Read Manga Wicked Trapper: Hunter of Heroes (by Wadapen)

Alternative :Magatsu Wanashi no Yuusha kari 灾厄陷阱师的勇者狩猎 禍つ罠師の勇者狩り
AUTHOR: Wadapen
Time update48 days ago


Echizen, a game developer known to make the hardest of games to the point that they were near impossible to complete, earned himself the title of "God Trapper." However, he quits the company when he isn't allowed to do what he's best at: Building traps. His destiny then takes another sudden turn when he is transported to another world which most would describe with the word, "hell." He meets the demon king's daughter and manages to obtain her power, turning him into a true, "God Trapper". From there his journey in this new world that he perceives as heaven, begins.

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