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The Alchemist Kurakazu Rintarou, saved a young girl who fainted in the Forest of Corpses.

A young man suddenly awakens in the middle of an open field, with only his lame pajamas as company.

Aijou experienced 100 heartbreaks during Junior High. While praying in a shrine, the God of Love appears, saying that Aijou will meet 100 fated girls. If their relationship with him fails, all the girls will face an accident and die. Now it's a matter of love or death, and it's up to Aijou to decide.

On the day before his death, Lin Feng is given a mysterious tome from the deity of love. Using it, he gains all sorts of supernatural abilities and skills from it to enjoy life to it’s fullest potential.

A sudden arrival of letter to her one fine day.

She transmigrated as the opposing boss in the novel, but she was wiped out by the male lead. Fortunately, she reincarnates once more, but back to the past, when the male lead was still young! Looking at the pitifully weak male lead, she was troubled by a dilemma. Should she: 1. kill him, or 2. raise him up and openly ask for treasures from him. However, since she wants to get all sorts of treasures from the male lead, she chose the second option. Things don’t always work out though, as she accidentally raises a sheep up to be a big bad wolf. Master? Want treasure? Let’s cultivate together, but alone, just us two, then.

From Webtoon: A high school girl who rises to pretty girl fame in her school after she masters the art of make-up via YouTube.

On his way home from his office, the main protagonist drove and ran over a big dog. At that moment, he heard the sudden sound of a voice inside his head. ≪The monster has been subjugated, gaining experience points.≫ 「Eh?」 Before anyone knew, the world has changed. Monsters appear, this is a game-like world where levels, skills, and status exist. This is an adventure where the modern world becomes fantasy and where the main protagonist has to strive hard for his survival.

This is an era full of aura, and a world where the immortals gather. The young Wu Fu returned from a reunion,and looking at his eyes, how calm he was. What I need to do is to raise the sword and clear all the enemies of the last

Here enters Lin Hao, an obscure young man of firmness and bravery, who possesses unparalleled medical technology. One day he is wandering on the street when he suddenly spots Nuolan's sexy legs, then immediately decides to apply for her father clinic and becomes a doctor there. Pure gold will glitter forever. His talent shows up day by day from this demote village to cities far away, drawing lots of patients to come for help, including some famous ones. Life of this little clinic gets more and more interesting.

Abel was a genius magician who held immense power in a world where the color of your eyes indicates how powerful you are. However, the strength that came with his amber eyes was so great, even his comrades looked at him with fear and contempt. He therefore decided to transfer his soul far into the future, hoping to find a paradise that accepts him. He would soon find out that people’s attitude regarding his eye color did change, but not quite the way he had imagined…

The strongest wizard Alfred, in a hero’s party, subdued the Maou and in the process took a cursed arrow to the knee.

O Rei Demônio, após algumas acusações acabou perdendo seu emprego. A corajosa Heroína após fracassar em uma expedição também perdeu seu emprego. Graças ao destino, eles se encontram e juntos embarcam em uma jornada cheia de aventuras desconhecidas.

She, the leader of the hidden sect, specializes in poison and assassination. A genius, and a weirdo, in the eyes of others. After dying from an accident, she was reborn in the body of a disfigured lady. Having her identity changed and unable to return to her family, she abandoned them, but, if she doesn't take revenge on those who caused her harm, will she be worthy of the title "The Ghostly Doctor "? As clouds gather, heroes fight to be the strongest! How will she conquer the world in a red robe, and fight among the strong heroes?!

In a large mansion lives a boy, an aristocrat who was cursed by the witch to "let everything he touches die." With him is his maid Alice, who besides serving him, likes to tease him. The boy who is interested in her doesn't mind the teasing, but not being able to touch her is painful!

Shiina Kazuya, nosso protagonista que foi morto por um estranho quando ele tentou proteger sua amiga de infância e irmã mais nova, reencarnou em Cain Von Silford como o terceiro filho no mundo da espada e da magia. Caim cresceu cercado por Deuses que não conhecem a auto-estima, os nobres superiores e as garotas que são influenciadas por ele. Sendo dada tanta proteção dos deuses, Ele superou qualquer obstáculo (aka Flags) enquanto escondia seu status inacreditável. A nobre história de fantasia do caminho de um menino que às vezes é perverso e desajeitado.

Cane Lele nasceu na indústria da moda. Sua mãe, Ye Feii, foi uma top model de Taiwan, e seu pai também era um modelo, até que um trágico acidente avião deixou Lele sem os pais.Por isso, não é nenhuma surpresa que Lele odeia a indústria, pensando que é superficial e desnecessária. Criada pela sua avó paterna, Lele chega aos dezessete anos antes que ela seja "sugada" pela sua Tia, Ye Feihung, uma agente de modelos (e ex-modelo), que "convence" a relutante Lelé a posar.Será que ela irá realmente ingressar no mundo da moda!?

Tumbas divinas começaram a surgir ao redor do mundo inteiro, por causa das relíquias contidas nas tumbas, muitas pessoas conseguiram esses poderes lendários. Entretanto, um ladrão de tumbas aparece com o propósito de roubar essas relíquias, o Tomb Raider King. "O que vocês têm pertence a mim e o que eu tenho, definitivamente pertence a mim também." Essa é a história de um ladrão de tumbas que renasceu e que irá fazer tudo o que puder para ter todas as tumbas e relíquias sob seu poder.

Set in the “The Great Ruler” world in the distant future. We follow the journey of a young cultivator aspiring to join the “spiritual road”. -Dru

Zhang Gong decides to learn light magic, a magic few show interest in and eventually becomes the legendary Grand Magister. While trying to end the continent’s east and west separation in order to unite all of the different races, he becomes every race’s Child of Light.

Iwatani Naofumi é invocado a outro mundo pra se tornar um dos quatro heróis, nomeado o Herói do escudo. Começando com uma popularidade fraca e rotulado como o mais fraco, Naofumi se encontra traído no seu terceiro dia de aventura. Tendo perdido a fé e dinheiro, tudo o que sobrou é só aquele escudo. Jurando se vingar de quem o havia traído, o caminho de Naofumi é...

This is a story of an exceptional boy, Lu Xiao Yi who wasn’t destined to follow the path of a cultivator. After resigning to his ill-destined fate, a couple of mysterious dices appeared suddenly, and he gained mysterious abilities. Entrusted to rekindle the fallen deities’ mission, the young boy’s life hence begun to change!

Esta é a história de um garoto excepcional, Lu Xiao Yi, que não estava destinado a seguir o caminho de um cultivador. Depois de renunciar ao seu destino mal destinado, alguns dados misteriosos apareceram de repente, e ele ganhou habilidades misteriosas. Confiado a reavivar a missão das divindades caídas, a vida do garoto começou a mudar!

Shiina Kazuya, our protagonist who got killed by a stranger when he tried to protect his childhood friend and little sister, reincarnated into Cain Von Silford as the third son in the world of sword and magic.