’s heart.

The next second, her premonition came true.

The crimson liquid in Zhang Ziqin’s hand was splashed onto his face.

“Lu Li, what are you making a fuss about? Is it fun?” Zhang Ziqin scolded.

Disdain and disgust appeared on her delicate face: “With this time, you might as well think about how to do business, instead of making trouble at my Zhang family’s banquet.”

Then, Zhang Ziqin turned to Ye Chen with an apologetic smile.

“Sorry, Mr. Ye, I’m very interested in what you were saying about the cooperation, please continue.”

After that, Lu Li couldn’t hear the rest, only the endless mockery around him. He felt like a clown, actually hoping that Zhang Ziqin would like him.

How laughable.

He wanted to laugh, but the bitterness in his heart made it impossible even to twitch his face.

Years of effort, and he was still slapped in the face by the plot as scripted.

Indeed, what was he expecting? She’s the female lead, even if you became the best one, could she really like you?

Before Lu Li could recover, another glass of cold red wine was splashed on his face, the crimson liquid dripping down from his hair.

Lu Ya appeared in front of him at some point.

“Have you caused enough trouble? Do you have to disgrace the Lu family before you’re satisfied?” Lu Ya looked at her brother with utter disgust, as if she was looking at the most repulsive fly in the world.

Lu Li didn’t speak, the light in his eyes seemed to disappear at that moment, the helplessness of all hopes dashed.

Two glasses of red wine extinguished all his fantasies.

He must be the most ridiculous person in the world, right?

Knowing he’s the antagonist, yet still harboring fantasies about these female leads, fantasizing that Zhang Ziqin might truly fall for him.

Fantasizing that Lu Ya, that woman, might show him a bit of familial affection.

But with the fall of those two glasses of wine, the warmth in his heart seemed to be extinguished at that moment.

This is not his world.

He didn’t feel a bit of sadness, stepping out of the banquet hall, walking to his car.

Not hating? How could that be possible? He’s just a normal person, without a saint’s heart, and not harboring the world in his bosom.

But he couldn’t do anything.

How foolish, Lu Li!

Why harbor any thoughts towards these people?

Years of effort, even if it was acting, to put it harshly, even if it were a dog or a cat, there should be some feelings, right? But what about himself? In Zhang Ziqin’s eyes, he was just a tool.

In Lu Ya’s eyes, just a brother bringing disgrace to their family.

He didn’t struggle anymore, mechanically completing all his scripted actions, just hoping to return to his world at the end.

No matter the hatred, it had to be tucked away.


Swiftly reorganizing the entire company, just on the first day, almost everyone in the company sensed the immense pressure of an impending storm, under such circumstances, no one dared to say more.

Even some of Lu Ya’s diehard supporters wouldn’t make a sound under such conditions.

This is also what Lu Li wanted.

Of course, even if they did make noise, it would be useless now, Lu Ya was already dead, probably already been devoured clean by stray dogs by now!

In the office, there was no longer any trace of Lu Ya’s existence, everything related to her was thrown away by Lu Li as garbage.

There shouldn’t be any traces of the disgusting Lu Ya in life.

Later, when he returns, he’ll burn her things as well!

The Lu family elevated her to a position that wasn’t hers, even maintaining a laissez-faire attitude towards this sister who threatened Lu Li, wasn’t this just encouraging her to compete with Lu Li?

In the end, she was just an adopted daughter, when it came down to choosing one of the two, those two at home wouldn’t make the wrong choice.

Lu Li just regretted that Lu Ya wasn’t despairing enough before she died, looking at Jiang Ting’s despair before death, that was truly heart death.

That’s enough, the sister she always thought of, her adoptive father, adoptive mother, it could be said a whole family joined hands to kill her, that level of despair was almost enough.

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