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Manga List Order By Last Update

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Where to Watch Logan

How does the story of Marvel's Wolverine end? Check out where to watch Logan, an X-Men movie you won't want to miss.

AEW Should Go All In On MJF vs. Bryan Danielson After William Regal Attack

MJF crossed a line when he attacked William Regal on Dynamite. This creates a feud between him and Bryan Danielson for the AEW World Championship.

New Super Mario Trailer May Be Hiding A Classic Donkey Kong Character

A principal character from one of the classic Donkey Kong Country games may be hiding in the trailer for the new Super Mario Bros. movie.

Sonic The Hedgehog Writers Wanted To Cast Ben Schwartz From The Start

Exclusive: Sonic The Hedgehog writer Pat Casey explains why Ben Schwartz was their first choice from the start and why he's perfect for the role.

Things You Missed In The New Super Mario Bros. Trailer

Here's an overview of the major reveals and Easter eggs that could be easily missed in the new trailer for the Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Wednesday's Queerbaiting Allegations Fully Explained (& What They Mean)

Netflix's Wednesday has been accused of queerbaiting with the close friendship between the titular character, Wednesday, and her roommate, Enid.

The Fabelmans True Story: How Accurate It Is To Spielberg's Childhood

Steven Spielberg's The Fabelmans tells the mostly true story of the legendary filmmaker's coming of age and introduction to the movie business.

How Tall Is Wednesday’s Jenna Ortega?

Netflix's adaptation about the Addams family's oldest child, Wednesday, is breaking records thanks to Jenna Ortega's performance, but how tall is she?

Black Clover is Finally Revealing Sister Lily's True Power

As of Black Clover chapter 344, Sister Lily is about to take part in her first full-fledge fight, with the caveat being that she isn't truly herself.

Why Avatar 2 Is Such A Huge Test For 2022's Box Office

Avatar: The Way of Water is hitting theaters in 2022's holiday season, and the lasting implications of its box office performance are huge.

Why Jellico Hated Riker But Respected Picard In TNG

Captain Edward Jellico clashed with Commander William Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation, but he had nothing but respect for Jean-Luc Picard.

Marvel's 2017 Infinity War Trailer Reveals 12 Major MCU Changes

The trailer for Avengers: Infinity War shows how much the MCU has changed since it was released, and here's every major change the MCU went through.

What is a Mod Soul? Bleach's Oft-forgotten Group Explained

The Mod Souls are a group that originated from Bleach's very first anime-exclusive filler arc, but don't think that means they're okay to ignore.

Did Jenna Ortega Really Not Blink At All In Wednesday?!

Wednesday Addams has many kooky and spooky mannerisms — and one of the most unsettling is that Jenna Ortega hardly blinks in her new Netflix series.

Marvel Makes A Post-Endgame Avengers Trend MCU Canon

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special confirms that the MCU has been moving away from proper Avengers line-ups to character team-ups.

She-Hulk Proves Just How Badly Marvel Handled A Bruce Banner Story

By effortlessly setting up Jen's genuine connection with Daredevil and introducing Skaar, She-Hulk proved Marvel wants Bruce's past romance forgotten.

Super Mario Bros. Movie's Rainbow Road Reveal Makes It So Much Better

A new trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie has been released, and its inclusion of an iconic game element is a great sign for the animated feature.

Rogue One Finally Paid Off The Force Awakens' Opening Scene

The openings of both movies show a very gritty and intense side of Star Wars, which Rogue One maintained throughout, while The Force Awakens didn't.